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  1. Hi, I am using prestashop When a import product in file. Prestashop uploads the products twice. Things noticed : When I upload the file on a slow internet connection the file upload happens file. (single upload) When I upload the file in a fast internet connection the file upload happens multiple times. I have checked its not because we are submitting the form twice. Also my Prestashop is hosted in elasticbean stalk in AWS. Please let me know any pointers to debug this problem.
  2. Add cart rule via webservice to order api

    Can you please tell me what exactly are you trying to do ? If you are trying to place the order via webservices Creating the cart <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <cart> <id_address_delivery>5</id_address_delivery> <id_address_invoice>5</id_address_invoice> <id_currency >1</id_currency> <id_customer>1</id_customer> <id_lang >1</id_lang> <id_shop>1</id_shop> <delivery_option/> <secure_key/> <allow_seperated_package>0</allow_seperated_package> <date_add>2015-06-23 14:45:08</date_add> <date_upd>2015-06-23 14:45:08</date_upd> <associations><cart_rows> <cart_row> <id_product >1</id_product> <id_product_attribute >0</id_product_attribute> <id_address_delivery >0</id_address_delivery> <quantity>3</quantity> </cart_row> </cart_rows> </associations> </cart> </prestashop> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <order> <id_address_delivery>1</id_address_delivery> <id_address_invoice>1</id_address_invoice> <id_cart>14</id_cart> <id_currency>1</id_currency> <id_lang>1</id_lang> <id_customer>1</id_customer> <id_carrier>1</id_carrier> <shipping_number notFilterable="true"/> <total_products_wt>53</total_products_wt> <conversion_rate>1.000000</conversion_rate> <current_state>6</current_state> <module>cheque</module> <id_shop>1</id_shop> <payment>Payment by check</payment> <total_paid>3300</total_paid> <total_paid_tax_incl>3300</total_paid_tax_incl> <total_paid_tax_excl>3300</total_paid_tax_excl> <total_paid_real>3300</total_paid_real> <total_products>3</total_products> <total_shipping>2.000000</total_shipping> <total_shipping_tax_incl>2.000000</total_shipping_tax_incl> <total_shipping_tax_excl>2.000000</total_shipping_tax_excl> <carrier_tax_rate>0.000</carrier_tax_rate> <total_wrapping>0.000000</total_wrapping> <total_wrapping_tax_incl>0.000000</total_wrapping_tax_incl> <total_wrapping_tax_excl>0.000000</total_wrapping_tax_excl> <round_mode>0</round_mode> <conversion_rate>1.000000</conversion_rate> <associations> <order_rows> <order_row> <product_id>1</product_id> <product_quantity>3</product_quantity> <product_name>sofa</product_name> <product_price>1100</product_price> </order_row> </order_rows> </associations> </order> </prestashop>
  3. Add cart rule via webservice to order api

    I was able to solve the problem by adding a field in the cart which is cart_rule_id. Adding that value to ps_cart_cart_rule. See the table for more details. The id of coupon you add to the cart rule the order will be generated with that discount/freebee
  4. Hi, I am trying to create coupon code for my shop we need to create one coupon code which has rule like ... Maximum of 1000 off or 5% which ever is lower. I am not able to make it with default rule. Any help ?
  5. Add cart rule via webservice to order api

    Please help or Please let me if the question isnt clear
  6. Add cart rule via webservice to order api

    I am sad to see the kind of community support given by prestashop. I will not advocate anyone to use prestashop now.
  7. Add cart rule via webservice to order api

    Any one please reply !
  8. Hi , I have been trying to create an order with some cart_rules discount with webservices. I am unable to as I dont see cart_rule getting appiled either in cart or order. I have my site running on prestashop webserices. I explored I saw order_discount I wanted to know how should I apply this ? I see order_discount has order_Id in it so it has to be created after order and once the order is made I cant apply I the discount. Seems confusing to me. I want to know the steps in which we need to apply the discounts.
  9. Hi Ronnie, S3fs can mount S3 bucket on kind of server/laptop/machine. We can mount the s3 bucket. Once the bucket is mounted we access it s3 bucket as simple file system. How to use s3fs https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse/wiki/Installation-Notes Once the S3 bucket is mounted we can move the img folder in the bucket by simple cp command. then make a symlink that points to mounted S3 img folder.
  10. You can use s3fs to your ec2 machine. s3fs has a nice tutorial on it.
  11. I was able to get this done. I had mounted my s3 bucket with s3fs on my ec2 instance. then I had moved my image folder to bucket. and made a symlink to point to the monuted img folder. It worked perfectly. Pros : 1. All images are on S3 2. Same bukect can be used by cloud front. Cons: My back office became a little slow. I am fine with it. Let me know if you guys need the tutorial in more details. Or some problem people might have faced.
  12. Hi Tomakali, Did you get to know how can we solve this ? Any one can help? If we have a module which does the same ?
  13. Hi, I am also stuck at the same problem. with username and password how can I authenticate the user ?
  14. I got the solution i was paying 3300 but the amount to be paid was 3330.