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  1. Hi,


    I'm looking for some good email templates to replace the default prestashop ones with. Can anyone recommend me a good source? My current prestashop theme (leo monica) doesn't have any. 


    I mean the templates that are in the mails / en / folder like account.html




  2. Thanks for your replies. I like the effort put into the module, however I find too many things I miss, or could easily be made better. 


    Email doesn't automatically send PDF quote (you have to download and add as a attachment).


    Customer emailadress has to be added seperately (you have to lookup and type it in).


    Cant find a way (at least not an easy one)  to order the products.


    Going to consider the possibilities of developing what we want ourselves. 



  3. Hi,


    I am currently examining prestashop as an alternative to our current (self build) ecommerce system. Nearly everything is present, some things even way better then I code myself. Only I am missing a module which offers some advanced quotation possibilities. 


    We currently have a system that allows to:

    - Add products to a quote

    - Set custom prices or automatic discounts based on group discounts / quantity discounts

    - Order products by dragging and dropping

    - Making groups of products to clarify cost buildup. 

    - Creating a HTML email to be send along with a PDF version of this quote, preferably also product information sheets in PDF.

    - Giving customers the option to confirm the quote and transform to order. 


    We have this so we can offer projects with our existing products, and add lines with labor hours etc. 


    Is there something that can provide me with these features or would I have to build it myself? 


    Closest I found myself now is this one: 



    But that doesn't even offer the option to order lines in the quotation. 


    Thanks in advance!



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