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  1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/fg-prestashop-to-woocommerce/
  2. Browsed through very old threads, but no clear solution has been given. A question for How do I add my VAT number to show up on the invoices? Preferably in the footer of the invoice where the company name, address, tel. number ... is located. That is managed in the back office, but there is no entry for VAT, so I assume I need to edit a particular .php file to be able to add a VAT entry.
  3. This works: /usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null --user user --password 'password' http://example.org/admin/cron_currency_rates.php?secure_key=12345
  4. That thread is from 2010 and applies for version 1.3. I have cron built in into my cPanel. Can't believe there is no other threads or documentation for this. Anyway I managed to solve it by removing the -O flag. Just now it creates an output file which I don't want.
  5. What's the correct way to update the currency with cron? There is no documentation or any threads explaining this.
  6. This doesn't work, I have my admin directory password protected: /usr/bin/wget -q -O --user myuser --password 'mypassword' http://example.net/admin/cron_currency_rates.php?secure_key=12345 >> /dev/null 2>&1
  7. Having this settings on by default by PS is stupid. It makes your HOME page un-cacheable and by that increasing TTFB. I turned off both but the stupidity is unclear what is the difference between both options? I understand set default country from browsers language. Meaning if I offer my site in French language a user that uses a French browser will see the page in French. So what the is set browser language as default language? Or the stupidy is the other way around. So what is the purpose of setting a default country? I mean say default language is German but default country is Spain. For what reason?
  8. What about the Set language from browser? If I use Geolocation should this be on or off? I'm just interested about the currency. We only use English language, but would like EURO countries to see EURO, UK to see Pounds.
  9. We have two warehouses, one in a EU country and one in a non EU country. How can we solve the VAT for this setup? If we ship from EU to EU there is VAT added. If we ship from non EU to EU there is no VAT added. Do I need a module or is this a PS configuration option?
  10. We have a warehouse in a 1. EU country and a warehouse in a non-2. EU country. How do I configure PS for 1. shipping from EU country to EU country VAT is added. 2. shipping from non-EU country to outside your own country VAT is not added?
  11. I'm little confused with PS Localization> Localization> Configuration Set language from browser (Set browser language as default language) Set default country from browser language (Set country corresponding to browser language) YES/NO Is this some sort of geolocation acting on the browser language. Is this good to use and will it conflict with geolocation if both are enabled?
  12. Is it possible to set different VAT rules for two shipping locations? As UK is about to leave the EU, we will not be charging the VAT to ship out of UK. But we have a warehouse in Spain which we need to include our VAT for other EU customers.
  13. I have also been looking at https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/modules/geo-localization/geo-targeting-pro-price-by-country MaxMind GeoIP2 Country 99.8% accurate on a country level MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Country I think those two are commercial databases. But it lets you select the free db as well.
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