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  1. hi. i have added the changes and the module is in the perfect position, but there is one problem with the basket, it is not lining up correctly now when something is added to the basket and hovered on. please take a look at the picture i have added. thank you.
  2. thanks for your help Razaro. i will have to work with the code to position it correctly. thank you.
  3. hi. i just moved it before user info now what to do? add the css? and where? ty.
  4. hi. i managed to get it to the top of the pages, my only problem now it positioning it to where i want it. as you can see it is sitting above my logo, i want to move it under my contact and sitemap links. thank you.
  5. hi. it is live just look under my image slider. thank you.
  6. hi. i have tried putting the module to the top position but it does not show at the header, it only shows under my image slider? thank you.
  7. hi paul. I have tried but no one reply's, It is frustrating. I thought this forum was for helping people? I never get any help with anything from this forum anymore, I've had to go to other forums. thank you.
  8. hi. i am using this module here for social network links and i am trying to hook it to the top of my page, under contact and sitemap links. i have tried hooking it but it does not move to top of the page. how can i do this? http://www.shopmost.co.uk thank you.
  9. I'm not really a fan of eBay or using it for traffic. Any form of paid advertising seems like a waste of money for me, never had any success and i don't think it's that easy, anyway.
  10. hi. can some one simply tell me how to do this??
  11. Hi. What advertising do you use on eBay? Classifieds or ad campaigns? I have tried both bing and adwords, both were rubbish.
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