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  1. Hello, I am looking for somebody who can do either of the following: - tweak existing Australian Post Shipping module to work with Prestashop and make it working for my e-store - write a new shipping module based on Australian post calculator pm me for more information. This is urgent.
  2. Have installed dtbaker's Australia Post module and it keeps crashing...please help.
  3. yes, it does exist. Here's what has been uploaded as ObjectModel.phpObjectModel.php
  4. For some reason, I cannot load the shopping cart. After I click on "add to cart" button, the following error appears: Fatal error: Class 'ObjectModel' not found in /cart.php on line 15
  5. Hello, I have exception thrown from ajax-cart.js every time I try to add a product to a cart. TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product. Details: Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest] Text status: parsererror the product did not have any attributes to it. Quick search on the forum showed that most people have fixed it by disabling AJAX. Did AJAX work for anybody at all? Is there any other way to fix it? How do I disable AJAX?
  6. I am having exactly the same problem...how can I delete AJAX?
  7. Thank you rocky, I have disabled friendly URLs and it seems to be working now.
  8. I am trying to add a new product via BackOffice >> Catalog after saving the product, I log in as a test customer and click on the product link from the main page. Instead of seeing the product description, 404 page not found appears. Happens all the time. What exactly is going on and how can it be fixed?
  9. Hello, I am trying to create Australian language pack. It will have stuff like "direct wire" translated into "direct debit", et al. So I go to Back Office -> Tools -> Languages and try to create Australian English pack. It won't take in because ISO code is 'en-AU' and the Prestashop for some reason takes only two letters as ISO. What is the reason for such a constraint and how can it be tweaked to have Australian translations in anyway? thank you in advance,
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