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    (This post is for new users who are looking for help on how to Install the PrestaShop Software) Welcome to the PrestaShop Forum! Before you move forward, I suggest you take a look at our short video tutorial on how to go through the Installation of PrestaShop on to your server. This will help you get your store up and running as fast as possible. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cANFwuJqdgM Also, this is a good time to tell you that many of the questions that you will come across in the process of creating your store, have already been answered by our amazing Community members in these forums. I encourage you to search for your doubts before creating a new thread, because the answers to your same questions may be only a click away. I am also here for you, on behalf of PrestaShop, so if you have any questions, feedback or just thoughts on ways we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you all a very successful journey with your PrestaShop Online Store. Maggie
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    Absolutely the same to me - as NicklasBach described.
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    Buenos dias, El problema creo.. que es lo que dices, el utiliza alguna estructura a medida.. para hacer esto. Dependiendo de los conocimientos que tengas de programación y de como tengas hecho el Cron debes de revisarlo a nivel de programación y de como vinculas los datos de un sistema externo con tu bd de ps. De forma directa creo que no vas a poder hacerlo y tendrás que crear un cron o un script a medida que te haga esa vinculación e interconexión de datos. Salds! Si te he ayudado puedes agradecer pulsando en el ❤ que esta a la derecha de este mensaje o márcarla como mejor respuesta pulsando en la 🏆
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    You can do that by going to themes\atsbasictheme\templates\layout\layout-both-columns.tpl Find this line: <body id="{$page.page_name}" class="{$page.body_classes|classnames}"> Apply this class: nav-on-left (if you want the navigation on the left side on mobile devices - to the body element above). This becomes: <body id="{$page.page_name}" class="{$page.body_classes|classnames} nav-on-left"> Good luck!
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    Enabling debug mode to see if there are any error messages. Don't worry to much, if you can't rollback, you can try upgrading your site manually.
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    Hoi Stefan, Bedankt voor je tip het logo verschijnt nu ook als alle pagina's ssl zijn, alleen was het formaat van het logo niet goed. Heb dit opgelost aan de hand van deze workaround Go to your FTP environment en go the file "pdf/header.tpl" And replace this: {if $logo_path} <img src="{$logo_path}" style="width:{$width_logo}px; height:{$height_logo}px;" /> {/if} With: <img src="your-logo-url" style="width:250px; height:100px;" />
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    One Click Order (Quick Buy) module is the faster and easier way to order from online shop for the customers. It will be faster and easier for your customer to order on your shop. This module allows to simplify creating orders in your store on product page. Customer or guest will only specify its name and phone. Super easy install and customize. Allow quick orders for customers and guests. Send notice on email to the administrator of the store. Set width for popup. Change background button. Simple and Friendly user interface. Compatible with all web browsers. Multi-language and Multi-store ready. Support and well documented. Video Settings Demo 1.6 Demo 1.7 Update: 21.12.2017 - ver 1.0.1 - Fix: Please check your data and added mails template on languages - en, de, ar, es, fr, it, ru bonorder.zip
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    Hello, Thanks for your response. if (Tools::getValue('id_product') != 732 && Tools::getValue('id_product') != 733 && Tools::getValue('id_product') != 734) { } Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to answer. Have a great day! Best Regards, Team Bonpresta
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    Bonjour @Judith56 L'an dernier j'ai utilisé le module suivant pour un cas similaire (migration 1.4 vers 1.7). https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/820013-migrate-or-upgrade-prestashop-16-or-other-versions-to-17-–-free-module/ Bon comme dit Doekia ce n'est pas forcément une solution miracle, mais elle mérite d'être testée. Si ça se passe bien ça vous permettra de gagner beaucoup de temps. Mais vérifiez bien que les données récupérées sont conformes, comparez le nombre d'éléments avant/après, manipulez les produits, testez les comptes-clients,...
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    Solucionado, he instalado el pscleaner que adjuntan en otro mensaje del foro, en prestashop 1.7 y me ha funcionado perfectamente. Adjunto el enlace al mensaje. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/565014-problemas-al-actualizar-el-m%C3%B3dulo-pscleaner/

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