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  1. I was looking into another shop db, where I use modrefchange and noticed this coulmn to be 100chars long... It was simplier than I thought. It works fine now Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to change the order reference string to number, for my needs the best is to use strftime("%s"), which is 10 characters and unique (I don't believe I will have more than one order in a second in a close period of time, that's why But the problem is, it gets truncated to 9 characters and I cannot find out why. Instead of order reference 1452181417 I get only 145218141, the last digit gets removed. Currently I have in override Order.php this function: public static function generateReference() { return strftime("%s"); } Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gabriel
  3. Interesting problem, I have added a lot of EAN numbers to my production e-shop PS and never faced this problem... Have you tried to add the number via the BackOffice administration manually?
  4. It might help just to track the problem down a bit I hope :-) but since I am not a developer, I can't help with digging into the code or debug logs much..
  5. Sometimes I just feel like talking with just myself... But hey, when I need a professional opinion, I usually ask myself as well :-)
  6. It has to be specific to your custom configuration (maybe some custom module?), since I have just upgraded one of my testing installations of PS to and it works just fine, no issues.
  7. Disable PROFILING in your configuration: go to /config/ directory of your physical e-shop and set define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', false); And to speed things up lower the number of products displayed on the home page.
  8. These days it is better to have the website without www in front. It's easier to type, easier to remember and for SEO it doesn't matter. It only matters when you want some in-depth technical advantages, which are usually not needed in case of presta e-shops.
  9. And just to finish the idea - most probably there is a problem in your configuration settings, since I was able to configure multistore with multidomains and SSL enabled, and just to not having things easy, everything is behind loadbalance proxy :-) So... the system itself is able to work properly, it just needs some time and experience to figure it out.
  10. I use all the domains without "www" and everything works fine for me, I have multistore with multidomain configuration and SSL enabled, all is good for me. Maybe your problem is with not enough testing before shouting. I have spent two days with various tests until I have configured everything properly. So from my side of view PrestaShop can work fine :-)
  11. So far I have enabled SSL on CDN as well and everything works fine. So the original issue is solved.
  12. For the IDs in the URL I would keep them untill there will be some checking process inside the code which will deny any duplicate friendly urls. But the order ID to be numeric I would definitely be happy to see this implemented. The rest of the proposed changes would be very nice to have.
  13. OK, I have fixed the problem with loading scripts unsecured. The problem now is with the CDN. How can I make the CDN data load without SSL enabled? Just to let anyone in the need to know: I have enabled the SSL on apache front-end proxy and proxypass it to SSL enabled backend (both use same SSL certificates), so it's double-SSL-ed, which is probably not good by original design, but works fine. I will be moving to nginx and haproxy in frontend so I will clear this up in a time, but right now - what works, don't touch it!
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