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  1. Our client is asking about an option to do a standard "Reorder" of a product, but also have the ability to edit any custom fields that were saved from that previous order. Is this possible to do within Prestashop or would this require some sort of module? As of right now, you can click the "Reorder" button from the "Order History" screen and it then adds that order to the cart to begin the checkout process. The only editable option is to add/subtract the quantity or delete the products(s). Could there be a way to include an "edit" button next to the Custom Fields in order to change these customized features? For example, if the product is a storefront sign and has a custom text field that says "Welcome to our shop" and they want to change it to "Welcome to our new business", is this possible to do from the Reorder screen? Right now they can only do this by starting a brand new order, however due to the high demand to make edits to previous orders, this is becoming more of a burden on the checkout process for the customers. Please let me know if you need further explaining. We are using a customized version of Prestashop and it's not currently upgradable/updatable. Thanks!
  2. I have a shop with about 200 items and have configured the shipping costs for everything without any issues. However, I have one set of products - 16 to be exact - and they are all sold and shipped in a slightly different method than the rest. These items all need to be set to ship at a flat rate of $10 regardless of the number of items ordered from this category. I cannot seem to figure out how to assign shipping to the group without it charging for each individual item. Simply put, if a customer purchases one of these items, it costs them $10 shipping. If they order 47 of these items and a mixture of the 16 that are offered, it is still only $10 shipping. Does this make sense? I have searched and not yet found an answer and I need help asap. Thank you!! edit: Using prestashop 1.6.x
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