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    This module allows BO administrators to login FO as a customer by clicking a simple button at AdminCustomer page. Adds a simple login button to customer pages at BO. The module never needs to change password of customer or any information of a customer. It is also quick and safe due to using own encryiption keys. Can be used for: Create orders on behalf of your customers (customers who requested help to ordering just like in live chat, or by phone) Redirecting customer by browsing same pagea step by step Check for errors or feedbacks froms customer quickly Update: Please follow https://github.com/rowanfuchs/PrestaShop-login-as-a-customer download up to date files. Thanks to @Rowan - 999 Games PrestaShop-login-as-a-customer-master.zip
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    Hello, I'm looking for a way to remove the product reference column from both the emails that are sent to the customer once his order is confirmed order_conf and the new_order email that's sent to the store owner. This is what i find in the html templates of the emails : <tr> <td colspan="5" style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;text-align:center;color:#777;padding:7px 0"> {products} </td> </tr> Where can i edit that {products} tpl variable ? Same goes for the order invoice pdf template. Thanks a lot PS
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    dziękuję za informację, już poprawiłam tytuł
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    Check if this module is active in your shop - it might be missing due to upgrade
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    Dann musst du dass bei Aktualisierung der Vaiante erneut ausführen: prestashop.on('updatedProduct', function(e) { $('.product-customization-item [name="textField2"]').attr("maxLength", 1) });
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    Looks like it is part of your theme. Either look in the template file or ask your theme provider.
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    La forma más fácil de ocultarlo es poniendo este código en el archivo custom.css de tu tema actual: .post_meta { display: none !important; } Ten en cuenta que esto solo lo oculta de la página, pero si alguien mirara el código fuente lo podría encontrar. Si necesitas borrarlo completamente avísame por aquí y buscaré otra forma. Un saludo, Rafa
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    sa te uiti in fisierul de log-uri si sa vezi ce nu-i place sa pui shop-ul in mod_dev si sa vezi de unde vine buba
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    Hello every one, after 9 months contentBox gets a new version compatible with prestashop 1.7 I have attached the zip file and you can always build your custom module at our site https://contentbox.org cheers contentbox.zip
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    Indem du eine vorhandene Mailvorlage im Template-Ordner mails/de kopierst, entsprechend benennst und veränderst. Normalerweise nutzt man einen eigenen Versanddienst, ich habe das ja hierzulande ziemlich überflüssige mitgelieferte Scheck-Modul entsprechend angepaßt. In der E-Mail wird dem Kunden dann halt nicht mitgeteilt, wohin der den Scheck schicken soll, sondern wo und wann er die Ware abholen kann oder daß er eine Mitteilung erhält, wenn die Ware abholbereit ist, dafür kannst du dann einen eigenen Status mit der dafür erstellten Mailvorlage erstellen.
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    I made some further optimizations. The main problem is now likely in product-proc that takes too long. As the main time consumer there is indexation you could try to skip indexation by checking that option. I will look whether some optimizations there are possible. product-edit6.txt
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    Hello , same problem with prestashop , have you find a solution ??
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    Hello, can anybody tell me how to remove first column from {products} table in prestashop order_conf email in PS Also, where to edit column width in {products} order detail table - when I change order_conf.html it has no effect. Table dimensions are given by inline styles: <tr style="background-color:#EBECEE;"> <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;width:15%;"></td> <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;width:30%;"></td> <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;width:20%;"></td> <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;width:15%;"></td> <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;width:20%;"></td> </tr> But I have no idea where these styles come from as it is not from classes/PaymentModule.php as most likely was in earlier versions as I've read.
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    same issue here, i tried with firefox and it works like charm
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    I have quite the same problem. In my case I would like to use custom fields i defined in ps_customer table to the template emails (ps in my case). Did you succeed? BR cid
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    Thanks for your reply. But I think the {followup} variable is in /controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php and not in OrderCarrier.php. So you have to copy this variable to another php file that gives variables to the shipped email template. But which php file gives those instructions to this template?
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    Ich konnte das Problem endlich lösen! Es lag an der Datenbankzuweisung: In der Datei app/config/parameters.php mussten noch die Zugangsdaten für die neu erstellte Datenbank angepasst werden! Hier waren noch die Daten der alten Datenbank drin, was die Umleitung verursacht hat. Da das Backup mit Akeeba gemacht wurde, wird das beim Umzug nicht automatisch angepasst. Leider wird die parameter.php nur in den seltensten Fällen erwähnt wenn es um den Umzug von Prestashop geht und so bin ich erst sehr spät darauf gestoßen.
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    No hay de qué, recuerda marcar la respuesta como respuesta a tu problema o editar el título del primer post y añadir "[Solucionado]" para ayudar a otros. Salud.
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    Todas las que comienzan por ps_specific_price*
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    For 1.6 do the following: Duplicate ContactController.php and rename to ex. NewContactController Change class name from ContactControllerCore to ex. NewContactControllerCore Change the php self variable to ex. newcontact on line 29 Duplicate contact-form.tpl and rename to ex. new-contact-form.tpl Point to your new template file by editing $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'contact-form.tpl'); on line 255 Delete class_index.php in cache folder in root directory Login to admin backend and add page to SEO & URLS. Access the page URL by http://example.com/i...ller=newcontact This is how i got a second contact page to display. Adding new form fields and variables is up to you. Cheers!
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    you can use $Link object too where 26 is an id of CMS category.
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    Un placer ayudarte y servirte! Un saludo y recuerda que estaremos en el foro, para guiarte por este mundo oscuro y tenebroso. PD: La magia de Prestashop. (Es mentira, la magia no existe.. )
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    Para cambiar el fondo general de todos los encabezados de los modulos, fichero: /themes/tu-plantilla/css/global.css Busca esto: .block .title_block, .block h4 { padding: 6px 11px; font-size: 12px; color: #fff; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #000; text-transform: uppercase; background: #383838; text-align: left; font-weight: bold; } Y cambia el: background: #383838; es decir esto: #383838; por el nuevo codigo de color de fondo que quieras establezcar.
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    Ahora mismo no puedo entrar a tu tienda, pero si quieres cambiar el color de fondo de la pagina, tienes que ir al fichero: /themes/tu-plantilla/css/global.css Busca esto: body { font: normal 11px/14px Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #222; background: #fff; } y #fff cambiarlo por el codigo de color de fondo que quieras poner.
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