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  1. Comment #2 is so clear. You need edit two tpl files and one css file.

    Read carefully. Basically, I copy text from comment 2# smile.png but more explained.


    Localize the product_list.tpl file into your selected theme folder. This affect to list of products.

    Search and replace this


    <span class="price"



    <span class="price{if isset($product.reduction) && $product.reduction && isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price && !$PS_CATALOG_MODE} reduced_price{/if}"

    Because you'll need show it into product view, you must edit also product.tpl

    You must copy this:


    {if $product->specificPrice AND $product->specificPrice.reduction AND $productPriceWithoutRedution > $productPrice} reduced_price{/i}

    wherever you want to display the reduced price. (i.e. to the right from original price). Paste it, see it, then modifiy later again with your needs.


    Maybe you want to see that price underscored, red, blue, bigger or something else. You need to edit your css.

    Search into your theme folder again, into css subfolder (/mytheme/css/global.css) global.css file.


    Add into new lines a css code for reduced_price class. i.e:


    #products_list .reduced_price, #products .reduced_price {
    color: red;
    text-decoration: line-throught
    Regards. I cant explain to you better. Im Spanglish guy wink.png




    Hello my friend(s),


    Is this type of change possible in prestashop

    How can I change the color of the percentage?


    Thanks :) 

  2. Hello everyone,



    My problem was already been report in the topic bellow:




    I have already tried to edit the product.css to change the color labels, but the chages had been applied to all availability labels although I only want it to be applied when onde the label "Message if product out of stock..."


    Example: "In stock / available":greene and "out of stock / unavailable" but with pre-order available example: red.


    Thanks a lot! 

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