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  1. Below is exactly match with my major problem on Prestashop, it MUST be solved for our valued customers who has very simple knowledge to use shop interface, NOT same as developers and shop operators. Look at the issue below and let' s try to solve this problem ASAP. From http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/NM-732 When I add an attribute and values, Prestashop forces me to specify one as the default. For example, Attribute: Colour, Values: Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, etc. It's well neigh impossible to know which colour the customer will want to order. If they don't select a colour, they will get the default. This then has to be rectified, wasting my time, and creating a bad impression with the customer. If I could instead add a null menu item (for example, Choose Colour) then customer could be forced to make a choice, and NOT allowed to proceed with the order until they do. This is how all major sites I visit that offer choices work. Either they include a menu, or icons, or checkboxes. Whatever the method, customer must choose one on the product page. If customer adds item to cart anywhere on the site, they could be forced to make a choice in a pop-up, or you could add a pop-op menu next to Add To Cart button and grey out button until choice is made, or on the product page have to make a choice so when they proceed to checkout, the right color or size, etc, is listed and they simply pay and exit store. If this improvement was made, you could then easily add attributes to virtual products as well. For example, choose a platform, or add a plug-in, and attach more than one file and have the corresponding one linked.