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  1. Great thanks tdr170 Sorry I am only reply now. I did not got a notification email like always when someone replies so I though no one replied.
  2. Hi How do I remove "available" from appearing in my short description. Help would be very appreciated.
  3. Hi I only sell in my own country and for reasons: 1. To keep my site faster and traffic down and keep my hosting affordable. 2. Security purposes. 3. Save time on responding to foreign emails. I don't want my site to open to countries other than my own. Is there a way i can do this?
  4. Hi In a recent Prestashop newsletter they spoke about a module that upgrade your Prestashop 1.3? version to the current version. It says the module is still in early Alpha version. Where do you find this module (my searches failed)? Do someone know the development timeline of this? And some users that have tested it, what is your experience?
  5. I feel your pain, my sitemap also inexplicably stopped working after upgrade attempts. I wish someone can write us detailed step for step process of troubleshooting sitemap.xml generation. At the moment i use another program to get my sitemaps going. http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/
  6. I think it has to do with your sql database setup on your local server. If i remember correctly there is a option where you can set up your database to connect with an external database. This might be your problem here. It should not connect because this is a test enviroment. I would probably create a new localhost database with a setup that does not connect to an outside server. I'm a bit of a phpadmin noob myself and can do the basics but i plan to study these books that could help with phpadmin stuff. All availably in ebook formats as well. http://www.packtpub....management/book http://www.packtpub....management/book
  7. Option for manager to define an check box item(s) at the checkout page. For example The customer bought the stuff and now you want to give him those options. "Would you like that assembled?" Checkbox (in the setup a fee is added here and no box for more than one assemblies) "Should we load the software for you?" Checkbox ((in the setup a fee is added here and no box for more than install option)
  8. While looking at a customer order profile. Have a check boxes available where you can insert the package tracking no that sent out an email with extra (manager defined)info such as courier name, courier website and tel nr. (these last three will stay constant)
  9. A preferences option to display more than 50 products in the backoffice category list. Working in long categories is cumbersone after updating ect. it sometimes go to the first page again. Increasing the count is also tricky sometimes.
  10. Courier companies usually need the Supplier address, Customer address and tel no and then Reference no's:..Acc. and order no the pickup guys must show these at the supplier before pickup If there is a way to compile this faster it would help a great deal. Maybe a pdf that print these and then be able to sent to couriers for them to log. It will safe a lot of time.
  11. Clone Category When you have big shop with a lot categories you might like a few clone categories. Example You sell Graphics cards and that section also has a catagory that contain accessories (Cables). Those cable accessories you would also like to have under cables as well.
  12. Have the ability to add a sliding formula to the base prices i.o.w 0-R999 markup is 8% 1000-1449 markup is 7.5% 1500-1999 markup is 7% 2000-2999 markup is 6% Some kind of a "Markup Module" giving the shop manager the options to change those figures and percentages like he want. This will be very usefull in retail, medium size busineness that have a lot of stock with different margins.
  13. When you have a lot of products like me you load a lot of them saying "Coming Soon" It would be nice to have a "Coming Soon" Option box with a textbox in which you insert say "7" or "30" The 7 and 30 or other among will mean that after 7 or 30 days the product will revert to normal on sale status with no Coming Soon.
  14. An option to have a hyperlink box below the long description saying something like "for more information please click on this link") (open in new tab) You can thus only paste the Link address into that box. and it will be done. No need now to copy and paste a line with this description over and over again plus the second step of pasting the link to the sentence.
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