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  1. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    How am I the problem? I am not the one breaking the script.... I may not be an advanced developer, but I'm not stupid either.
  2. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    Seriously, is this a joke? I'm really tired of all the issues I'm having. I first tried 1.7 (which some people said is stable.. yeah right!) and it had a lot of bugs. So I went back to 1.6, which everyone said is fine, and I can't even do the most basic things like reordering products! One day something works fine, then the next day it's broken, then without warning, it breaks again. Honestly, in 20+ years of working on websites I have never encountered a worse CMS than Prestashop. The number of bugs I have encountered is astonishing. Support is virtually useless, as not a single issue has been solved via this forum. No one! Supplying such an unstable product, with so many bugs, and the only way to solve the bugs is to pay for expensive support.... Well, where I come from we have a word for this kind of deal. I think I have no option but to advise my client to scrap the website and start again with a different ecommerce solution. We've wasted over a month trying to deal with Prestashop and now I've lost all faith. I don't see how anyone can consider PS as a e-com solution for any serious business. It's a great script for web developers who get paid to solve problems, but it's bad for everyone else. Very disappointing. Now I just want the nightmare to end.
  3. Reordering of products suddenly stopped working, and other mysterious phenomena...

    So I've been playing around a bit trying to get this working, all I succeeded in doing is making the problem worse. Just to recap, a few days ago I was successfully able to reorder some products. Then yesterday it I could no longer reorder them, but the order changes I had made earlier were still there. Today I've tried reordering them and then unpublishing the product that I moved. Then I republished it. Now the order is saving in the backend when I refresh the page, but the order on products on the front end has gone back to the original order! What a nightmare. The number of issues with PS is unbelieveable.
  4. Where can I edit the delivery note field on checkout page?

    If you want expert help, you have to pay.
  5. Custom filter appearance

    'Custom filter appearance'?
  6. Custom filter appearance

    Go to the filters template settings and deselect the category,
  7. Send e-mail to product specific e-mail address (provider)

    OK cool. I highly recommend you contact the developer of the module in advance to discuss your needs. In gmail you can forward emails to anyone based on rules such as if the email contains a certain product code, not sure if you can personalize it though. Good luck.
  8. Official Paypal module problem with different Shipping and Invoice addresses.

    11 days and no help at all?
  9. Categories don't display any products

    I don't have a solution for you, but this is what I would do. Try a new install in a subdirectory or on a subdomain to see if that has the same problem. If the new install is fine then you can probably just install it again. Contact the webhost. If their support is any good they may be able to fix it for you. Try a manual install. Test it on a different webhost.
  10. Removing category block

    Use CSS and make sure to disable cache.
  11. Send e-mail to product specific e-mail address (provider)

    It's possible. To get help with something like this you will probably have to hire a developer.
  12. edit customer login area

    Please let everyone know what version of PS you're using and what template.
  13. no html editor in product page

    I had the exact same problem with other langs and it just fixed itself a couple of days ago. I would like to know how to solve this when the problem returns.
  14. Sitemap

    I have the same problem with 1.6x. What version are you using?
  15. Hide a category to show in new items block

    I would also like to know how to do this.