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  1. Bear it in mind. I started to redevelop the store just yesterday for the main template. please be patience the store main out look will be out soon. thank you
  2. Hello Pedepot, Thank you for your concern. Based on your questions: *** Is your website for Nigerian market? *** => My website is not Nigeria market. I base selling and shipping to all countries round the world. So is world marketplace where both seller and buyers sale and buy their choice of products. *** Are you selling in dollars or local currency? *** Since I base all country selling and shipping, the store default selling currency is dollar. But a customer can still choose his or her country currency manually which will convert automatically base on currency exchange rate. Thank you once again foe your concern. We can talk better though email @ [email protected]/[email protected] or whatsapp me @ +2348102582629 or facebook @ Denkud Kudos
  3. Hello Antropy, I am sorry for late response to your questions likewise your questions *** What is a link to your website? *** => the link to my website is http://www.denxpress.com *** Is it making good sales at the moment? *** =>The online store is just a newborn with 3000 visitors and 50 registers from December first to now without any sales for now hope in future to have a lot of sales. I started from beginning yesterday to redevelop the store, so for now the store is under maintenance. No sale is going on now. *** What modules do you need and why? *** => I need 1. agile prestashop multi seller/vendor. with this module I can easily allow customers to register as sellers and also sale within the store. 2. Agile multi shop/store: to allow the sellers to have their own page with different themes where can upload their products( virtual store) 3. Agile seller commission 4. Agile seller review/rating: With this module customers can easily wrote a review and also rate the seller base on his products, his responses during the sale, shipping and time delivery 5. Agile seller tools 6. Agile seller product 7. Agile seller product option 8. Agile seller shipping. 9. Agile product review/rating you can visit http://addons-modules.com for more information about this modules and the reason I needed them. However yesterday I bought Agile multi seller/vendor and Agile multi shop/store. *** How much are you paying for hosting? *** => I pay $167 which is N45,931.68 annually both for account and hosting. Currently I do not want to resale the hosting plan and my modules and themes again but to partner with any body that can help me complete this modules then in future I will pay the person back. Thank you for you concern
  4. Hello How are you? I am Dennis Agwu from Nigeria. please l want you to help me resale my hosting plan and website. In future l hope to continue with prestashop but now I am having financial problem to continue my business. I struggle to pay my school fees from the physical store but now the physical store is having problem. my mum is sick right. she is in the hospital right now. I pay her medical bills from the physical store. Now as I am talking to you l do not have any money again to use in buying modules to continue my business. my mum is in the hospital. Also due to the recent currency exchange rate $1 = #243 in my country which is cost fore me to buy modules. like Agile multi seller is $144 approximately #36700 in my country is much l cannot pay for it even my mother's hospital bill. please please please help me fine partner who can complete the shop for me in future l will pay the person back or help me resale the hosting plan and my prestashop store theme and modules l bought so that l will be able to pay my mothers hospital bill. please help me. l have plead on people to help me no one is ready. l are you guys can help me. please please once again
  5. Hello Agile multi seller/vendor module can help you do that. this is thier official web http://addons-modules.com If what l said is true inform me. or contact me through my email for more information. waiting to hear from you soon. thanks
  6. and also it crop picture automatically can this be stop. please can you make it to reduce picture size automatically on its only without regenerating the picture size
  7. please how can l add the slider and the banner to the topcolumn without expanding the topcolumn just like the default prestashop theme slider and the right banners. thanks for your handwork its good
  8. vekia is good in developing and helping of people. kudos to him
  9. can you explain to us step by step how to achieve it bro
  10. Hello l am about buying this module because the descriptions worth my business but l am somehow confused. please after buying this module do l need to buy the accessories. like payment, commission etc modules. please reply me early my email is [email protected] and my Facebook account for more communications is denkud kudos and also can you create Alipay modules and Amazon pay modules and also your-domain-pay that can access all the credit card. l do not if you understand what l mean by your-domain-pay module. l mean just like Amazon pay and Alipay, as my business name is DenXpress can you create any payment module like Denpay or Dpay or Denxpay module that can access in different subdomain of my web address like http://denpay.denxpress.com and the module will not need third party to function but l api id provide by the admin the drop the module for sellers to use and other payment module all this is for prestasjop v 1.6. and above thanks
  11. The module is helpful to me l love this thanks
  12. my brother thank you for this wonder module. like it. how l wish u can teach me more of it thanks
  13. please my fellow developers, l have developed opencart modules but don't know how to develop them to prestashop modules is there any way l can get the processes. please a arrange the processes to me like on opençart we have admin: controller images model view catalog: controller images model view So in prestashop modules is there any way l can arrange my folder in this form that prestashop core can identify it and also read the files. thanks for you understand to help me out of this
  14. Sum4444 what you just have to do is to update your theme. try to consult those who are higher than you to help check why people are complaining about your module. Thanks
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