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  1. Hello I want to modify the webservice , in which i want to add a condition on retreiving the orders, i can't find the query the retreive this orders , where it's located ?? in which class?? Regards
  2. Hello I'm facing problem in migrating my site from windows pc to winodws server 2012, i've migrate all files and the db and change the required files . all working good except i have the following problems : when i request the admin page it loads perfectly, but when i entered the username and the password and hit "sign in" it stays in the same page and nothing happens. also the wrong username or password is working. i have tried to clear broweser cache,smarty cache and remove the cahche and ip checking in the employee.php and coockie.php , but i'm still having the same problem Cannot access the webservice , which i got this error The requested URL / was not found on this server." , where it is exists physical as i can see in my website "webservice" folder i have also enable the rewrite_mode and the directory access options(apache "httpd.conf" file) but still have the same problem I'm using Wamp server for windows , is there any problem with prestashop on windows server. or it just a security or settings issues Also another info that i'm using the domain ("http://chickysbaabda/") as name not an ip address So any help plz !!!! Regards
  3. Hello Thank you Paul C for your support I have modified my order table in db and the order class and it worked fine(i've test it with static values upon saving the order) but know i want to store the selected value(from the select options) in order to retrieve it in the order-confirmation page how to do that?? using session variable or cache variables??? and what is the best controller to call it and to store this value? do i need to call the cart controller using json with a custom method that store this value in a session/cache variable Thanks In Advance Best Regards
  4. Hello I want to ask, in case i have added a new field in the order table in the Database, and it want to do the following --> I have a drop down in an custom cms page(its a payment selection screen which the customer will be redirected upon completing the checkout registration process), this drop down will contains a list of options. Upon selecting an item in the drop down , i want to save the value in the newly added field in the order table , for the current order How to modify the code in my website in order, to been able to access the newly added field and set it values in the created order using the context. knowing that the user will select this value before saving the order
  5. Hello I've added a new table in Pretashop 1.6 database , and i want to load all rows in this table in an html select(its a list of restaurant tables name) , which is placed inside an custom cms page. How should i modified the prestashop code in order to let me access/get the rows using the context in my custom cms page. Any Help Please !!!!!
  6. Hello I want to ask how to add payments(installed payments module) to an custom CMS page, the same as they displayed in the shopping cart page(just listing them with links). I've tried to add { $HOOK_PAYMENT} to the CMS page but i got errors in the page Any help please!!! Best Regards
  7. Hello guys please i need help for this issue i've added the pages manually using this tutorial https://iftakharhasan.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/prestashop-create-a-custom-page-without-cms/#respond and i want just the language drop, and upon submitting it will redirect to the home page, how to do that and if there's a different ways to add pages to prestashop please inform me with a tutorials Regards
  8. Hello Kindly, I'm new to prestashop and i'm working on adding a new page "Welcome page", i've added it correctly, but the problem i want to add the language drop to this page(that is used in the header section in prestashop) How to do that??? I'm using prestashop
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