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  1. Hi All I finally figured out how to do Step 7, regarding the SQL database. Go to your hosting site. Log in and access the cPanel. Look for phpMyAdmin and from there you can access the SQL to input the statement into the database. Make sure you select the first database that is on there. Once the query is made, just close it. The print screens did not help me as I didnt know what to look for. It worked for me. Customers that went through the express checkout were not able to do it again but now they can. I am disappointed that no one helped me or even tried to. I havent been able to test thoroughly for bugs so if you want to see if my express checkout is working, visit my website. It is a live site so be careful. www.chichipets.co.uk
  2. Hi everyone, I managed to upload the necessary files using an FTP software, but I gave absolutely no idea how to access my SQL database to complete the rest of the coding. If anyone could enlighten me on this, I would very much appreciate it since I am sure I am not the only one. After uploading the files, it seems that the express checkout is working fine, not sure what the SQL bit will do, but would like to complete it anyway incase it bugs somewhere later on! By the way, if anyone has trouble uploading the files using an FTP software, please PM me and I will be happy to help. If anyone would like to see what has happened so far with the express checkout on my website please go to: www.chichipets.co.uk This is a LIVE site! But no orders yet (been 2 months) so if this helps get orders, I'll let you guys know! Thanks so much for this module, it's super great!!
  3. I can't answer your question but thought you should know that the Royal Mail will insure up to £41 for 1st or 2nd class now, was £39 before
  4. Yep, last post is correct. Worked straight away and im using Firefox. Do the shortcut way though, i tried the long way, tools then options and it didnt work, dunno why
  5. [solved] I had this problem for just one of my images so far. It had nothing to do with image dimensions, file name, or file extension. It was simply a matter of having too many pixels. So I just edited the image in Paint, reduced the number of pixels to about 1500, and it worked. For those having problems and getting a blank screen, try this.
  6. Never solved the problem, i just deleted everything and started from scratch. I made sure I did not delete the zones previously and i did manage to add a United Kingdom Zone to United Kingdom country. I also left all the states as I had previously deleted them. Using version
  7. Yep, after you said to save everything, i went crazy and saved everything. Still wont let me assign zone to country!!! I also tried 5 zeros for the decimal eg 0.0001, no effect...
  8. So you were able to assign zones to the countries? Did you reinstall Prestashop and edit the zones rather than delete them ans start again? Because I tried the EU thing, the 0.001 thing, and it still says need_identification_number_required. Did you use states?
  9. I have a feeling it's because I deleted all the states and zones instead of editing them. I am going to start again and see if this was the problem. If it still is a problem, I am going to try downgrading the version as it's probably a bug and see if i can take it from there. If there are still problems, I'm leaving Prestashop for good! Alternatively, if there is anyone willing to debug at a small price for me (about £10), I'm willing to pay it just so that it saves me the hassle.
  10. I am in tears due to frustration of not being able to get the shipping to work. I have 3 carriers, 1st Class, 2nd Class, and Next Day Delivery, all to the UK. I have chosen shipping charges to be based by weight. The ranges are as follows: 1st Class (in kg) 0.000001-0.101 (£2.00) 0.100001-0.251 (£3.00) 0.250001-0.501 (£4.00) 0.500001-0.751 (£5.00) 2nd Class (in kg) 0.000001-0.101 (£1.50) 0.100001-0.251 (£2.50) 0.250001-0.501 (£3.50) 0.500001-0.751 (£4.50) Next Day (in kg) 0.000001-0.101 (£6.00) 0.100001-0.501 (£8.00) 0.500001-1.1 (£12.00) In Shipping > Zones, I have deleted all of them and made a new one called "United Kingdom" When I try to assign this "United Kingdom" zone to the Country United Kingdom found under Shipping > Countries, by selecting the zone under the drop menu, I get this error: "1 error - the field need_identification_number is required" It doesn't matter if i change the zone name, the same error comes up. Without being able to assign zones to the countries, I can't set the shipping prices. In my website, only the handling charges come up, and when I go to make an order in my UK address, it says, "There are no carriers available that will deliver to this address!" And you cannot proceed any furthur. I want to be able to post abroad too, but this is a much bigger problem which needs to be solved first. I am using version and have absolutely no knowledge or programming or php (scripts confuse me...and I don't know how to access them anyway) I am hosting with SiteGround and they installed the Prestashop for me as I was previously on Oscommerce but didnt know where to start! Any help is greatly appreciated and if I still cannot solve this, I will have to sadly forget about Prestahop and pay someone to make a website for me. Alison
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