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  1. Hello, I tried the Catalog Price Rules but it have to be changed everyday manually to apply.. The thing that I have to make is a Cron Job which have to make a discount everyday.. My idea is: - when I add a product, after eg. 4 days to apply 20% discount, than after 7 days to apply 30 % discount and so on till 75 % And this to be not for specific product, but for all. I'm adding everyday new products and it would be great if this can be done automatically.. Prestashop version: Regards!
  2. I made it with Features and the result is great.. But in the Blocklayered, the color attribute was better with the colored squares.. Can I make some If statements in the Color Feature and make image instead the color words? Regards!
  3. Hello, can you tell me how I can disable the address globally in my site? The idea is simple.. When the customer add a product in the shopping cart, there is a module of the carrier which generate the shipping cost when the customer enter an address.. So there is no need the customer to add any address in their account .. Do you have any ideas? If I start doing it manually there will be a lot of changes... so is there any module or 'easy' way? Regards!
  4. I made it this way, attributes for the things that I want to be in the Block layered module.. And the features that don't want to display in the Block layered module and are different for every item.. Your idea is great, but is it possible to make it the other way.. All these specs to be Features (want to be features, because I have the table so far, that want to show on product page) And in the Block layered module to show only specific Feature?
  5. I need help about this, willing to pay for a help.. Regards!
  6. Hello, I have probably easy question, but I can't find the solution.. See this screenshot: The idea is, to put the attribute values at the features data sheet table.. The Цвят attribute value can be image or just plain text, how is easier... The Размер should be only plaintext, not drop down menu. When I move these values at the table above, I will hide the attributes. Any ideas? Regards!
  7. Hello, I hired a programmer, who fixed it for me.. The problem was that I installed the Prestashop files trough Softaculous, and some files were from the old version of Prestashop and some were from the last version.. So it's better to install your Prestashop by yourself..
  8. Yes, the problem was fixed from a programmer who I hired.. The problem was, some files were from the previous version of prestashop and some were from the latest.. so there were a conflict.4 You can try to update your site files.
  9. Hello, Please help me with this major problem, because my website is useless if I can't save products. The Save buttons are disabled and they only loading... Prestashop version: Give me some offers. Regards! EDIT: FIXED
  10. Hello again, can I give my login details to someone, who can check my website..? I'm not able to fix it by myself so I need help.. If someone wants to help me just write here and I will share my login details.. Regards!
  11. Thank you for your reply! I tried everything again from that topic but none is working.. If you have time, can I give you my details to check? Regards!
  12. Hello, no, I don't use this plugin. Do you have any other ideas? Regards!
  13. Hello, I read every thread with possible solution but none work.... Please help me with this major problem, because my website is useless if I can't save products. Prestashop version:
  14. Hello, Thank you for your reply! I'm not sure due to DNS loadings.. but when I load the website index it's still change the link to the redirrected page. In my case.. when I enter test.domain.bg - it loading test.domain.bg/3-category-page So the effect is the same as the: Tools::redirect('index.php?id_category=3&controller=category'); Do you know how I can mask that url, not to change..
  15. Hello, I'm with PrestaShop™ version. The thing that I'm asking is: How I can make a category page as homepage... I made it to this command: Tools::redirect('index.php?id_category=3&controller=category'); In the IndexController.php But this command, make a redirrect and it is visible in the link... How can I make this redirrect but not visible for the user? Do I need to mask the url somehow or there is another way? Regards!
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