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  1. I'm using Prestashop and Wordpress, is there a way to have my search bar from my Prestashop side on my Wordpress part of the website. The biggest technicality seems to be that Wordpress does not use tpl file extensions to create web pages. If anyone could get back to me on this subject I'd appreciate it. I'm not certain this is the correct place to post, let me know if it isn't and I'll get this removed promptly. Cheers, Gary
  2. Okay so after over a month of fumbling around, I have found the solution with one final google search and it is safe to say I am sat feeling like a complete moron. The solution can be found at: http://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-1-6-x-show-prices-includingexcluding-the-tax.html/ TLDR; Go to Customers -> Groups and edit your groups so the Price display method on all of them is set to what you want (Tax included/Tax excluded) My issue was that visitors and guests were set to tax included when I wanted it to appear tax excluded
  3. I have yet to get a reply from the tech guy on my end, however I did find this link of someone facing the opposite problem to us, maybe their original code could prevent our issue? Worth a shot: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/329024-show-attributes-impact-price-on-product-combinations-with-tax/ edit 1: The current latest stable build of prestashop is, the issue could possibly have been fixed in this, will have to check the changelogs edit 2: The changelog for states that it fixed 'wrong impact price value on the combinations list helper'. Also if you're struggling with indexing, it claims to 'speed up search indexing & reduce memory usage'.
  4. My website is set to tax excluded, which for the most part is true; products without combinations show their tax excluded price as they should. When a product has combinations, when seen in the catalogue, the tax excluded price is shown however, when on the product's page, the tax included price is shown It doesn't seem as though there have been any posts about this or at the very least any that were remotely similar remain unanswered, hope to find a solution. Prestashop version
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