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  1. Thanks a lot, I couldn't do it before, don't know why. Cheers !
  2. Where can I download the add-on ? The link doens't work, Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello does anyone knows how can I get the original (and full) URL and not the URL rewritten from the export file? Cumps
  4. Hello my friend(s), Is this type of change possible in prestashop How can I change the color of the percentage? Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot my friend! I'm sorry for the dumb question. I had thinked that we whould need some extra module! Best regards.
  6. I would like my site to show something like the the screenshot I attached! Thanks a lot
  7. Hello friends, Does someone knows about a module that can show the discount and price reduced applied? Is it possible? Please take a look at my attachment file to see what I mean. Thanks. Best regards
  8. Hello ndiaga, If I change the color it changes the in stock color and the out of stock color (Ps. only happens if I add a "message when out of stock")
  9. Hello everyone, My problem was already been report in the topic bellow: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/362765-how-to-change-product-availability-value-different-color/ I have already tried to edit the product.css to change the color labels, but the chages had been applied to all availability labels although I only want it to be applied when onde the label "Message if product out of stock..." Example: "In stock / available":greene and "out of stock / unavailable" but with pre-order available example: red. Thanks a lot!
  10. Error: Please check your configuration Sending failed using mail() as PHP's default mail() function returned boolean FALSE. Hello my friends, Could anyone help me with the solution for PrestaShop™ ? I had made the changes that the Sale Mechanics suggested, but it doesn't work. Thanks a lot
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