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  1. Hi everyone, I created an ecommerce website a few years ago , worked on it, had it up and running. Until one day that I had to put it in maintenance mode because due to circumstances I couldn't take care of it. A year or so later, now, I am coming back, trying to revive it. The problem is...the login URL for my website shows the same UI as the simple address to my website. In other words, the login interface doesn't make a difference. The hosting provider says it's a prestashop issue. Do any of you think is a prestashop issue or a hosting issue? I would need to know so that I don't pay another year of hosting, if the issue is from their end. The problem is, or I think it is, if I can't login into my website (the URL for logging in doesn't show the UI to allow me to login, meaning a field for username and one for password, how can I update prestashop? Help :) Thank you.
  2. I cannot process a partial refund (I didn't have to process a full refund yet), I get error in the backend of prestashop- "an error ocurred during this refund - user authentication failed". I use PayPal Pro as payment gateway, I spoke with PayPal, all credentials are fine at their end, when attempting to process a refund their system doesn't receive any request. I was told that "Kindly contact Prestashop to determine how the refund API works within Prestashop. If customers are able to make payment to your website, but when attempting to refund, it gives you this error, it means it is running on two separate API and two separate credentials." Can you help me in any way to understand why I can't process a refund? Thank you, Cris
  3. Buna, am si eu putina dificultate in importul din csv. Anume, de la producator primesc fiecare produs intr-un csv cu atributele respective (id produs,nume podus, categoria - in care e clasificat de producator-,subcategoria - tot in care e clasificat produsul repsectiv de producator-,pret, greutate, descriere produs,url-ul produsului,magazia din care vine-din ce tara mi-l trimite cand e nevoie, si atribute precum culoare si marime) si un csv cu link catre imagini. Fiecare produs poate avea mai multe imagini. Am optiunea de la producator sa fac download la mai multe produse deodata, ceea ce rezulta in un fisier csv cu toate produsele selectate si un fisier csv cu toate imaginile tuturor produselor selectate. Pe mine nu ma intereseaza anumite coloane din fisierul sa-i zicem "info produs" (adica nu cel de "imagini produs") sau ma intereseaza insa continutul lor trebuie modificat de mine ca sa fie adaptat modului in care codific eu produsele. M-am uitat si la templatul de CSV dat de prestashop insa nu inteleg ce trebuie sa fac ca sa adaptez 2 csv-uri ale mele ("info produse", "imagini produse") intr-unul singur similar cu al prestashop ca sa pot uploada toate acele produse deodata. As aprecia sprijinul tau Rho_bur. Multumesc!
  4. Incerc sa aflu cum pot seta sau care categorie de imagini trebuie modificata pentru ca atunci cand pun un link la un produs pe facebook (facebook e doar ca si exemplu), imaginea preluata si afisata sa fie "intreaga". nu partiala.Multumesc.
  5. Nu stiu sa-ti dau o solutie pentru problema pe care o ai insa am avut si eu ceva probleme la checkout odata instalat si pe limba romana si folosind paypal. Pot sa iti spun totusi ca i-am contactat telefonic pe cei de la PayPal si se pare ca nu au inca o "translatie" in limba romana la checkout a paypal-ului. Adica site-ul poate fi in Romana, modalitatea de plata setata in Euro insa exista o problema de compatibilitate a PayPal-ului cu limba romana cand se doreste efectuarea platii. S-ar putea ca de aici sa porneasca problema.Eu am lasat site-ul sa aiba si optiunea de limba romana insa checkout-ul este doar in engleza. E o optiune partiala la care am optat eu.
  6. Hi, I'd need your help in figuring out how to change the position of the customized text that I added on the home page is my prestashop store. The standard template has top horizontal bar, then let's say the products displayed on the homepage and then prestashop allows to add a customized text about one's shop, then comes the bottom part of the page standard part where I added about us and so on. Can anyone tell me how I can "move" the customized text I added to be placed below the top horizontal bar but above the products listed on the home page? Thank you, Cris
  7. Hi bellini13, 1) You created a Tax and Tax Rules for NJ? State and country taxes are enabled. If I create a tax rule on one product does that remain as just one tax rule for that particular product? If yes, that means I have to create manually tax rules for each product in the portfolio I have, correct? Can I create multiple tax rules for the same product, as in, one rule for each state and country where I want my product to be available for ordering? 2) You updated your products to use the Tax Rule? This answer depends on the clarification I could get for the questions I addresses following your 1) question. 3) In Localization > Taxes, at the bottom of the page you have "Based on" equal to "Delivery Address" I had already set that up to "Delivery address" prior to coming here for info Thank you, hope you can help me figure this out. Cris
  8. I am based in NJ, a delivery destination tax state. I enabled sales taxes in the tax section. My cart doesn't add the sales tax corresponding to the customer that buys....what am I missing or didn't do right yet? The cart displays the section "Tax"...but it doesn't add a tax that should be computed based on the delivery destination it at checkout... I read the Prestashop documentation about taxes and it's a bit confusing to me. I copy pasted the "confusing" part: Enable tax. Whether or not taxes are included in each purchase.- My question: Does this mean that if I enable it what is set up as delivery destination tax is considered "included" in the Retail price of a product or ? How can I make the tax be "added" to the retail price I set up it the prices section of a product? Display tax in shopping cart. You might prefer the customer not to be aware of the taxes that are applied to the order. In that case, disable this option.- Question: As I said, I enabled this, it shows the "Tax" section separately from price in a cart...but it doesn't compute any tax , in addition to the retail price I set....Help? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Cris
  9. When clicking on "abandoned carts" section this is all I get: [PrestaShopException]Invalid address #14 at line 401 in file classes/Address.php 396. // if an id_address has been specified retrieve the address 397. if ($id_address) { 398. $address = new Address((int)$id_address); 399. 400. if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($address)) { 401. throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid address #'.(int)$id_address); 402. } 403. } elseif ($with_geoloc && isset($context->customer->geoloc_id_country)) { 404. $address = new Address(); 405. $address->id_country = (int)$context->customer->geoloc_id_country; 406. $address->id_state = (int)$context->customer->id_state; If anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Cris
  10. Thank you Gabdara, it seems though that the problem solved by itself...after a couple of days...strange...but I will keep in mind your last answer if it ever happens again.
  11. Hi gabdara, yes, I cleared the cache of the broswer several times. Is there any other cache I have to clear? Thank you!
  12. I set a catalog price rule for a category for a week...after that week the discount still showed on my front-end of the web store...I went to delete the rule itself from the back-end...the discount still shows on the front end...I'm adding new products in the same category...the discount still applies though I have no more any rule for that category since I deleted the catalog price rule...what's going on? Can anyone help me?
  13. Hi, am pretty new here and don't know how to start a new thread. I have a problem with the catalog price rules...I set up a rule 2 weeks ago valid for 1 week....when that rules "week" ended I hoped that the rule (category discount" would disappear from my store...it's still there....I went to delete the rule in my back-end of prestashop...I deleted it...the discount still shows....what's going on? can anyone help me?
  14. Thank you so much ash-f! I also sent you a PM. I tried it and it works!
  15. Ok, thank you so much! It's late at my place so I'll try modifying tomorrow. Can you give me line 96 as (I know from above with what to replace it) is so that I don't mismatch them?
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