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  1. hi sorry it was my mistake for pulling multiple products i was using {product:1,2,3,4} instead of {products:1,2,3,4} thanks for such a nice module Thanks shopperbox.in
  2. Hi thanks such a nice module but i am facing some issues with its display http://shopperbox.in/content/8-test the problem is that product does not show in proper manner as it should be seen Thanks
  3. Hi have very very less coding knowledge but i can understand CSS and HTML now i am creating a landing page in cms where i want to have slider, how do i add this slider to particular CMS Page
  4. thanks this worked for me -1 works thanks @PrestaShop Legend in combination file i changed stock to "-1" and in back office it shows "-1 stock" and in front office the product page buy button is gone" so it worked for me
  5. i am facing the same problem can any one help us how to solve this problem but for fetching local setting Thanks Snehal
  6. Hi Did you get the solution if yes let me know i am also looking for the same kind of solution
  7. Hello everyone i am building my website http://shopperbox.in i need : when some one click on main category eg. "Women" i want a landing page like this http://www.flipkart.com/women?otracker=hp_nmenu_women can i do this in prestashop i dont want any side nagitation, subcategory or any product from any category or subcategory to appear only top menu will show and the page content i will be just putting in images and linking them to the products category i want this as landing page for main category thanks in advance
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