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  1. Hi, I am trying to do another validation in the phone_mobile field at checkout. The validation i am trying to do is to detect the first 2 numbers that user types in this field. So, if it's not the specific numbers (04) then if he trying to continue i want to show an error. How can i do that? Where the isPhoneNumber function take place? Where can i edit it? Thanks!
  2. How can i get the state name to insert it in the Orders Table?
  3. Hello, Is any way to use all the existing functions and controllers of backoffice but instead of default back office orders tpl file to call my own tpl file? BUT i dont want to override the default file..i want to use another back office tab..ex..orders 2.. Can this done? if yes, how? Thanks
  4. ERROR: http://s3.postimg.org/590cgsw2b/error.png CORRECT: http://s15.postimg.org/vitoifkd7/correct.png Did you understand?? THanks
  5. Hello, Everything seems to be fine but the problem still exists. checked date, cleared cache, clear cookies, i created a new account.. but nothing..:/ What can be happen after the upgrade? Prestashop is so good at upgrades..i don't know what happened. seems like the reduced price is the same with the normal price.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. No, it seems like my reducted price never been set. So my cart shows the starting price. If for example a product costs 20EUR and i have set 50% percent discount it appears that the cost is 20EUR instead of 10EUR and when i add it to the cart it costs 20EUR. What can i do to fix that issue?
  7. Hi, After the upgrade from PS 1.5 to the latest PS 1.6 version my reduction price doesn't appears anywhere. I checked product page and product list page but nothing seems to appears. I have set a product price = 30 and a discount of 20% but in the frontend i get only the price of 30. Normally in frontend product page it should appears NOW PRICE: 24 and PriceWithoutReduction: 30 Can anyone help me? Thanks
  8. I did it with the code below with no result: !$this->registerHook('rightColumn'); what i am doing wrong? Thanks
  9. Hello, How can i make the crossselling appears in the right column of my prestashop? I added this code below in my crossselling.php with no result: function hookRightColumn($params) { return $this->hookProductFooter($params); } Any Ideas? Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a problem. I have use the default "other" field of prestashop as a field in which user fill in his doorbell name. I have made it required via Address.php but now during the registration process if somebody forget to fill in this field it takes an error saying that: there is 1 error: other required . How can i translate this message and make it doorbell name required instead of other required? Can somebody help me? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I would like to fix my invoice.tpl to appear in the invoice pdf file only the "Name" and "address" of buyer. (NOT THE WHOLE BLOCK OF INVOICE ADDRESS) address1 ( i need this) address2 other firstname lastname (i need this) company vat_number postcode city Country:name phone phone_mobile Also i woud like to insert labels in front of name and address if is possible. example: Address: address1 FullName: firstname lastname Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi, Can you tell me in which files i need to write code to make it works? Thanks
  13. I found a way to do that (Customer.php) but the problem is that the new account process can not skip the password and not continues like i am a guest and insert me in guest group. How can i do that? i want to skip the registration if the password is null and make the registration if the password is not null. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I try to find a way to make the password field in the checkout (during the new account procedure) optional. I don't want to use the Guest Checkout. I need the default checkout and i have make a js file which show/hide the password on click. If somebody click to insert the password, then the account creation will be done but if he want to make an order without choosing password then the order will be done as a guest checkout. So, how can i make the password field optional first? Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi, Can somebody describes me the way to insert labels into invoice.pdf in front of address? Example Below (i want to appear the bold): Name & Surname: Name Surname Full Address: Address 22 Postal Code: 12345 Please somebody help me! Thanks guys..
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