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  1. The links are not displayed properly only on the backend in the section of related articles. Every other reference to the image works. I will try to search on that a little bit more. Thanks for your time.
  2. The SEO friendly url is already filled but the image is not displayed. I have tried to alter the SEO friendly url and save but nothing happens. Any other suggestions?
  3. In case I don't want to maintain the English version too, since I will be using just the Greek Version, how could I have the products display the same strings that the Greek version has?
  4. The urls I am seeing on the inspector are like this https://www.mydomain.com/28-home_default/.jpg Do you think from the stable I should update to the beta?? If you think that you can help I can PM you credentials. It is still in development stages.
  5. Hi, I am using Prestashop and I have set the language to Greek. When I have the debugger enabled the manufactures pages display the following error: "ContextErrorException in PrestaShopTranslatorTrait.php line 52: Warning: vsprintf(): Too few arguments" When I disable the debugger, everything seems to be working fine. How can I fix that? Best Regards, a.g.
  6. Any ideas on how I may be able to solve this without messing with the CORE?
  7. Any ideas on how I may be able to solve this without messing with the CORE?
  8. I have an issue with the product list. All the product names seem to have no name (N/A) [see the screenshot]. They were uploaded using either Greek language as profile language or English but their names are not visible if the profile language is english and not Greek. How may I fix that so that in all of the profile languages the names will be the correct strings and not N/A?? Thanks in advance for the help
  9. Hello I have the following problem. The Related products on the back end after SAVE are not showing correct the images. The image path that its trying to search for them is https://www.domain.com/28-home_default/.jpg or something similar. Can you help me on how to fix this or tell me why this does happen? Best Regards, a.g.
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