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  1. Prestashop 1.7 - A practical joke?

    I reported a bug to the forge, nothing happened. Even the forge itself had bugs. It certainly does appear as if 1.7 is a practical joke, I even made a post with a similar title a several weeks ago due to the crazy number of bugs there are in 1.7 and also in 1.6. The only thing more aggravating than waking up to see your website broke overnight for no reason whatsoever, is coming here to get help with the issue only to be ignored for months, and I am not exaggerating! Prestashop itself appears to be setup like a scam. The addons don't show user reviews which EVERYONE knows are important for credibility. But to be honest the way things are setup here, which is obviously all about taking advantage of buyers, I would not trust buying anything from here. Prestashop is full of bugs. This forum is virtually useless. I will never use Prestashop ever again. I also advise people to stay well away from the Envato / Themeforest site that sells Prestashop themes and addons that simply do not work, that site is a 100% scam for sure!
  2. Shipping tracking number STILL not working

    Two months and not even a reply? This forum is completely useless.
  3. Blank Tracking Number in Email

    Wow great forum! Sooo helpful!
  4. Official Paypal module problem with different Shipping and Invoice addresses.

    This forum is a joke
  5. New PayPal Express Checkout button from official module not working

    I have the same problem.
  6. Blank Tracking Number in Email

    Did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same problem in the latest version of 1.6.
  7. [Solved] I cannot login on my backoffice

    Sounds like you have a very serious issue so you're probably best contacting your new webhost for help.
  8. Shipping tracking number STILL not working

    This problem has been reported in this forum several times, some dating back as far as 2011, yet the problem still exists in the latest version of 1.6. When we add a tracking number to an order, the customer is sent an email which is supposed to contain a link (with the number) to the tracking site. The email is sent, but the part of the email which is supposed to contain the link is completely blank. I have followed the instructions and added the tracking URL in the backend. I have checked the email template is correct and it is, it includes the @ I have created a new order to test, still has the problem.
  9. Change default order - Search Page

    I would also like to know how to do this.
  10. Image slider for your homepage has diapeered

    Solved by myself. This is yet another bug. Thanks for nothing PS community.
  11. Hide a category to show in new items block

    Have you tried using CSS to hide it? Worked for me.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Can you add custom CSS to your template? If not don't worry. If you can send me a PM with the URL of your website and tell me how big you want the image to be I might be able to give you the CSS code you need to solve the issue.
  13. Image slider for your homepage has diapeered

    Happy Saturday everyone! We're using 1.6x. A few days ago the ''Image slider for your homepage' vanished from our homepage. After playing around a bit I somehow managed to get it back, but I don't know exactly how. Today I was testing a previously unused module and placed it below where the slider was. Since then the slider has vanished again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deactivating and reactivating it a few times and no luck. I have checked the positions page and I can see it where it should be, but when I go the Live Edit, it's not shown anywhere on the page. I have searched the forum but was unable to find a solution. I hope someone can help. Thanks and have a great weekend all!
  14. Official Paypal module problem with different Shipping and Invoice addresses.

    I think there are misunderstandings here. Which may be my fault as I may have explained the issue incorrectly. I will attempt to clarify. User enters a different delivery and billing address for their order (SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT) User proceeds to paypal (user does not have a paypal account). Paypal takes the Delivery Address and uses it as the Billing Address (SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT) Apologies for any confusion. Does this make sense?