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  1. yes, I want to remove items When I remove items tpl file, I get a white page error
  2. {* * 2007-2015 PrestaShop * * NOTICE OF LICENSE * * This source file is subject to the Academic Free License (AFL 3.0) * that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE.txt. * It is also available through the world-wide-web at this URL: * http://opensource.org/licenses/afl-3.0.php * If you did not receive a copy of the license and are unable to * obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send an email * to [email protected] so we can send you a copy immediately. * * DISCLAIMER * * Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade PrestaShop to newer * versions in the future. If you wish to customize PrestaShop for your * needs please refer to http://www.prestashop.com for more information. * * @author PrestaShop SA <[email protected]> * @copyright 2007-2015 PrestaShop SA * @license http://opensource.org/licenses/afl-3.0.php Academic Free License (AFL 3.0) * International Registered Trademark & Property of PrestaShop SA *} {include file="$tpl_dir./errors.tpl"} {if isset($category)} {if $category->id AND $category->active} {if $scenes || $category->description || $category->id_image} <div class="content_scene_cat"> {if $scenes} <div class="content_scene"> <!-- Scenes --> {include file="$tpl_dir./scenes.tpl" scenes=$scenes} {if $category->description} <div class="cat_desc rte"> {if Tools::strlen($category->description) > 350} <div id="category_description_short">{$description_short}</div> <div id="category_description_full" class="unvisible">{$category->description}</div> <a href="{$link->getCategoryLink($category->id_category, $category->link_rewrite)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="lnk_more">{l s='More'}</a> {else} <div>{$category->description}</div> {/if} </div> {/if} </div> {else} <!-- Category image --> <div class="content_scene_cat_bg"{if $category->id_image} style="background:url({$link->getCatImageLink($category->link_rewrite, $category->id_image, 'category_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}) right center no-repeat; background-size:cover; min-height:{$categorySize.height}px;"{/if}> {if $category->description} <div class="cat_desc"> <span class="category-name"> {strip} {$category->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} {if isset($categoryNameComplement)} {$categoryNameComplement|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} {/if} {/strip} </span> {if Tools::strlen($category->description) > 350} <div id="category_description_short" class="rte">{$description_short}</div> <div id="category_description_full" class="unvisible rte">{$category->description}</div> <a href="{$link->getCategoryLink($category->id_category, $category->link_rewrite)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="lnk_more">{l s='More'}</a> {else} <div class="rte">{$category->description}</div> {/if} </div> {/if} </div> {/if} </div> {/if} <h1 class="page-heading{if (isset($subcategories) && !$products) || (isset($subcategories) && $products) || !isset($subcategories) && $products} product-listing{/if}"><span class="cat-name">{$category->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{if isset($categoryNameComplement)} {$categoryNameComplement|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{/if}</span>{include file="$tpl_dir./category-count.tpl"}</h1> {if isset($subcategories)} {if (isset($display_subcategories) && $display_subcategories eq 1) || !isset($display_subcategories) } <!-- Subcategories --> <div id="subcategories"> <p class="subcategory-heading">{l s='Subcategories'}</p> <ul class="clearfix"> {foreach from=$subcategories item=subcategory} <li> <div class="subcategory-image"> <a href="{$link->getCategoryLink($subcategory.id_category, $subcategory.link_rewrite)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" title="{$subcategory.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="img"> {if $subcategory.id_image} <img class="replace-2x" src="{$link->getCatImageLink($subcategory.link_rewrite, $subcategory.id_image, 'medium_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" alt="" width="{$mediumSize.width}" height="{$mediumSize.height}" /> {else} <img class="replace-2x" src="{$img_cat_dir}{$lang_iso}-default-medium_default.jpg" alt="" width="{$mediumSize.width}" height="{$mediumSize.height}" /> {/if} </a> </div> <h5><a class="subcategory-name" href="{$link->getCategoryLink($subcategory.id_category, $subcategory.link_rewrite)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">{$subcategory.name|truncate:25:'...'|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</a></h5> {if $subcategory.description} <div class="cat_desc">{$subcategory.description}</div> {/if} </li> {/foreach} </ul> </div> {/if} {/if} {if $products} <div class="content_sortPagiBar clearfix"> <div class="sortPagiBar clearfix"> {include file="./product-sort.tpl"} {include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl"} </div> <div class="top-pagination-content clearfix"> {include file="./product-compare.tpl"} {include file="$tpl_dir./pagination.tpl"} </div> </div> {include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products} <div class="content_sortPagiBar"> <div class="bottom-pagination-content clearfix"> {include file="./product-compare.tpl" paginationId='bottom'} {include file="./pagination.tpl" paginationId='bottom'} </div> </div> {/if} {elseif $category->id} <p class="alert alert-warning">{l s='This category is currently unavailable.'}</p> {/if} {/if}
  3. Hi, I can not show my friends actually simple, but more still stand before you with a question. I found pictures around, delete the sub-categories. Previously given information relevant With these issues in the forum, but I never could get you help? I do not want to remove the image by boxes. I am using
  4. ŞAHİN bey forumda aramada yaptım hatta sizin anlatmınızdaki gibi türkçe tekrar yüklememe rağmen admin panelim türkçe olmuyor ne olur yardım edin sabahtan beri uğraşıyorum
  5. arkadaşlar onceden adminim türkçe idi ingilizce seçmiştim gerci turkçeye dönüyorum ama admin paneli ingilizce kalıyor dil yükledim herşeyi yaptım düzelmiyor
  6. arkadaşlar sürümü kullanıyorum ana sayfada kdv dahil çıkmıyor ürüne girdiğimde vergiler hariç yazıyor ben dahil istiyorum
  7. sorun çözüldü aradım buldum
  8. arkadaşar yeni prestashop ögreniyorum ve kurdum ama tl simgesi başta nasıl düzeltebilirim
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