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  1. I can not get this code to work (presta 1.3). I have tried this suggested code in multiple places, where I have found $resultsArrary[] = $row; Anyone else get this to work or have another solution?
  2. Hi, I have found modules to notify customers via email when an item is back in stock... but is there a module which displays a block on the front end to show items back in stock? For example, we have New Products Block, but I would also like a Back in Stock block. It would work like this; Item is out of stock (stock count zero - after product is sold out), stock quantity is updated to greater than zero... item gets featured in "Back in Stock" block. Obviously it is very important that the only items displayed are actually ones that have reached zero due to being sold out/bought. Possible? Already a module available? Paid or otherwise. I am using PS 1.3 (with security updates)
  3. dud? I'm hoping you unintentionally left out the e? EDIT: Here's a funny for ya, fitting because of what I pointed out... from WIKI. "There is also a candy called Milk Duds, so named because it was impossible to get them perfectly round" Yeah, I looked up dud, just in case I've missed something... nope, it means what I think it means, so what's with the insults? (you called another person here a dud).
  4. maconl, I actually just want to say that I am loving your Prestalive store, great layout and colors, great products and prices (especially the free stuff ), very nice indeed. I am really loving the "theme" of your actual store, I would love to buy it... I would like to make a green version of it. Is this your own creation? Or did you procure it somewhere else, and if so, would you be so kind as to direct me to it? Cheers. EDIT: I had a closer look at your site and have noticed that it is in fact of your own design... still, I love it, I would love to pay you for it ... wishful thinking I know
  5. Nice. Works on my Huawei Ideos quite well. Impressive. Only thing, like another poster pointed out, the buttons and so forth have lost their nice "roundness" (aliasing present).
  6. Nice, thanks for listening. I'll pick up your module very soon, low on funds right now. EDIT: Ooops, I've just noticed the compatibility you list for this module in the store, I am using 1.3... EDIT: I'm going to upgrade.
  7. Hey, I've been looking for something like this for a while now... good timing. How about best sellers for the year? Easy to change some code to accommodate this? Actually, It would be even nicer to be able to select ANY given time frame, so I can select 3 months for example. (with a fancy calender select window).
  8. It can not really be that hard? Surely. It would just be a matter of "if" commands wouldn't it? In layman's terms, If stock = 0 do not display. Help?
  9. Question, are the URL rewrite rules in my .htaccess file classfied as php directives? I'm a noob with these things, so an answer is highly appreciated. The reason I ask is because I read an update from my host which says the following: Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Maybe you can direct me to another module or maybe you can provide me with what I am after, paid or free. What I am looking for is a way to filter the best seller results. In the bestersellers block (PS v1.3), I want to only display the best selling products that are currently in stock. I wish to remove items from the bestsellers block that have a stock count of 0. The second part is to filter the best seller results by date. In the bestsellers block (PS v1.3), I want to display the best sellers for a given time period, for example, only show best sellers for January 2012. I hope this is clear and you can help. I'm having a very hard time trying to find what I am after, and even harder trying to explain it for some reason. Thank you in advance.
  11. Sure. 1. In the bestsellers block, I only want to display best selling items that currently have stock available (in stock). 2. Also in the bestsellers block, I want to be able to only display best selling items during a certain timeframe. For example, only show bestsellers for the month of January 2012. I hope this is clearer. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I've been searching for ages but have not been able to find a module (paid or free) or information on what code to change to do the following: What I am actually looking for is this: I wish to filter the bestsellers block, I wish to have the power to only display the best sellers that meet a certain criteria, such as best selllers during a certain time (date) frame, or best sellers only of items that are in stock. I wish to set these filters in the backend, with the results displayed in the frontend (website, store). I've only been able to find frontend search filters. If someone could post information regarding what code to change (and what to) or direct me to a module it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Is this module purely a front end filter? I am actually after a backend filter, your module looks very interesting, but is only of use if it can be used as a backend vilter whereby the filtered results are displayed on the frontend (website, store). What I am actually looking for is this: I wish to filter the bestsellers block, I wish to have the power to only display the best sellers that meet a certain criteria, such as best selllers during a certain time (date) period, or best sellers only that are in stock, things like this. Cheers.
  14. It was an issue with the One Page Checkout module. I contacted the maker who then provided me with an update of the module and fix. OPC did not support payment group restrictions. Now works after the OPC update.
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