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  1. Hello guys, I discovered a bug on, product page exactly. The following situation is given: 1 product with combinations of two features (eg. size, quantity); for size 7, the following quantities are assigned: 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 36; for size 12, the following quantities are assigned: 22, 23, 24, 25; the default combination for 7 is 7-26, which is loaded when the page loads; the default combination for 12 is 12-22; "Display unavailable product attributes on the product page" = NO; The problem is when I try to change from 7 to 12. The options for 12 don't appear. It triggers the 7 size and automatically the default value for size 7, which is 7-26. I read about it and a similar issue was solved in The thing is that I want to fix it in, without making an upgrade to Here's the topic found: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/9390/files How can I fix this in
  2. I have the same issue in PS Did it get fixed?
  3. Hello, I have Prestashop version installed but I have an issue regarding product combination images. Basically, let's say I have a product with two combinations. The default combination is loaded, each combination has an image assigned, but when I change the combination, it changes the combination, price and the rest of details excepting the image. The only way it works is when I click on the non-default combination image and then click on the default combination. In this situation, the image changes to the default one. What can be the issue? It is a bug from Prestashop? I created new products, new attributes, enabled/disabled friendly URL, changed the format of the "Route to products" field, having no errors in the console.
  4. Yes, for products with a lot of combinations waiting longer seems to be the solution (unfortunately). Hopefully this issue will be fixed as soon as possible.
  5. Hey guys, I recently upgraded from Prestashop to, hoping that I could save product edits without seeing the "Unable to save settings" pop-up, but the issue still appears, just for products with multiple combinations (over 60, 70 combinations per product). I have a product as a reference, product which has 257 combinations. When I try to save it, that pop-up with "Unable to save settings" appears and the console logs an error from main.bundle.js file located in admin/themes/new-theme/public (the well-known token issue). If I stay on the same page for about 2 minutes and I hit save again, it works. I get "Settings updated." What could be the issue here? Again, it happens only for product with more a lot of combinations (over 50, 60). The others are working from the beginning, even if those have 1, 2, 4 combinations.
  6. Hi! I've just created a shipping module in Prestashop. Transport fee is calculated based on the distance between two points, addresses (Google Maps API). When a client is registered and he has only one address, this tax is calculated in a correct way, but when he introduce his second address, the result is not what I'am expecting. This is the code ... What is wrong?
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