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  1. Die sollten dann doch in dem block_special zu finden sein - oder ?
  2. Ja sicher, dann sind diese jedoch nicht unter Bestseller zu finden
  3. Hi Prestashop Team, after my upgrade from Version 1.1 Beta 2 - to Version 1.1. Beta 3 In my product texts the german letter ÄÖÜ and äöü works but in the modul text in Backend / Frontend won't work. Is their a solution or maybe a small and dirty hack ???
  4. My solution was to insert the file from the svn into the download package - this works
  5. Hello krit, you can't add a product to "bestseller" ... they are dynamicaly build from your customer orders
  6. Hi I need to add the company name in my order mail new_order.html ist therie a list of possible values - or could you please be so kind and give me a short advice
  7. Is here somewhere the upgrade file to download ... can't find it
  8. Even the file on http://www.prestashop.com/publicsvn/trunk/install-dev/sql/upgrade/ is empty
  9. I checked the /install/sql/upgrade/ folder ..... - size 39.482 - size 0 <---------------- !!!!! - size 253
  10. Hello Matthieu, I'll do this - but - please be so kind and post the upgrade file here in this post - so I can install the Version 1.1. Beta 3 and test ist - or check the download package ... Please give me a short notice Thank you Lars
  11. Hi prestashop team, when I try to uprdae on my test installation from version 1.1 beta 2 --- to 1.1. betra 3 I get a sql error while using the prestashop upgrader Error One or more errors have occurred Error while loading SQL upgrade file
  12. Hi @all Where can I see the included css files for the shop templete ... I search the maintain.css and the global.css form the folder. First I tought they could only be inside the header.tlp ... but I don't find any line of code ... ... By the way - I know where the files are .... in the template directory structure - but I dont't find the include code for the template
  13. Respekt !!!! Ich hab emir den Client runtergeladen und mir die Demos angesehen .... absolut nützlich dieses Tool. Sollte das nicht zur freien Verfügung später sein - würde mich schon jetzt ein ca. Preis interessieren. Nur mal so zur Info ... Euer OSC Client liegt jedoch preislich weit ab vn dem was ich als Startup für meinen ersten Prestashop zahlen würde - nicht falsch verstehen - wert ist der Prestaclient das sicherlich - jedoch pflege ich dann bis ich die umsätze zusammen habe erstmal den Shop´- der hoffentlich bald online gehen kann - von Hand.
  14. Hi, how can I create a new hook position / hook group ... I want to build up a new position where I can place blocks like language selection or links. In my case I want to build up 4 footer hook-groups Pleace give me a short workaround. Thank's for the advice.
  15. Hi Damien, thank you for your answer .... Maybe someone from the community can develop this mod. Hopefully it will be in the next version 1.1 - It is quite important for many german shops
  16. Hello Prestashop Community, is their any way to create a module that can handle Bank Deposite payments. Hopefully I use the correct english name for this, if not I'll explain it in a few words. A customer can typ his bank account data and the shopowner is allowed to get the money from the bank. Yes, theire are a few payment gateway provider that offers this payment but often the shopowner want to handle the full process alone. Bank deposite is a payment that is often used in Germnay and I think in the Netherlands also. We need a simple form with the following fields Bank Name: *** required *** Bank Account Number: *** required *** Bank Number: *** required *** Account Owner: *** required *** International Bank Account Number called IBAN : <--- Only needed for foreign Customer International Bank Number called BIC or SWIFT: <--- Only needed for foreign Customer Checkbox to agree to the terms an codition specialy for this typ of payment *** required *** Textfield for the term and conditions fpr bank deposite Maybe this is possible - It work simular to the offline CC module.
  17. I Hope I understand your question correctly. If you mean the text direcly on the first page of your shop, you can edit this by using in Backend -> Modules -> Home text editor v1.4 Here you can change the image and write your own text. Lars
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