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    Hi to all. I'm tired of having a lot of customers buying expensive modules to change order numbers or change invoice numbering. I put here a script that works like this: 1) Take the last two digits of the year + add the last highest number + add 1 2) if the year changes, the numbering is automatically reset from 1 3) The file is named Order.php and is placed in the prestashop root/override/classes/order folder I hope this helps a lot of people. <?php Class Order extends OrderCore { public static function generateReference() { $curYear = substr(date('Y'),2,2); $last_id = Db::getInstance()->getValue(' SELECT MAX(id_order) FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'orders'); return $curYear.sprintf('%04d',(int)$last_id + 1); } public static function setLastInvoiceNumber($order_invoice_id, $id_shop) { if (!$order_invoice_id) { return false; } $curYear2 = substr(date('Y'),2,2); $last_id2 = Db::getInstance()->getValue(' SELECT MAX(`number`) AS new_number FROM `ps_order_invoice`'); $number1 = sprintf('%04d',(int)$last_id2 + 1); if (substr($number1,0,2) == $curYear2) { $newInvoiceNumber = $number1; } else { $newInvoiceNumber = $curYear2.sprintf('%04d',1); } $sql = 'UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'order_invoice` SET number = '.$newInvoiceNumber.' WHERE `id_order_invoice` = '.(int)$order_invoice_id; return Db::getInstance()->execute($sql); } } ?>
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    Hi Simetria, I have the same long time page generation problem, on PrestaShop 1.7.6 : maybe you can complete this forum thread specifying what you've done to solve the problem, and mark the thread as SOLVED ! Thank you in advance. Paolo
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    Sure, you can add module to Paypal and another module to PayFast.
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    Hola dejo el link al modulo de cuenta digital https://addons.prestashop.com/es/pago-tarjeta-carteras-digitales/29466-cuentadigital.html funciona perfecto con 1.6 1.7
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