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  1. i have the same problem here too. it just happened twice so i guess it's because yes, people put the order in at the "same time" and now is going into the "back order" EVEN IF I HAVE TURNED OFF THE "allow order out of stock".. i have to refund each transactions manually because i can't find any solutions..
  2. Hello, i have an issue i can't seem to fix on my own... i set up a new category of product, i "displayed" it and eveything but it's not showing on my website.. Does anyone has any clue what else can i check to make it appears online??? thank you so much!!!!
  3. oh my god! thank you so much!!!! i add the euro version so will see if i catch all the orders now.. Anyway, thanks so muuuuch for your help!!!
  4. And does anybody knows how to have real SUPPORT from Prestashop, i emailed few times my questions, never an answer. i post it here, no answers, i posted it in the french forum, no answes... a little depressing... :/
  5. hello, i had this problem few times already and it starts to be really annoying... :/ Some orders don't show up in the order page.... Here's the one that just happened... I go this paiement on paypal but nothing shows up in the "order" list... Also in his profile, you can see that it says that "has not placed any orders yet" But then "purchased product : skateboard"... i don't get it.... Why this order isn't showing up on my orders list????? it's been few times and i mess up my stocks and also my business as if i don't check paypal, i'll miss the order and the customer will complain.... :/ i attached the paypal transaction ($155) and you can see that it doesn't appear on the orders list... Please, let me know if you have any ideas why....
  6. et encore un autre dont j'ai reçu le paiement mais sa commande n'est pas apparu.... Personne n'a un début de solution??? :/
  7. Bonjour, j'ai besoin d'aide car c'est déjà arrivé 2 ou 3 fois et je ne comprends pas la raison... j'ai remarqué le paiement de cette personne sur mon paypal, donc la commande est bien passé, tout a été payé comme il faut... du coup, je regarde le compte du client et en effet il me dit "xxx n'a placé aucunes commandes"... sauf que je regarde plus bas : "produits achetés : skateboard... " donc il a bien acheté qqchose, payé mais la commande n'est pas enregistrée?? pourquoi??? j'ai mis une copie d'écran de la fiche client... si qqn peut m'éclaire pour éviter que je loupe des commandes et que mes stocks soient faussés en plus, ca serait sympa... MERCI
  8. thank you ... and that will help when my 1st problem will be fixed... going on www.graffitiloser.com/prestashop i'm not on the shop page, it brings me to the "coming soon" page... :/ i can't see my shop anymore and now that i moved all the files, i can't even get to the back office!! got no idea what's happening but i start to freak out, everything was ready.... :( now looks like everything is gone : http://www.graffitiloser.com/ probably i have problem with my htaccess but no idea how to fix that, can't get to the back office... :/
  9. hi i'm running into a problem here... :/ i installed everything using the address : www.graffitiloser.com/prestashop (and in the meantime, i had a coming soon page on www.graffitiloser.com) now i would like that the prestashop page open as soon as we type graffitiloser.com so i found some stuff to change the .htaccess, i did but now i'm stuck with something else... my grafffitiloser.com page is the list of files... :/ and http://www.graffitiloser.com/prestashop is my "coming soon" page.... i deleted everything i add on the .htaccess files but it's not coming back to the way it was... hope that make sense so somebody can help me... thank youuuuu
  10. so i'm almost done with setting up international shipping.. i creat a rule for the country i want to ship to... BUT my question is, i want to ship worldwide so do i have to put one rule for EACH and EVERY country... can't i put a rule for all Europe instead? i'm using "bestkit shipping matrice".... does somebody knows? :/ thank youuu
  11. no he's logged in so it should know where to ship and adjust... :/
  12. thank you.. it kinda help but it seems i have almost the same thing but whan i test to ship to France, it still give the US shipping fees.... :/ thank you for trying though..
  13. hello everybody, i have to admit i'm totally lost right now with setting up the shipping fees.. i had troubles for the "domestics" but now, it's even worst for the international. don't even know where to start... does anybody got a "step by step" tutorial or something to help me? i'm totally lost and confused... thank you
  14. no idea what i changed or did but it now works!!!! no idea why.... but now, the international fees are totally off.....
  15. yes i did... and i also put a weight for each product... :/ here's my setting... With those setting, it puts "free shipping"!!! and when i choose "one item per package", it just addup shipping fees but not the right way, i just do 5,95+5,95 for instance... make sense??
  16. Thank you but my packaging type is on "variable" and the price change when we order more than one item but not the way it should.. It just add 2 the shipping fees, it doesn't add up with the weight of the item... for 2 posters let's say, it will tell me 12$ shipping... if it's 10 posters it will be $59,50, instead of just adding only the weight of the item.... and i put the packaging weight when i configure the usps module... :/
  17. i tried to put the wieght for the product too but didn't work... :/ driving me crazy...
  18. i have the same problem. and i put all the dimensions on each of my products but everything stay at 5.95!!!
  19. Hello, i just installed the uspscarrier module but i'm probably missing something as for every item of my shop it's the same shipping price.. If they order 1 or 10.. so i'd like to set it up by wieght but can't find that anywhere... :/ a little help would be welcome... thank you!
  20. thank you!! i never did it this way and actually just did it.. but i still miss the "Install_PrestaShop.html" for instance... :/ i think i have something wrong with my domain because when i look it up, it's not even found (www.graffitiloser.com)
  21. Hello, i'vebeen trying since 2days now to upload Prestashop on my server for my website without success... i download it few different times, i used filezilla, classicftp and even dreamweaver but nothing works... I always have "error files" "failed upload" and just no upload at all.... I'm with OVH and i contacted them too to be sure everything was fine on my server... :/ anybody has the same problem??? HELP please...
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