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  1. just got off the chat with my host. had them check the cUrl. is on. i have transscript i can send. its on my email. Im so lost. The say its in prestashop. Please someone help
  2. I have prestashop, Ive been having paypal module issues like most folks. After lots of searching im down to an error i dont see. Now im using 2.87 version. This version is getting me lots closer to actually making sales again. But I Get a perpetual load after trying to sign on to paypal or use the cc info. Any Ideas on this? I tried to regerate new api credientials and no go still? www.signmeupjax.com/order.
  3. This version is getting me lots closer to actually making sales again. But I Get a perpetual load after trying to sign on to paypal or use the cc info. Any Ideas on this? I tried to regerate new api credientials and no go still? www.signmeupjax.com/order.
  4. Im getting a loging issue. Ive tried so many diffrent versions of the paypal and this one goes the furthest. It gets stuck at the processing page with just a looping blue loading icon. Is there anyone that knows a working us version of this module. www.signmeupjax.com/order Please someone?! Ive been fighting this for a month now.
  5. I get this error when completing checkout while using paypal in the last step of checkout in paypal. Im using, Fatal error (Address -> address1 is empty) any ideas??
  6. I want to hook this to afte the product information. I looked and maybe im missing the proper hook? Please advise. Thanks!!
  7. ok that did work but it send me to the checkout right away and took away the fly to cart feature. I reloaded the cart in controller and the blockcart module. and didnt fix it. even uninstalled the theme and reloaded the original then reloaded the alt theme w no fix. thanks in advance
  8. how do i turn the ajax cart off? What about reloading the theme/templater?
  9. I have a add to cart error problem. When clicking the add to cart it shoots this error. Any Clue? TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product Details: Error Thrown: [object Object] http://www.signmeupjax.com/order Im lost!! Please help. Thanks UPDATE: It added when i went to another screen. but then try to remove from cart and get another error. Using and the alt theme. was also doing this on the default one also.
  10. I have looked and found how to move prestashop from mysite.com/shop to mysite.com. but in my case i want to move mysite.com to mysite.com/shop so i can have other content ex photo gallery of work, new entrance page ect. Please help me with this issue. I Probaly should have done so from start but i thought the galleries would allow me to show work not product pics.Thanks so much in advance
  11. same issue. Im using alt theme on 1.4.4. Please help
  12. Images are not showing under Categories. when i look under the explorer properties it shows "http://signmeupjax.com/c/16-category/magnetic-signs.jpg" as the address. i notice the "c" and have no clue how to fix this address problem. i have tried to delete this and reload image but it keeps doing the same. Please help and advise.
  13. Using the Categories block v2.0 and on my homepage the links are dead, but on any other page the same links work great. can anyone tell me what is going on? I notice the word shop is showing in the address on the home page when hovered over. www.signmeupjax.com
  14. I have used this theme on 1.3 and also made the rest of the site to match. look @ mobileprosigns.com to see. any ways. i changed the name of my business and site to signmeupjax.com and using the 1.4.4 now and the upload says "Bad configuration file". please advise me what to do
  15. I am Looking for a module to let customer design an item like on zazzle.com or cafepress.com. Is there anything like this out there?
  16. Hi yall. I understand and have made the simple changes, deleted the files and have the force comply on and the cash on. still is here. http://www.signmeupjax.com. Also is there any addon or module that can allow the customer to use a text editor like in the product listing? I want my customers to be able to design online. Either way prestashop still rocks. been using it for two years now and love the program. Thanks yall in advance
  17. version using paypal v2.3 downloaded from the addons section. installed, have correct permissions, api information ect. its showing up in my modules but not in my payment tab/ pament modules. any clue? http"//www.mobileprosigns.com/order
  18. In the modules tab in bo it shows up under payments_gateways, used the uploader to do so, api credientals are like paypals with no spaces at the end. doesnot show up in the payment/payment modules area? this is where im lost...
  19. presta v 1.3 .1.1 Installed this to accept paypal now. All setup but, ... When chosen as payment in checkout it goes to https://www.mobileprosigns.com/order/modules/paypal/payment/submit.php, which is blank. any ideas on fix? paypal is not showing up in payment/payment modules list permissions set 755 and api is all correct google and cod work fine. thanks for help in advance also in non ssl @ http://www.mobileprosigns.com/order/modules/paypal/payment/submit.php
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