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    Hi everyone! I want to share my contact form antispam module. It uses reCAPTCHA and a simple blacklist. The module is fully compatible with PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. You just need to fill reCAPTCHA keys and it will work. Get reCAPTCHA keys here: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin Any feedback is highly appreciated. Version 1.1.4 - small fixes and improvements notarobot.zip
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    Here is a free module to let you export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place. It's an evolution to the GoogleShopping module made by Jordi and accessible on the spanish forum. The tool had already been modified by other users. This module lets you associate your shop categories to the Google Merchant Center ones. It exports price with and without reduction. You can also set a minimum price to filter products to export. You can associate some features value with categories (condition, availability, gender, age group). It offers the attributes combinations management. You can choose to export only one product or one product for each attributes combination. Last addition to the module is that you can now select the currency (among the available ones) to export in the feed for each available language. It has been tested on PS 1.5 and PS 1.6, and should also work on PS 1.7. Please report using problems you may encounter as an issue on GIthub or in this thread. This is how the module works : - if your products already have a "condition" attribute set in prestashop, then you can indicate it in the module main page, by the way products are exported with your native product's condition value. - if your products have not any "condition" attribute, and Google asks for it, then you can set the value for this attribute in the module category's configuration form, then each product in this category is exported with this value. - if your product have no condition attribute, and its module category has no 'condition' value set, then product is exported with the condition value set for its parent category, and so on till the root category. If all of your shop products belong to the same Google Shopping category, you can just set it for your root/home category, no need to set it for all of your categories. Children categories automatically get the same parameter. The module works the same way for the condition attribute, availability, gender and age_group attributes. "Default" value means: "Use the product's attribute. If product have no condition attribute set, then use the category attribute value. And if it's not set, then use the first parent category's filled setting." ... Not really clear but should be helpful ? In other words, If Google Merchant Center doesn't accept your products because the "condition" attribute is missing, then just set the value "new" to the condition attribute while editing your root category in the module configuration page. By the way all of your shop products are exported with the condition attribute set to "new". No need to change the "Default" value for each products category. In the latest releases (v1.5.6 -> 1.6), the color/material/pattern/size attributes can be mapped to the products attributes OR to the products features, according to your choice. Products features are mapped in the module main configuration page, and products attributes can be mapped separately for each category. Enjoy! (feedback is welcome ) PS: if you choose to use this module, please uninstall before the existing GoogleShopping module from your prestashop, if any. Last updates: - automatically export shipping prices ( Thanks to GuillaumeGBzh ) - all reported errors corrected (16 Feb 2016) - added currency selection for each available language - added filters and improvements on products selection SQL query (optimization) - rounded sale prices adjusted (06 Feb 2016) - Prestashop' rules compliant source code (by Elitius) - added products combinations names in exported products names (13 Apr. 2015) - combinations management improved (01/05/2015) : combinations pictures and links corrected - ability to attach different products attributes (or attributes groups) to each category - ability to export product features as well as product attributes - ability to manually specify the shop's product type (optionnal) - automatically export prices with or without tax included, following the shop's visitors group setting Todo: - add an option to normalise product name Last dev. version on GitHub (v 1.7.x): https://github.com/dim00z/gshoppingflux/ How to use this module? - download and install the package on your Prestashop server. - at first, configure the default products category of your shop in the main module configuration page - then set the parameters you need to activate - link shop features in the main module configuration page (if needed) - edit the main category (root or home) of your shop by clicking on it in the list - link products attributes in the main category edit page - then select the needed currencies to export with each available language - test the feed import in Google Merchant Center - if ok, configure a cron task to automatically update the feed Download gshoppingflux-1.7.2.zip
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    Custom popup notification by PrestaCraft Current module version: 2.0.0 PrestaShop compatible: 1.6 , 1.7 http://prestacraft.com/custom-popup-notification/ This module displays a popup with Your content on chosen pages. Note: If you run more than one language in Your store, fill the popup content for all languages to save it correctly. Features Cookie system - Module remembers if user has closed the popup. If You don't want to show it again, You can set cookie duration. User will see the popup again after that amount of time. Display options (colors, size, etc.) Popup content for each available language in Your shop Delay option: define how many seconds must pass to show the popup Display your popup wherever you want to – just select any hook(s) Friendly User Interface Screenshots Changelog v2.0.0 - Multistore support - Pure JavaScript popup – “tingle” – no jQuery - Much better BackOffice look and navigation - Hooking option – now you can select where do you want to display the popup - Popup footer – optional feature where you can insert your text, buttons or both. Fully customizable. v1.2.0 - Fixed bug of always appearing popup, even with cookie set - Changed "jquery cookie" to "js cookie" library, because previous one was broken - Added "version checker" tab where you can check now if your module version is current one - Added info under content area about requirement of filling this field for each language v1.1.0 - Compatibility with PS 1.7 - Code formatting matches PSR-2 standards and PS validation - Delay option: define how many seconds must pass to show the popup - Images inside popup are resized properly to the browser width Download - Current version custompopup_2.0.0.zip IF YOU LIKE THIS MODULE, PLEASE DONATE AND SHARE ❤️
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    An application that directly posts your Whatsapp number when you talk and click through Whatsapp. Button click open whatsapp your number New Added Features Attached to the desired Hook added Fixed mobile errors Shared with product name brought on product page Product Share Page DEMO 17-whatsapp-live-chat.zip
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    Duplicate content is something that search engine robots don't like. To avoid it, it's recommended to add canonical links in the header of your shop. It's also good to: direct robots to other language versions of your shop with hreflang links help them navigate through paginated content with prev and next links prevent them from indexing unnecessary parts of the shop with noindex tag To achieve all this, we combined some of the common solutions into one handy free module. You can download the module directly here: gmseofields.zip or from this location (module is for prestashop version 1.6, newer version has canonical tags already partially implemented, so maybe other are coming soon)
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    Display Add To Cart button in product list pages PrestaShop 1.7.x View Demo hiaddtocartbutton_v1.0.5.zip
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    Hi Mustang80, We are also on PS and had the same problem. With help of tips at https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/597944-search-two-or-more-words/?tab=comments#comment-2631092we modified the file classes/seach.php. This solved the problem in our site. Seach is getting exact results now.Attached the modified search.php file. Rename the file to search.php and upload to your server.Best regards,Peter PS-1.7.2-modified-for-or_Search.php
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    This module displays the "Spend another X to get free shipping for your order" message in the cart just below the product's list, updates the value while adding / substracting product quantity. (demo) You can also set up your own free shipping amount in case you are not using the global prestashop setting (but for example have it set up in carriers) For prestashop 1.5 & 1.6: gmgetfreeshipping.zip For prestashop 1.7: gmgetfreeshipping_17.zip (the module uses widget functionality so you can attach it to any hook, or insert {widget name='gmgetfreeshipping'} code anywhere in your template)
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    Free product reviews module for new PrestaShop 1.7.x this addon is a modification of old 'productcomments' module that we have by default in each installation of prestashop 1.6.x / 1.5.x. Now it fully supports new releases of PS 1.7.x. Module has exactly the same features as previous versions with improved design. Features: - module creates "reviews" form on product pages where customers can add review about products - reviews can be moderated before publication - you can create as much reviews criterions as you want - products can have own unique criterions - customers can send reports about comments so you will be able to moderate them - customers can mark reviews as helpful / not helpful what's new? New hook available right after someone will: - add review to product - send report - mark post as helpful / not helpful - multistore support - feedback page where module show (with pagination) all added reviews - support of GDPR rules DOWNLOAD v9.3.4 productcomments.zip
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    Prestools Suite is a suite of user-friendly and powerful tools to mass edit your products, orders and categories. It has also many other functions. It runs outside the Prestashops backoffice so that it won't be affected by bugs in your shop and can be extra fast. The main parts are: - product-edit: great options for mass editing more than 50 product fields. Add categories, change prices, update descriptions - for hundreds of products at once. Also great search options and the possibility to export as csv. - product-sort: an easy way to sort products inside a category. From position 500 to 1 in a blink. With the visual sort option you can see immediately how things will look. - order-edit: adding and deleting products and changing prices without problems. - order-search: make a selection on carrier, payment type, status, etc. or just search. With csv export option. - category-edit: useful for editing metadata and descriptions for SEO - combi-edit: assign pictures to your combinations quickly - combi-copy and combi-delete: copy, modify and delete attribute combinations using one product as a template - regenerate images for selections of products. Get better quality with Imagic when installed. - cleanup images: save on disk space by cleaning up images of deleted products - shop rescue: turn off overrides and non-Prestashop modules when due to some bug you can no longer login in the backoffce. - attribute-list and feature-list: see how many products use each feature and attribute and get a product list. - prodcombi: see and modify the attributes of many products - eu-tax: get a quick overview how much you sold in each of the EU countries and how much VAT you withheld in the process - override-list and module-list: get lists of modules and of overrides and the modules might own them. - and a lot of statistics. Installation: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the resulting files to a subdirectory below your admin directory (do not install as a PS module!).You can access the program in the browser like "www.myshop.com/myadmin/mydir/login1.php". You will be welcomed by a login screen: the default username is "demo@demo.com" and the default password is "opensecret". Please adapt your security settings in the "settings1.php" file. There is a demo-installation available. Username and password are the default. Below you find a view of the product-edit page where the description field has been made editable: Prestools is compatible with Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 and Thirty Bees. An old version for Prestashop 1.4 can be found here. For product-edit there are a few parts that are standard in demo mode. You can buy plugins at the Prestools website to use them. However, over 95% of the script is free. Among the files you will find a file prestoolssuite-module.zip. You can install this file as a module. It is a mini-module that adds a link to your Prestools installation in the Catalog menu of the backoffice. Prestools is regularly updated (on average once every two weeks). If you find a problem, please update Prestools to the latest version before you report it here. When reporting, please mention your Prestashop version. Bug reports and other suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Among the downloads you will find a manual. There is also an introduction video on Youtube (or here) to get started. It could use some polishing but I hope you find it useful.. If you bought paid plugins and you download a newer version of the free software you should always also download the latest version of the paid plugins too. You can do that in your account. Prestools is regularly updated. Update regularly to get the newest features. Follow the installation instructions! This is not a module! Prestools_Suite-1.22y3.zip Prestools-Suite-for-Prestashop-manual.pdf
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    Export Products Export products generate's a CSV file which will match the Prestashop import functionality. This allows you to quickly make bulk changes to your store with minimal effort. Features Export all products Export by-products by category. CSV delimiter - lets you set the delimiter of the CSV export. Choose to export only active items. Language select. Only export products in your desired language. Multistore Support. Advanced Stock Management Support. Adds a link to your admin menu for ease of use. (You no longer have to dig through the modules page to use this). To use the module after install, navigate to the following: "Advanced Parameters > Export Products" exportproducts_2.6.1.zip I've also released a Pro version of this module which will export product combinations, categories, addresses & customers. You can read more about it here CHANGE LOG UPDATED v2.6.0 (05/04/2018) - Fix for UPDATED v2.6.0 (13/08/2017) - Fix for 1.7+ - Fix Supplier Reference UPDATED v2.5.3 (23/03/2016) - Fix tools date format error. UPDATE v2.5.2 (22/02/2016) - Fix php syntax error. UPDATE v2.5.1 (17/02/2016) - Fix pricing export bug. - Fix 500 Internal Server Error UPDATE v2.5.0 (15/01/2016) - Fix price to exclude reductions - Fix price to export only one price using the latest import format for Prestashop - Fix features export by adding a comma between features and add customized default value. UPDATE v2.4.2 (27/08/2015) - Fix empty cell spacing. UPDATE v2.4.1 (04/08/2015) - Fix syntax error is category function. - Fix notice error in warehouses if using advanced stock. UPDATE v2.4 (30/07/2015) - Multistore bug fixes for category display. UPDATE v2.3 (23/07/2015) - Multistore support - Advanced Stock Management Support - Fixed created date format. UPDATE v2.2 (08/04/2015) - Fix for warehouse name export. - Fix for UTF8 support in Excel on windows. UPDATE v2.1 (10/03/2015) - Fix for notice errors - Fix for categories UPDATE v2.0 Complete Rewrite for Prestashop 1.6+
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    As a developer, since the 1.7 version was launched, I often found myself in the need of a list with Prestashop 1.7 Smarty Global Variables and I know many others were in this situation. Same as you maybe, reading this article, you may also looking for a similar list. So here it is, use it wisely ("with great power comes great responsibility"). The most used arrays: {$urls|@var_dump} -> Contains Prestashop urls; {$shop|@var_dump} -> Contains shop variables (shop name, email, phone, etc...); {$page|@var_dump} -> Contains current page variables; {$currency|@var_dump} -> Currency variables; {$language|@var_dump} -> Language variables; {$customer|@var_dump} -> Customer variables; {$configuration|@var_dump} -> Configuration variables; {$link|@var_dump} -> Link variables; {$breadcrumb|@var_dump} -> Breadcrumb variables; And here are some ready-tu-use variables: {$currency.name} -> Name of the active currency. {$currency.iso_code} -> ISO language code enabled. {$currency.sign} -> Symbol of the active currency {$currency.iso_code_num} -> Active Currency ISO Code {$shop.name} -> Store name in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.email} -> Store Email in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.logo} -> Image routing store logo in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.favicon} -> Route favicon image of the store in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.address.address1} -> Store address 1 in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.address.address2} -> Store address 2 in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.address.postcode} -> Store Zip Code in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.address.city} -> Store City in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.address.state} -> Province of the store in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop..address.country} -> Shop Country in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.phone} -> Store phone in Prestashop 1.7 {$shop.fax} -> Store Fax in Prestashop 1.7 {$language.name} -> Language name enabled {$language.iso_code} -> ISO language code enabled {$language.language_code} -> Language code enabled (for Spanish, fr for French, tc ..) {$language.is_rtl} -> (1 -> On / 0 Off (for when language is written from right to left) {$language.format_lite} and {$ language.format_full} -> Simulated date format and full date format {$language.id} -> Language ID enabled {$customer.lastname} -> Customer Last Name in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.firstname} -> Client Name Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.email} -> Prestashop Customer Email 1.7 {$customer.birthday} -> Prestashop client birthday 1.7 {$customer.newsletter} -> Subscribed to the newsletter in Prestashop 1.7 (1 subscribed / 0 unsubscribed) {$customer.newsletter_date_add} -> Newsletter subscription date {$customer.ip_registration_newsletter} -> IP Registration Customers newsletter {$customer.optin} -> Subscribed to offers from our partners in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.date_add} -> Client creation date in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.date_upd} -> Last updated client update in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.id} -> Customer ID in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.id_default_group} -> Default group to which the client is associated in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.is_logged} -> Check if the client is "logged in" in Prestashop 1.7 {$customer.gender.name [$ customer.gender.id]} -> Client Gender (Mr / Ms) {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .city} -> Client city of address 'X' that has partner. (Address ID, because a client can theoretically have multiple addresses) {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .alias} -> Address alias {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .firstname} -> Addressholder last name {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .lastname} -> Name of address holder {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .company} -> Company name of address holder {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .address1} -> Address 1 {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .address2} -> Address 2 {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .postcode} -> Mailing address {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .id_state} -> Address Province ID {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .state} -> Province address {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .state_iso} -> ISO address province code {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .id_country} -> Country address ID {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .country} -> Country of address {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .country_iso} -> ISO country address code {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .phone} -> Address phone {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .phone_mobile} -> Mobile phone address {$customer.addresses [iD Address] .dni} -> Address ID {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .vat_number} -> Customer VAT number {$customer.addresses [Address ID] .formatted} -> Client formatted address {$urls.base_url} -> Store address {$urls.current_url} -> Current address (url) where we are {$urls.shop_domain_url} -> Store domain {$urls.img_ps_url} -> Image root directory url {$urls.img_cat_url} -> Url directory of images of the categories {$urls.img_lang_url} -> Url of the language images directory {$urls.img_prod_url} -> Url of the product images directory {$urls.img_manu_url} -> Url directory of manufacturers images {$urls.img_sup_url} -> Url of the providers directory {$urls.img_ship_url} -> Url directory of images of carriers {$urls.img_store_url} -> Store url {$urls.img_url} -> Url of the image directory of the template {$urls.css_url} -> Template URL directory url {$urls.js_url} -> Template JS directory url {$urls.pic_url} -> Url file directory uploaded {$urls.pages.address} -> Url from the "My Address" section {$urls.pages.addresses} -> Url from the "My addresses" section {$urls.pages.authentication} -> Url section of the authentication page {$urls.pages.cart} -> Cart section url (order summary) {$urls.pages.category} -> Url section of categories {$urls.pages.cms} -> Url of the content section {$urls.pages.contact} - > Url section of the contact form {$urls.pages.discount} -> Url of the discount voucher section {$urls.pages.guest_tracking} -> Tracking url for unregistered clients {$urls.pages.history} -> Url from the order history section {$urls.pages.identity} -> Url of the section "Personal data" {$urls.pages.index} -> Page url {$urls.pages.my_account} -> Url section of my account {$urls.pages.order_confirmation} -> Url section of the order confirmation page. {$urls.pages.order_follow} - > Url in the "Order Tracking" {$urls.pages.order} -> Url of the order page {$urls.pages.order_return} -> Url of the order return page {$urls.pages.order_slip} -> Url of the order slip page {$urls.pages.pagenotfound} -> Url of section "404 (Page not found)" {$urls.pages.password} -> Url of the section "Recover Password" {$urls.pages.pdf_invoice} -> Pdf invoice page url {$urls.pages.pdf_order_return} -> Pdf order return page url {$urls.pages.pdf_order_slip} -> Pdf order slip url page {$urls.pages.prices_drop} -> Url section we lowered prices / products discount / discounts {$urls.pages.product} -> Product tab url {$urls.pages.search} -> Url of the searcher section {$urls.pages.sitemap} -> Site Map section url {$urls.pages.stores} -> Url of the section "Shops / Our stores" {$urls.pages.supplier} -> Url from the providers section {$urls.pages.register} -> Url log page {$urls.pages.order_login} -> Order login page url {$urls.theme_assets} -> Url of the "assets" directory of the template / themes / template / assets / {$urls.actions.logout} -> Url to close section in the store
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    Sorry for bringing up this old thread - but I just had to comment. You say "thousand of time"? That's the overstatement of the decade. I search for "delete order" and got 72 hits - and four of them was directly related to my search. If only people who know where to find information replyed, the web would be faster. If you don't have anything useful to say - don't say it! The challenge with forums like this is that there are people from all over the world using it. The spoken languages are many, and not all understand or writes english (or french for that matter) that well - me included! A little help and understanding is all that is needed for people to smile. And this software is all about smiling, because it's GREAT!
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    Salve e buongiorno a tutti . Dopo aver sviluppato e messo a disposizione della community questo modulo per la versione 1.6 (disponibile a questo post) il nostro reparto tecnico ha trovato un ritaglio di tempo per poterne sviluppare una versione adatta al nuovo PrestaShop, la 1.7 per l'appunto Abbiamo deciso di creare un nuovo post perché questo modulo è totalmente (o quasi) diverso da quello per la 1.6, che di fatto non funzionerebbe. Quindi riscritto appositamente per la 1.7, e compatibile con il nuovo template 'classic' (ovviamente ) Il modulo è stato creato sulla versione di PrestaShop. Testato fino alla Il modulo oltre ad aggiungere uno stato d'ordine specifico per il metodo di pagamento scelto aggiunge anche i template delle email con le specifiche informazioni della PostePay da dover ricaricare, quindi il titolare, il numero di PostePay e il codice fiscale del titolare. Potete personalizzare i testi delle email nel seguente percorso (dopo aver installato il modulo) prestashop/mails/it/tanzopostepay.html Accettiamo qualsiasi suggerimento per delle eventuali migliorie o modifiche da applicare. Il modulo è risk-free, ma consigliamo sempre di provarlo prima in un ambiente di test, mi raccomando. Buon download, e se vi è stato utile un like è sempre gradito v1.0.5-ps_tanzopostepay-ps17.zip Changelog Older version DISCLAIMER THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT, PATENT, TRADEMARK, OR OTHER RIGHT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, INCLUDING ANY GENERAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE OR FROM OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING THIS PRODUCT YOU ACCEPT THE TANZO ANALYSIS PROGRAM.
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    Awesome Image Slider is a completely new and advanced way to represent your images in slides . Slider is the best way to promote your website by creating amazing sliders with beautiful transition effects. With our Awesome Image Slider, creating slideshows has never been so fast and enjoyable! Add your beautiful images into the slider, after which give some nice styling and enjoy your modern slider. Slider helps you to display unlimited number of images to showcase your amazing works. Slider is designed for displaying full-size sliders on any of your website pages. Super easy install and customize. Set autoplay and mouse drag. Set navigation and pagination. Set autoplay timeout. Add direct urls to each image. Drag and drop to change positions. Responsive & Touch enable. Resize a slider automatically on responsive themes. Simple and friendly user interface. Compatible with all web browsers. Multi-language and multi-store ready. Support and well documented. Video Settings Demo Video Settings Module: bonslick.zip
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    Age verification (popup) by PrestaCraft Current module version: 1.3.1 PrestaShop compatible: 1.6 , 1.7 This module displays the age verification popup and validates user's age. Features User validation by birthday selection or simple button click Variety of configurable display options (colors, size, fonts) Multilanguage ready Responsive Friendly User Interface Screenshots Changelog v 2.0.0 Fixed bug when popup was being closed automatically sometimes Added ability to choose categories (perfect for stores having some 18+ categories) v 1.3.1 Fixed remodal popup loading on empty instance, which caused console error v 1.3.0 Removed “remember” option from database to cookie storage Fixed undefined variables call v 1.2.0 Fixed URL in the code v 1.1.0 Fixed typo in classname Added “version checker” ---- Download ageverification_2.0.0.zip ---- Any feedback is appreciated. IF YOU LIKE THIS MODULE, PLEASE DONATE AND SHARE ❤️
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    Hello every one, after 9 months contentBox gets a new version compatible with prestashop 1.7 I have attached the zip file and you can always build your custom module at our site https://contentbox.org cheers contentbox.zip
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    This module allows BO administrators to login FO as a customer by clicking a simple button at AdminCustomer page. Adds a simple login button to customer pages at BO. The module never needs to change password of customer or any information of a customer. It is also quick and safe due to using own encryiption keys. Can be used for: Create orders on behalf of your customers (customers who requested help to ordering just like in live chat, or by phone) Redirecting customer by browsing same pagea step by step Check for errors or feedbacks froms customer quickly loginascustomer.zip
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    I've written a tutorial about extending registration form by adding your new fields: http://prestacraft.com/adding-new-fields-to-the-registration-form-in-prestashop-1-7/ Enjoy
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    Not really a module, but ... th title says all The CRON module is free and already available in PrestaShop Final Solution for PS 1.6 (not yet tested with 1.7) : Put this file : cron_database_backup.php -> in your admin folder, and then in your "CRON" module config, put one link like this : h t t p :/ / w w w . your_site . com / your_admin_folder / cron_database_backup.php?secure_key=your_key Tip : to find your key look at the other cron tasks Thanks to @NemoPS in this subject, to have putting me on the right way
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    Enabling opcache solved that error. Its a php accelerator. Image shows mine PHP extensions enabling I use 7.2 with these modules enabled older php, please enable mbstring also, and apcu,
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    - Parce que Prestashop veut forcer la population à utiliser la 1.7 (qui est pourtant terriblement buguée et limitée) - Parce que Prestashop veut gagner des sous (ben oui il faut donner les dividendes aux investisseurs^^) - Parce que Prestashop ne vous considère pas Pour info, il n'y a pas vraiment besoin de module pour se mettre en conformité (un peu de tpl et de js suffisent) et leur lien de téléchargement du livre est mort^^
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    last update: 15 MAY 2017 List of valuable and proven free modules for PrestaShop PrestaShop modules give online merchants the ability to customize every aspect of their online business. From Front Office design to Back Office operations, everything you need to help your business stand out is available at your fingertips. Explore list of free addons to find exactly what your business needs to grow! Dear developers If you want to share your free module on this list, please send me PM with url to thread where you share module. Remember that module must be attached to the topic (any requests with external urls to modules will be rejected). Before publishing - each module will be checked for errors, etc. Latest modules added to list latest modules added to this list are underlined and in red color if you have got any question about module, please open module thread and ask questions there Dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x If you've got free modules for new prestashop 1.7 - please contact with me. Advertising and marketing Free product reviews module for prestashop 1.7.x Zopim (zendesk) chat Front office features homepage tab with bestsellers homepage popuplar tab homepage new products tab homepage 'on sale' products tab fixed sticky header display products on cms pages Rest of the modules (1.6.x / 1.5.x / 1.4.x) Advertise & marketing Zopim Live Chat Banner manager / multiple advertising Block advertising multiple Banner image and texts Minic mailchimp Minic promo Yotpo Social Reviews free optimizely module for A / B testing clicktale heatmapping module Tools Track all your shipments standalone newsletter tool ninja developer tools Catalog, Orders, Products etc. management in BO Module to export orders Order Edit, Category Edit, Product Edit Product export module Delete orders from prestashop Delete orders from prestashop another one Front office features Block News CMS Bottom sidebar banner - add hot info for customers Product Reviews - Dramatically increase your reviews Recaptcha Blog Module - A usefull PrestaShop Module HTML BLOCK - insert content anywhere display multilingual HTML texts everywhere Rating of Products in AJAX homepage categories module homecategories plus Slide captcha - add captcha to your forms European Union Cookies Law European Union Cookie law block Smart Tabs Floating viewed products block Random homefeatured Smoke background effect CMS page content on homepage Contact Slide module Adv Footer Featured product carousel maintenance information for front office password strength bar widget product accessories on the cart homefeatured + responsive + rich snippets background switcher infinite scroll elevate product zoom blog module products on cms pages Integrations Wordpress Bridge shopmania integration free Payments 2checkout Slideshows & carouselles Minic slider for PS 1.5.+ Prestashop new product carousel Manufacturer carousel akila home slideshow homeslider on TOP - modification of official module sliders everywhere - responsive sliders Social Networks Facebook Like Box free Facebook Like Box Facebook Comments Addsharethis Social Count Addthis Block Twitter widget - account timeline block Coolshare - bookmarks with styles Social Network animated buttons (twitter,facebook,google,youtube,rss) Stats Statstrackvisits See detail tracking of your vistors for period chosen Shop Admin Tools Mail alerts PDF Invoice plus Validate customer (accept accounts before activation) RawSQL query module File Explorer, manage your FTP files from back office Block IP address - ban any user you want Resizable PNG watermark module PHP configuration info module order sound alert notify in back office Hooks manager update elements module - display / hide products depending on stock
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    The debug mode is widely used to see the errors on your shop and when: you get blank pages; you get 500 Internal Server Error; you have strage issues with your shop and don't know where to start; To turn on the Debug mode on PrestaShop 1.7 is more simple comparing it to the previous versions of Prestashop. You can do this from your PrestaShop Dashboard > Advanced Parameters > Performance > DEBUG MODE PANEL > Set it to YES If you can't acces you dashboard you can also enable it through FTP by accessing config/defines.inc.php and usually @line 29 you will find : define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); change it to: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); Turning on the Debug Mode on other versions of Prestashop For PrestaShop 1.5.3 to 1.6 the procedure is the same: Open config/defines.inc.php and usually @line 29 you will find : define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); change it to: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); For PrestaShop below 1.5.3 you have to edit the config/defines.inc.php file and make the following changes: Change this line: @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); to this: @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); !!! Be careful, turn the Debug Mode off when finished debugging, hackers may get advatage of it and may harm your website and besides of that any visible error is not good for visitors.
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