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  1. Hi, I have a problem with products default category in Back Office. I have imported the products, after this I decided to display them in another categories, so I changed the categories and updated them using csv import. After this update the products are displayed, in the new categories from the Front Office, but not Back Office, the category field is just -- Also I don't see the changed category in the breadcrumbs and the product link ( Front Office ) Example: Bad product http://presta.redlinemultimedia.ro/ac-xc-780-i5-7400-8gb-1tb-uma-dos-dtb8eex003.html vs Orginal http://presta.redlinemultimedia.ro/cd-r-blank-printabil-inkjet-lucios-glossy-/cd-r-full-printabil-glossy-lucios-rotech-professional-52x-700mb-rotechprglossy52x700.html If I navigate to BO, edit a product and go to associations tab, the category tree and associations are displayed correctly and if I save the problem dissapears, the product is properly associated with that category. The issue is that I have over 8000 products like this, in over 20,000 other good products. What I have tried: activate / deactivate friendly URL re-import the products with/without category ID reindex all the products Please give a suggestion.
  2. Hi, Tahnk you for your quick response, in regards to your question, yes I speak about features groups. ( I have over 1000 categories and the advanced navigation is set to display only the criteria with values, so the features will not all be displayed as once, a maximum of 20 features will be displayed for each category ). In regards to my question is there a quick way to do the import from left to right ? Thank you
  3. Hello, Great module, much appreciated work. One question I do have. I have in my store over 50 000 products and over 5000 features ( I did a custom import job ). How can I select all features and move from left to right ? I want to use the module instead of the layered navigation.
  4. Hello SimoneS93, great modules, very usefull, your work is much appreciated. I might have something strange to report, that the attribute module, does not show the products, it just appears empty ( i have Php 5.5.9 - on my server ). As for the other module is ok, it loads, and does the job correctly. I was wondering if you could do some other things in the module: - In the attribute module, it would be nice to only load products from some category, and to be able to edit or add product features. - In the product module would be great if the price was also displayed like a column. Thank you P.S. I have another website with tons of products ( about 70 k ), and after I save a product ( with the bulk product edit module, it just loads and the crashes ).
  5. I had the same issue, but fix it from the page rules. Added the admin in the page rule, and disabled rocket loader, so that is a quick fix for that. I have another idea about the spinning error, on my website I have about 4k features and it's about that, I'm looking for a way to disable features from loading when editing a product.
  6. Thank you, your input is much appreciated, if I can't make any progress I will take another look at your products. Best regards
  7. I don't deny that this is a great product, what are you recommending. But I think that it should be some file to modify in order for not loading characteristics when I edit a product, I'm not wishing for a dev to contact me and tell me what to change, just to point me in the right direction.
  8. I don't deny that Store Commander would be a great product and an asset for my store, but at this time I'm looking for something, let's say it... free. So if I can comment some functions or disable some calls would bet great. I know what the problem is, but don't have the know how to resolve it.
  9. Hello, Would like to know what to comment out, in order to not load anymore the characteristics of products, when editing a product. I have a store with over 60 k products, and over 5k characteristics, it takes a while ( about 1-2 minutes ) for the characteristics to load, and that freezes the whole process of editing, cannot navigate away or do some other modifications when I'm editing the products and I don't need them changed at this point. Thank you
  10. Chiar ma gandesc serios sa schimb hostul, momentan sunt la hostico.ro ( am un abonament destul de slab - 5 e/luna ), magazinul ( inca in curs de optimizare) se misca destul de decent, dar daca fac modificari in BO, pica destul de des. Nu mai vb de time-out dupa maxim un minut, nu pot importa decat maxim de 100 de produse, si acelea fara prea multe tabele. Ma gandesc sa mut la romarg, cu un plan Basic ssd: 29 GB Spatiu pe server 4 GHz CPU alocat 3 GB Memorie alocata 30 Entry Processes pareri ? Voi unde tineti multitudinea de site-uri pe prestashop.
  11. Salut, Poti seta produsele in categorie din preferinte - produse - paginatie. Cred ca doresti sa fie afisate asa : Ordine de sortare implicita: Pozitie in interiorul categoriei..
  12. I'm having the same problem, spinning endlessly...also the preston mascot is spinning, If I use ctrl + f5, I can navigate, and change things, but it's a pain to do this over and over. My catalog has almost 60k products, so I don't mind a litle wait, but this is absurd....
  13. Hi, Have the same problem, found that if I use ctrl + f5, refresh the page, it works. But not finding a permanent solution.
  14. Hi, I would like to generate a sitemap for my store. It contains about 60 k products, so size does matter . After I make the proper configuration in the module and click generate sitemap, the module shows that it is loading, after about 5 minutes I get an error that the site is offline ( I have cloudflare activated ).: http://redmall.ro/xxxxx/index.php?tab=AdminModules&configure=gsitemap&token=117b8a11fbfa1c0ed04b2f64f57441d1&tab_module=seo&module_name=gsitemap My shop is www.redmall.ro Can anyone help me, what should I do ?
  15. can you be more specific, I'm a noob at sql.
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