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  1. i m going to do that now. but wuold have been faster to make a solution on my own.
  2. it was installed with the theme! but, well. it isn t in the folder... :/
  3. What about ask your question? Anyway i' m glad to help ^^'
  4. I'm pretty sure on this site you can find free what are you looking for, anyway if you don t find it just ask! People are mostly expert and really know what they are saying ^^ just don t be afraid and explain it very well! http://stackoverflow.com/ i really hope they can help you. I use almost everyday this website, i feel free to raccomend it.
  5. i've tryed with adding the class, but was unsuccessfull. so i changed up the product.tpl file and worked pretty well, the only problem is about a grid that is still there, i' ll try to clean it up asap, i really think is about the theme the "unvisible problem", anyway thanks for your help ^^ i hope i can fix it alone now! Otherwise i' m going to quote you tomorrow ^^ thanks for your help pishkus!
  6. i have no custom css file, i just installed 2 themes, may this be a problem?
  7. What about changing the module instead? U shuold be able to place (when you dropdown a menu) something with a javascript code, with no big difficulties! the hardest part is going to be the @media queries since u' ll have to make all the right changes upon the screen size, but if you use right em or % u shuold be fine!
  8. i actually enabled the catalog mode, but it's still there the button! ^^' that is why of my question! By the way i m going to change the file. thanks for the answer!
  9. There is a re-write url function that cuold be activated for this! Just look for it ^^ is called redirect if i m not wrong!
  10. Are you using a Theme? If yes, check the modules positions, u shuold be able to place a personalized module in the "blank" position! Or you even can try to fix it with change the actual position of the menu, so u wont have the blank space!
  11. Prova a dare un' occhiata con "ispeziona elemento", dovrebbe dirti subito il file css da cui prende il file, così basta che lo metti lì!
  12. I wish to remove "add to cart" button in single product view, but i didn t found anything to solve this. i wish to remove this button: any help is accepted!
  13. I need to transfer it because i have a multistore, so every store has to have it's own module settings, but if i change the one is the main folder insted in the theme one all the subdomains change.
  14. Hello guys, I m trying to change the FTP address to this module, but it doesn t work. I need to change the address of the module because i have it in the main directory, instead of the template one (in /mysite/modules instead of /mysite/theme/modules) so if i make some changes on it, every one of my subdomains which use this module are going to be changed, insted i wish to change it on only one. Any suggestion?
  15. First of all, thank you. If i do what u say, it shuoldn t redirect all to my main domain, making my site enter in a "loop"? I mean, parking my domain (or alias) do not create any new file, so if i change the color of the first website, the second one change. Isn't it?
  16. Hello, I' m trying to figure out how to solve this problem. I wish to build up a multistore with many subdomain like shop1.example.com, shop2.example.com, shop3.example.com.. etc. but i really can't understand how to set the things up to do it. Those multistores share a part of modules and a part of products, they have all the same theme with different colors. I have some trubles when i try to create a new store: the manual says to NOT create manually subdomains, but if i do so and try to put the domain "shop1.example.com" when i create a new store, when i look for it, i just see an error page, how shuold i fix it? Any question is welcome!
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