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  1. Thank you for your answer. These are not double accounts for the same user, I have my personal account and premiumpresta is the team account that anyone in my team can use. Also if there's a penalty, shouldn't I have warning points so I can know about it? To me it sounds like a bug, but others don't seem to have it or they don't pay attention to their post counter and aren't aware of it.
  2. Also if you go to the trouble of changing all the links protocol, consider using a relative protocol, in case you would need to move your store on a local development machine to do some testing and you would not have set up SSL. Having links "hard-coded" with https or http will make it difficult to move back and forth between a SSL and non-SSL configuration. Using a relative protocol means that your links start with // and they will default to the protocol used to access the store. Example: old links: http://mystore.com/product new links: //mystore.com/product If store is accessed with https, the new links will also use https, otherwise will use http.
  3. Similar functionality to your examples in PrestaShop is Product Pack. But it will need extensive customization to make it work as in the examples. On addons store there's a module Advanced Pack that might be closer of what you're looking for.
  4. Usually for color variations the attributes are used to make product combinations
  5. @ajensen27 if you're using PrestaShop 1.6 to export, have a look at this override to export products, the resulted CSV file is ready to be imported back, even in 1.7.
  6. I doubt anyone will. But if you're looking for a light theme for 1.6 to build upon check the theme made by community.
  7. Do you ever see other IP for a customer or it's always the same? It could also be a case of bad server configuration where there is a reverse proxy that doesn't pass the user IP forward and instead it passes it's own IP.
  8. From the first screenshot it seems that one of the carts in your store is looking for an address with id 9 that it cannot find. What you could do is to go to your database (using phpmyadmin or anything else) in table ps_cart and look after columns id_address_delivery and id_address_invoice where you can find the id 9 and replace it with 0. Or you could go to table ps_address and create a new address that will have the id 9. If after you do one of the above you still get the error, pay attention to the first line where it says Invalid address #, there might be other addresses missing as well with other ids and you should do the same for those too. As for the Session error, it sounds like a bad server configuration.
  9. Put your background image in your theme assets/img folder (create it if not already there). Then open assets/css/custom.css and add: #wrapper { background-image: url(../img/bkg.jpg); }
  10. Please create a new issue on GitHub or a new ticket on Forge.
  11. For small customizations, you should edit file themes/classic/assets/css/custom.css . To change the background color you could add something like: #wrapper { background: red; } For big customizations, you should use webpack to compile scss files into theme.css .
  12. You mean like the module Category tree links on the category page to have it on the product page?
  13. This sounds like a custom job. I doubt you will find such a specific module.
  14. There seems to be this issue reported http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-1774 but no resolution yet. Give a comment and upvote to redraw the attention to it.
  15. You could add to your img tag class="img-fluid" or edit file themes/classic/assets/css/custom.css and add: #cms img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } This will make all the images in CMS pages to be responsive. More, if you care about serving images optimized for mobile devices dive into https://responsiveimages.org
  16. Module compatibility is lacking for sure, but there is an official PayPal module from version
  17. In PrestaShop a product combination is made by combining attributes. From what I understand from your post, your attributes are size, model, color and print. I can think of 2 approaches for your case. First and the one that might be the easiest to implement is to make a module that will be hooked on actionUpdateQuantity and every time the quantity is changed for one combination it will look after other combinations that have the same size, model and color and update their quantity. The performance of this will depend on the number of combinations with those 3 attributes, more combinations, more updates to make. Second and harder to implement is to modify the behavior of PrestaShop customization feature. Have product combinations made only by size, model and color. Create a module from which you can add predefined customizations (prints) to product combinations. List the predefined customizations in Front Office product page. In this case you don't have to worry about multiple quantities, you have only the quantity of the product combination and there can't be other combinations with the same size, model and color.
  18. If you want to heavily change the styles of the theme, then you should modify the .scss files and compile with npm run build or compile at each file save with npm run watch. Otherwise if you only want to change little things here and there, use custom.css file.
  19. I have the behavior you're describing in the modified default newsletter module for our themes. You can see a demo here (scroll towards the bottom of the page). If it's what you want, you can send me an email about it.
  20. You can create a new Employee profile from BO > Administration > Profiles called Designer. Then go to BO > Administration > Permissions and set on what the Designer can have access to. A simple list would be: Modules and Services, Positions Preferences > Themes Advanced Parameters > Performance CMS pages CMS categories You can also cherry pick on what modules to have access. If for some reason it will need access to more than these sections (eg. needs to adjust html in product description), he will certainly ask for it. Having access to modules he could still do some harm if it has bad intentions, but restricting access too much could also limit him into doing its job.
  21. Enable Debug Mode from BO > Advanced Parameters > Performance and see if a more explicit error appears.
  22. The suggestion of @rocky is working for me on After uninstalling a theme module I find it on the Selection tab and it can be installed again.
  23. First enable development mode to see if any errors surface. Then go to an "edit product" page and let it do it's thing to load. After that, you will notice that at the bottom of the screen there is a bar that gives you more info about how the page performed. Click on the "Total time", it will take you to a page with more info, on the Performance tab. There you can see which requests to server take the most time.
  24. PrestaShop has a CSV Import Tool. If you will organize your exported data into a CSV file you will be easily able to move it into PrestaShop.
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