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  1. At least after uninstall it should definitely gone out... do you clear the smarty cache and browser history ???
  2. It seems to be working on ps and i.4.4.0 i just put the code below <div id="header_right"> {$HOOK_TOP} </div> where you putting the "addthis" code ?? Thanks Delonix
  3. you need to make changes for order id on all the listed tables - ps_orders, ps_order_detail, ps_order_discount, ps_order_history, ps_order_return and ps_order_slip for each row with id_order = 3 and change it to 1
  4. i am not sure, if there is any inbuilt functionality in PS for DB upgrade. But with phpmyadmin you can do it easily - you need need to export the needed table with fields from your older version PS DB and import to new version PS DB from phpmyadmin. make sure before importing to new PS DB - do replace of all Ps_ to Ps1_. Quite easy if have a bit knowledge of phpmyadmin, unless you do any customizations in your old PS version Thanks Delonix
  5. yup this would be another constarin - you need to clear cache Thanks Delonix
  6. where you put that files , in themes/your theme folder/js ??? after putting that file - even if you ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',5); cahnged to ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',2); the price on product info page would be shown upto 5 decimal point if you still keep ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',5); then all prices would also show upto 5 decimal points Thanks Delonix
  7. both boxes seems on right side of product image on my screen
  8. I guess this can be achieved by Back Office >> Catalog >>>> 4. Combinations ---> from there you can select the "Impact on price:" as "REDUCTION" then select the attirbute for which you need to offer discount say "color=red" and price reduction of $10 etc. Hope this helps Thanks Delonix
  9. Hi, Which Prestashop version you guys are using ? . USPS seems to be working correctly on the PrestaShop™ Thanks Delonix
  10. Simply in Back Office >> Customers >> Groups --> create a new group say wholesale and give discount say 20% to that group. If customer from that group logged in - will able to see the prices less by 20% as we had provided discount to wholesale group. Thanks Delonix
  11. Ok, please replace the attached two js files in theme folder if you want to change the prices in product info page as shown in screenshot . Please take the backup of original files. themes.zip
  12. It would be bit customized code - i guess will check and let you know by PM. Not sure posting here publicly will be good or not - because it is for someone's specific need Thanks Delonix
  13. Hi, how do you add the fee with CoD - i didn't see to ad any fee with CoD payment module in PS Regards Delonix
  14. in classes/cart.php file in function public function getOrderTotal($withTaxes = true, $type = Cart::BOTH) if we find $shipping_fees = ($type != Cart::BOTH_WITHOUT_SHIPPING AND $type != Cart::ONLY_PRODUCTS_WITHOUT_SHIPPING) ? $this->getOrderShippingCost(NULL, (int)($withTaxes)) : 0; and replace with global $cookie; if (isset($cookie->id_customer) && $cookie->isLogged() == true) { $shipping_fees = ($type != Cart::BOTH_WITHOUT_SHIPPING AND $type != Cart::ONLY_PRODUCTS_WITHOUT_SHIPPING) ? $this->getOrderShippingCost(NULL, (int)($withTaxes)) : 0; } I guess this will solve your problem Thanks Delonix
  15. in config/define.inc.php define('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_', 2); change the value 2 to 5 Thanks Delonix
  16. In modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl you can find the line <h4>{l s='Featured products' mod='homefeatured'}</h4> Change whatever you wanted to change instead of Featured products Say " My Featured products" Thanks Delonix
  17. However if you wanted to change the border color of exclusive boxes then you need to change the class div.exclusive .block_content { background: #bdc2c9 url('../img/block_exclusive_bg.jpg') repeat-x bottom left; border-left: 1px solid red; border-right: 1px solid red }
  18. if you wanted to change the color of borders you need to find div.block .block_content { border-left: 1px red; border-right: 1px red; padding: 0 0.7em; background: #f1f2f4 url('../img/block_bg.jpg') repeat-x bottom left; min-height: 16px } changed to div.block .block_content { border-left: 1px solid red; border-right: 1px solid red; padding: 0 0.7em; background: #f1f2f4 url('../img/block_bg.jpg') repeat-x bottom left; min-height: 16px } if you note the difference the difference is "solid" Thanks Delonix
  19. make sure - while doing test order, the order amount must be whole amount like $33.00. In test mode it will not accept the order total as $33.33, where as in live mode it can accept it as $33.33 Thanks Delonix
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