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  1. Hello world, I'm new to Prestashop, actually in general, to web development. I currently have the default boot-strap-theme of Prestashop installed on the Live production site, but I want to replicate this on my local sandbox (my computer) so I can utilize such tools as MAMP and test certain things before I push it to production. Question: 1. Is there a way to basically copy what I currently have in production into my sandbox? 2. Or will I have to basically go through the same installation as I did with my live production site? Anyone that has setup a sandbox environment, please provide some feedback on what methods you are using to QA your changes before pushing to production. Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. Hello world, I've just finished installing my Prestashop and it looks like I may have deleted something while moving my files in my ftp account. I'm receiving this error message when viewing my "Advanced Parameters / Configuration Information" settings: Some PrestaShop files are missing from your server. (/cache/smarty/compile/index.php) Is there anyway I can recover this file? Or will I have to delete and re-install my Prestashop again? Also, once its installed should I be able to view a "cart" page? So far I'm only able to view my "home" page, and nothing else. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Yes, but I still want the URL to be "www.example.com". Does that make sense? Is there a way of doing this without moving the folder to the root directory?
  4. Is there a way to switch my shop landing page to "www.example.com" instead of "www.example.com/prestashop" without copying everything to the top-level folder/root folder? My current web host setting: Domain home directory pointed to a subfolder (i.e. root/example-com) = www.example.com My prestashop files: root/example-com/prestashop = www.example.com/prestashop So basically, if a user goes to "www.example.com", I actually want them to land in the prestashop directly. If I do "move" the folder, can I move it to "root/prestashop" and still have my domain pointer to "root/example-com" ? Reason being is because I use this web hosting to host multiple domains, but I currently am only using prestashop for one domain but like the idea managing multiple domains later in one shop. What would be ideal here? Any help would be greatly appreciate, as I am new to ecommerce. Thanks in advance!
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