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  1. Google is not considering the meta keywords now anymore because people start doing overstuffing of keywords in the website which is not a good practice.Just try to add only relevant ones in your web page meta tags and in your title tags .
  2. Hi sonkaya, Try this module hopefully it will work well on your website.It is one of the best modules that I found.I am also using this.You can see the complete guideline too. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/marketplace-prestashop-modules/16834-google-remarketing-tag.html
  3. You should definitely add short or long description keywords in the meta tag because it will help in bringing your website in organic searches.But avoid overstuffing of keywords because it will affect negatively to your online business.
  4. Great module shacker.I am looking for such module just want to integrate it in my new website.It looks nice and I hope it will add a positive response to my web page
  5. Great module.Glad to know that it is a free one. I am going to test this soon in my new website.
  6. Your website design is great. In your site the menu bar is looking awesome.You did nice work.
  7. I think you should work more on design of your website. Use slider instead of a static image. wish you goodluck
  8. First solution is better. I also used these specifications and everything goes smooth with it.
  9. You should change the image properties by applying custom css. set the image opacity according to your requirement.
  10. why don't you write short descriptions for each category rather writing for each product individually. It will not duplicate your content and customers get relevant information too about the specific category.
  11. You did nice effort. I checkout your website that theme maker is great .I really like it.
  12. No Doubt Express cache is good. Page load time really increases with this module
  13. Hi Michal, Why don't you try store procedures? I guess with store procedures loading time may be improve.
  14. I am having same problem too. Is there any payment module that can easily integrate with prestashop's website and actually work?
  15. I am facing the same problem when edit a product.I try the solutions mentioned above but that is still not working.Is there any other way to resolve this issue?
  16. Hi, I am also looking for a best hosting service for my online store which is currently in developing process.I am looking for the solution which provide faster services.Can you guys suggest which one is more better between Inmotion or A2 hosting providers?
  17. Hi, I want to know if there is any import or export module in prestashop so i can import all of my records to the updates site?
  18. Hi Jessie K. Jepsen, Thanks for giving here this code.I try it too and now I am able to get where is actually the problem. Thanks again.
  19. I want to customize my menu bar and make it fixed when user scroll down the web page. I used javascript for this but it is actually not working.Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks
  20. I was also searching for a slider which I could easily integrate into my website.I found sliders everywhere module and it is a good one. you can also try it.
  21. Great module and really nice work.I am searching for this type of module which generates voucher code for customers.This will actually help me. Thanks.
  22. Hi sunilkms Thanks for your guide lines.It really help me out.
  23. Its a great module to customize css. I added this in my website and enjoy working with it
  24. I want also integrate this module in my website.but I am not getting any guide or help. Can you guys explain that how can i integrate it in my website?
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