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  1. found that webservice orders are validated by public function addWs($autodate = true, $null_values = false) { /** @var PaymentModule $payment_module */ $payment_module = Module::getInstanceByName($this->module); $customer = new Customer($this->id_customer); $payment_module->validateOrder($this->id_cart, Configuration::get('PS_OS_WS_PAYMENT'), $this->total_paid, $this->payment, null, array(), null, false, $customer->secure_key); $this->id = $payment_module->currentOrder; return true; } in order class... this method sets the state of the order to Configuration::get('PS_OS_WS_PAYMENT') that is 12 (remote payment accepted or something like that) by default... is that for security reasons? why this method does not read the current_state from xml ws??? i had to write an override for this method using custom states based on payment module. thanx
  2. i tried every compinations of parameters setted in the xml to post... but it always create a payment! it is not possible to store a order trhough webservice with bankwire payment...
  3. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <order> <id/> <id_address_delivery>9</id_address_delivery> <id_address_invoice>9</id_address_invoice> <id_cart>709</id_cart> <id_currency>1</id_currency> <id_lang>1</id_lang> <id_customer>1</id_customer> <id_carrier>25</id_carrier> <current_state/> <module>bankwire</module> <invoice_number/> <invoice_date/> <delivery_number/> <delivery_date/> <valid/> <date_add/> <date_upd/> <shipping_number/> <id_shop_group/> <id_shop/> <secure_key/> <payment>Bonifico bancario</payment> <recyclable/> <gift/> <gift_message/> <mobile_theme/> <total_discounts/> <total_discounts_tax_incl/> <total_discounts_tax_excl/> <total_paid>0</total_paid> <total_paid_tax_incl/> <total_paid_tax_excl/> <total_paid_real>0</total_paid_real> <total_products>0</total_products> <total_products_wt>0</total_products_wt> <total_shipping/> <total_shipping_tax_incl/> <total_shipping_tax_excl/> <carrier_tax_rate/> <total_wrapping/> <total_wrapping_tax_incl/> <total_wrapping_tax_excl/> <round_mode/> <round_type/> <conversion_rate>1</conversion_rate> <reference/> <associations> <order_rows> <order_row> <id/> <product_id/> <product_attribute_id/> <product_quantity/> <product_name/> <product_reference/> <product_ean13/> <product_upc/> <product_price/> <unit_price_tax_incl/> <unit_price_tax_excl/> </order_row> </order_rows> </associations> </order> </prestashop> am i missing something?
  4. PRESTASHOP it is not possible to add an order through webservice without writing to ps_order_payment! for example if i want to add an order with bankwire payment it always set order state to payment error because prestashop always writes a row in ps_order_payment even if it is not required (bankwire payment). Does anybody worked this around???? Please help us we're stuck on this developing a mobile app. Thanks
  5. That solve the issue with get requests... When i perform add i get this: Array to string conversion (....httpdocs/classes/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php, line 1431) and you can solve it changing line 1431 to: $object->{$fieldProperties['setter']}((string)$attributes->$fieldName); according to https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/blob/a2359f6f753d814311b98e1d273f0262659c5e43/classes/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php
  6. i have this error only with php 7.0.3 if i switch to php 5.5.9 work good
  7. Same error here with does anyone fixed it? i don't want to downgrade...
  8. modulo pos per cartasi circuito x-pay e keyclient: http://addons.prestashop.com/it/pagamento-prestashop-moduli/18461-cartasi-quipago-x-pay-keyclient.html ciao zio
  9. Ciao abbiamo sviluppato questo modulo per cartasi: http://addons.prestashop.com/it/pagamento-prestashop-moduli/18461-cartasi-quipago-x-pay-keyclient.html zio
  10. retried setting up a galera cluster with a load balancer on azure but still getting same error... is there a way to workaround it? thx zio
  11. hi i'm trying to set up prestashop working with a master master mysql replica environment and i get this error during installation too... anybody can help? thanks zio
  12. che versione di prestashop usi? usi un modulo 1.5 sulla 1.6 per caso? ciao
  13. up up anyone who can update products through webservice with success???
  14. hello we have a similar problem updating products price with webservice... it seems webservice write price to a wrong field... in our case final price is written to price without tax we are working to find a workaraound... can you check if price without tax is wrong plz???
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