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    Soeben wurde die Version stable zum Download freigegeben. https://download.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.6.1.24.zip?_ga=2.249915462.1548179458.1556738896-562079357.1545128714 Changelog: - Core: - Bug fix: - #13607: Forbid URLs to be inserted into Name fields - #13574: Improve name validation - #13559: Forbid URLs to be inserted into Name fields - #10859: Fixed keywords disappear from search index Wichtig ist, daß ab dieser Version (und ebenso ab keine Kundennamen mehr erlaubt sind, die einen Punkt gefolgt von einem Buchstaben oder einer Zahl enthalten, nach einem Punkt muß immer ein Leerraum folgen. Also zb Kundenname nicht erlaubt: George W.Bush Kundenname erlaubt: George W. Bush Grüsse Whiley
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    avec quel éditeur avez-vous écrit vos fichiers ? Vous devez avoir ajouté des caractères indésirables dans la regex à mon avis si vous avez c/c le code depuis le forum. Ci-joint les 2 overrides Customer.php Validate.php
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    If you purchase a module and find that it doesn't meet your needs, is it possible/ethical to ask the developer for a refund within 24-48 hours? I found that some of the backend demos and screenshots don't really show everything so it is hard to determine which module would be best for me.
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    Purchase with your payment made via paypal. If the module is not as expected or meets your requirements then you can dispute the payment through paypal resolution centre. Of course if you no longer want the module after you have used it then that is not grounds for a refund as that would be like listening to an album and then returning it when the artist releases a new record Prestashop try to suggest that the developer needs to approve a refund although the invoice provided for the sale clearly says that prestashop is the retailer which would mean they should do the refund.
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    Problème rattingcount et notes cumulées résolu en appliquant les directives données sur le site de webbax et en en modifiant quelques lignes pour que google prenne bien les avis clients tels qu'ils sont notés. Je n'ai pas totalement résolu le problème des images non reconnues par google (a noter que le message Uncaught TypeError disqparait si j'active la mise en cache JS dans les paramètres CCC) . Mais je passe le sujet en résolu quand même car de toute façon, aucune autre suggestion n'est apparue. Merci a tous : )
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    UPDATE ma_table SET mon_champ = replace(mon_champ, 'ancienne-chaine', 'nouvelle-chaine');
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    Hello, The mail notification issue is solved. It seems that all notifications have been stocked by MailJet, and have been sent anyway in the last hours. Resume of the issue Since November 2018, the forum activity is growing again, slowly but surely, and that put the number of sent emails per month close to the maximum of our current MailJet plan. Because of the activity peak in April (relative to the spam issue on the account creation form of merchant shops), the quantity of emails sent exceeded (a lot!) the plan: during the last billing period (one month), the forum sent around 216,000+ emails. This is huge! So, I would like to thank a lot all the active users of the PrestaShop forums: if we have this kind of issues, this is because you are using it to help people, to find solutions, to share knowledge, and to discuss about the PrestaShop open source project at large. That is really great.
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    Du warst doch einer der ganz wenigen wirklich erfahrenen User, die sich hier im deutschen Forum hilfreich beteiligt haben! Und das macht man doch nicht unbedingt für Prestashop, sondern für die User, also für die Community! Reicht es nicht, wenn du dich von der Moderation zurückziehst?
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    I would not advice to change the template. Just change it in the translation (in the backoffice). "International > Translations " select Theme and your theme. In the left navigation bar search and edit the line in: Shop -> Theme -> Checkout
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    it all worked out and you worried for nothing and honestly you went way to far for the amount of money....in future let things take their natural course and don't stress so much......it's a process, some take longers than others but at the end of the day it is sorted....good luck

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