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  1. Hi, PS lets me set linear discounts in conjunction to customer groups. That's good. But: as my products have different trade margins, a linear discount would ruin me very soon So I have an Idea: as one can enter the purchase price and the (undiscounted) selling price as well, it would be great, if PS (or a Module?) would do the following: Substract the purchase price from the selling price and count the entered discount per customer goup automatically? This way, I think, one could create discounts for each customer group without running into minus-calculations ... As I am not a coder, does anybody know a module, which is going like that or gies a workaroung to reacht that goal? Thanks for your tips, jens
  2. Hi, incredible concept, works like a charm and its flexibility I have never seen elsewhere. Thanks for this piece of work, tomer;) jens
  3. This module is worth every cent it costs. Once you have managed to set up the attributes it's like a charm. With the additional textboxes and textareas it's a perfect tool to manage even tons of attributes;)))
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