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  1. How did you solved, Angela? I'm interested in set a customer default group different to "Customer" group. I'm thinking in "Validation pending" or something... PS 1.6
  2. If input file uploader in customer registration were optional, Can we upload it later for a customer at the BO customer view? How could we upload it from BO customer view? any idea?
  3. ------------------------------------------------- Awesome contribution! There is a problem with my project about this... For my optional fileUpload field, PrestaShop ALWAYS writes the 'N/A' string at DB. I've observed that the IF condition: if ( file_exists($file['tmp_name']) && in_array($extension, $allowed) ) has always a FALSE return value. If I change the IF condition to: if ( file_exists($file['tmp_name']) ) I have the same FALSE result. I have file type inputs in my registration form, I have values on my DB and the BO looks great... but I can not upload a file. I'm testing fileUpload with 70Kb PNG files to the default upload folder. What can I do? --- I solved it...... "What can I do?"??? DAMN IT!!!! JUST ENSURE THAT YOU... Don't forget to configure the form to send multimedia information on every <form> tags like the following code: (depends on theme) <form method="post" ... enctype="multipart/form-data">
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