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  1. Hi I've just set up a new store with a new domain (gloves4fighters.com) via the multi store option (please see the attached file). I've also got my registrar to change the A Record of the domain gloves4fighters.com to point at My original store is shopmma.co.uk and I want gloves4fighters.com to use the same products so the data etc has been copied from shopmma.co.uk when setting up my new store. I have a feeling I've missed something out. I don't want traffic that goes to the url gloves4fighters.com to end up at shopmma.co.uk it should be a completely separate store. Should I be adding the url gloves4fighters.com to the Domain Names I have on the Front Office in the Domains & Certificates list? Thanks in advance Ryan
  2. Hi I've just received this email from Prestashop... This is your last chance to enjoy your Cloud store! You have 15 days left to log in and manage your store. If you don't connect to your store within this timeframe, we'll have to delete it for security reasons. Take action, go to your store now! I am active daily in my store so my question is why would Prestashop email me threatening to shut down my store if I'm currently active in it? The email is worded as if I'm not using my store which is worrying as I've over a 1000 products in it and I'm taking orders. Thanks
  3. Thanks Selectshop, I gave the Support Team the correct account id then in that case so now I shall just wait for their reply.
  4. When they say account id do they mean the email address to which it's registered against (as this is what i gave them) or is there an id number somewhere i've not come across? Thanks
  5. I've had a reply from the Support Team but they were asking for my new account id? I'll update this topic when I hear anything more from them.
  6. I opened a ticket a week ago but have still had no response from the Support Team which is why I tried to forum to see if any of the experts had any ideas. Guess I'll just have to wait, thanks for trying to help.
  7. There's no other options and when l click on the chevron next to Assign the only option l get is to assign the domains back to my account?
  8. Hi I've recently passed the admin of one of my stores over to another person who will be using another Prestashop account to run it. I've unassigned the stores from my account but they are still sat as Unassigned Domains ready to be assigned (see attached). The problem we are facing is that while these domains are sat here on my account, my colleague cannot add the domain to his account as they are saying that the domain is already registered? Is there a way to completely remove the association between my account and the domain? Many thanks Ryan
  9. Thanks for that I was still wanting to use the New Arrivals module but just hide certain products from showing in it. As a work around l will disable it for now until I have more public products to push the private ones off the page. Thanks again
  10. Hi I'm currently adding products that are not on sale to the general public so l don't want them to show on the New Arrivals page. The only way l can see to stop this happening is to add all the 'private' products and disable them until l add more 'public' products that will push them off the New Arrivals page. Is there a way to hide new products from showing on the New Arrivals page? Thanks in advance Ryan
  11. Hi Jimmy The problem was that i had the domain e-mmastore as one of my registered domains but not www.e-mmastore.co.uk Once i registered the domain with www and waited a few minutes, it became active and it was all good again Thanks
  12. Thanks Paul, i've just realised it's the address with www on thats not working. e-mmastore.co.uk works fine so i've just added the www.e-mmastore.co.uk domain. Do i need to get my domain registrar to do something to this too or should it work once the DNS jiggery pokery catches up? Thanks
  13. Hi I've just moved my store to it's own domain e-mmastore.co.uk from the free prestashop domain you receive. My domain registrar has done the necessary changes to the DNS etc and it's pointing at the Prestashop IP I've made the new domain active and Primary (see attached) yet when users try to access the store through the new domain it just takes them to the Prestashop logon page? Please help Thanks in advance Ryan
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