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  1. Multiple Carriers Module not working

    UPDATE: It appears the lack of support from the developer for this module was just a glitch. I'm pleased to say that once I made contact I was able to get a licence key and then discovered an update was available. For some reason the version at the PrestaShop addons store is v1.6.0 which doesn't work with PrestaShop v1.4.4.1, once I applied the update, which was very simple and just required clicking a button on the module config page, it immediately started working and is now v1.6.3 One thing this module seems to lack is the ability to allow the customer to choose between carriers, as even if more than one is linked to a product it defaults to the cheapest. This isn't ideal if a customer requires a more expensive but faster delivery, I'm considering creating a "product" that is an express delivery option, so the customer can purchase faster shipping. Use the combinations feature in the product attributes I could offer several variations for any products that can have a faster delivery. This can be linked to from the product description or maybe in a related product module? Hope this helps others.
  2. I have the same requirement for one of my shops. I've even purchased: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-logistics/10[spam-filter]multiples-carriers-multiples-transporteurs.html But so far still can't get it to work ( and had no support from the developer! ) If I setup up everything on weights it's fine as long as nobody add products that require seperate carriers, when they do it then offers a carrier that isn't possible for that product and also the shipping cost will be wrong.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm having problems getting the multiple carriers module to work. I've tried contacting the developer but so far not had a reply. Has anyone else installed/used this module? I've uploaded the patch files to my override folder but although I can configure the options in the BO, I'm not seeing any changes in my cart. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. B&B/Hotel Online Booking System Module?

    Actually this looks better, still pricey though! http://www.labulle.co.uk/myownreservations-en/features/
  5. B&B/Hotel Online Booking System Module?

    Not cheap, but maybe this would work? http://addons.prestashop.com/en/marketplace/3726-rental-module.html
  6. Webmaster Tools URL parameters - crawling

    My missing title tags and duplicate title tags have already reduced! That's great news, I'm determined to resolve all HTML suggestions on my GWT page. I've also discovered that any meta description below 50 characters are classed as 'short' meta descriptions by GWT. Whilst it may not actually prevent rankings/PR, it's still worth tweaking them.
  7. Webmaster Tools URL parameters - crawling

    I have the same issues with one of my PrestaShop powered websites, I'm currently getting duplicate content warnings in GWT, looking at the help section on GWT it says: Parameters that change or determine the content of a page: for example, brand, gender, country,sortorder. For example, a parameter can affect content as follows: Sorts (for example, sort=price_ascending): Changes the order in which content is presented. Narrows (for example, t-shirt_size=XS): Filters the content on the page. Specifies (for example, store=women): Determines the set of content displayed on a page. Translates (for example, lang=fr): Displays a translated version of the content. Paginates (for example, page=2): Displays a specific page of a long listing or article. Other: Changes content in ways other than those described above. We recommend that you use the URL parameters tool to tell Google the purpose of the parameters you use on your site, and how Google should handle URLs that contain those parameters. The orderway and orderby URL parameters do change or determine the content of a page as they are methods of sorting the content ( products ). I've now edited these two parameters and told Google NOT to crawl these pages. I also selected the 'NO URLS' option as both orderby and orderway match this description from Google: No URLs. Googlebot won't crawl any URLs containing this parameter. For example, telling Googlebot not to crawl URLs with parameters such as pricefrom and priceto (likehttp://www.examples.com/search?category=shoe&brand=nike&color=red&size=5&pricefrom=10&priceto=1000) can prevent the unnecessary crawling of content already available fromhttp://www.examples.com/search?category=shoe&brand=nike&color=red&size=5.
  8. Can't create new products / Page doesn't load completly

    Hi, I know this was a few month ago, but did you resolve this issue?
  9. Suggestions to improve conversion rate & seo.

    Interesting post, one thing I certainly advise is using the free Google tools, Webmaster Tools and Analytics are amazing and free. When you say '1500 hits a month', do you mean unique visitors or just pageviews? there's a big difference! For increased sales you need more people to view your site ( unique visitors ) and you also need those people to wanting to buy what you sell ( targeted traffic ), I know all this sounds obvious, and getting there isn't easy as it requires, time, patience and ideally at least some money. You could improve your meta tags, although there's many that doubt it makes much difference nowadays: Meta tags report for: http://eposgear.eu/ meta tag length value Title: 63 EPOSGEAR - Cash Registers - Till Rolls - Accessories - EPOSGEAR Description: 54 Your number one store for retail supplies and hardware Keywords: 215 cash register, national cash register, casio cash register, sam4s, geller, sharp cash register, sharp xe a102 cash register, sharp electronic cash register, coin scales, coin counting scales, tellermate, sign board, Robots: 12 index,follow Meta tags analysis. Title: Title contains no errors. This tag contains 63 characters. Title relevancy to page content is good. The Title relevancy to page content is 71%. Description: Description meta tag relevancy to page content is poor. The Description meta tag relevancy to page content is 33%. Keywords: Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is poor. The keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is 38%. Robots: The Robots meta tag contains no errors. This tag contains 12 characters.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for PrestaShop Theme designers who can create high quality, affordable PrestaShop Themes. I'm starting this affiliate program to expand the range of PrestaThemes branded PrestaShop Themes, as I think it would be great to offer PrestaShop users with a good range of low cost, great looking Themes. Earn 50% from every sale of your Theme Your Theme must be compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop, must be a unique design only available at PrestaThemes.com, branded as a PrestaThemes Theme, have a link back to prestathemes.com in the footer and contain all required images, PSD's and installation files and modules ( modules must have permission to be used ). You must also provide technical support for your Theme, via a Theme specific webmail address ( provided ). The Theme will then be added to our catalog at shop.prestathemes.com where screenshots and a live demo will be available to customers. Commission payments will be made via Paypal ( minimum balance £50 before payments are made ), theme sales will verified by the product sales report from the back office which will be sent upon request. Look forward to hearing from any Theme Developers, you can email me: info@prestathemes.com Regards, Johnnie Walker.
  11. Free 1.4 Premium Theme Voucher code

    Hi cagrie, I have already given away several free copies of this Theme, I'm considering another free giveaway and when the Theme isn't free I include free web hosting. I wouldn't expect you to work for free, and as I have costs that need covering and bills to pay like everyone else I have to strike a balance. The amount saved on the cost of web hosting more than covers the cost of the Theme.
  12. Free 1.4 Premium Theme Voucher code

    azhueonline2, glad you like the Theme, sorry you missed the free offer. The Theme does now include free web hosting, and has just been updated to v1.1 which fixes layout bug and is PrestaShop 1.4.4 compatible.
  13. Free 1.4 Premium Theme Voucher code

    Sorry if you missed out on the FREE Theme voucher code, look out for future promotions, like the €1 sale we are considering ( see 'job offers and paid services' forum ) Also, thanks for the 'thanks' messages we had!
  14. A couple of days ago PrestaThemes gave away 5 free Themes, all voucher codes were used in about 1 hour! and this was between 8-9am GMT, so some early birds snapped them up! Sorry if you missed out, however we can't afford to just give away our Themes for free, but we thought people might be interested if, for a limited time, we sold our PrestaThemes branded Themes for just €1 each! at shop.prestathemes.com It would also be a great way of showing our continued support for the PrestaShop community. Let us know by replying to this post, if we get enough positive feedback then we'll have a huge sale!
  15. To celebrate the launch of our PT003 Theme we are giving away 5 free Themes to the PrestaShop Forum members! You can use the voucher code in our shop: shop.prestathemes.com and is only valid for our PrestaThemes branded Themes. This voucher code is only active for 24hrs be quick! Voucher Code: FREETHEMES UPDATE: SORRY BUT THE VOUCHERS HAVE ALL BEEN USED ( in about 1 hour! ) But don't worry, our Themes start at €10 !