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    Product Review Module - Revws - This free module allows your customer to create product reviews. Easily. The main goal of this module is to make both review authoring and moderation process as smooth as possible. I have worked very closely with real-world merchants to make sure this module offers just the right features that you guys need. TAKE A TEST DRIVE You can try this module on my demo account Front Office / Back Office SCREENSHOTS Revws at glance ` FEATURES What can this module do for you? review import - you can easily import your reviews productcomments or yotpo. Or use my datakick module to import from any other source compatible with with prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 versions both customer and guest reviews review moderation by administrator multiple review criteria theming options - you don’t have to use standard star symbol anymore google structured data / rich snippets support customers can edit / delete their reviews voting and report abuse buttons review suggestions based on recent purchase comprehensive settings - you can tweak almost anything and much more INTEGRATIONS Revws module can seamlessly cooperate with other modules. DataKick data import / export / modification module - using my paid module, you can easily list your reviews, export or even import them. You can schedule periodic backup of your review data. You can use it to prepare list of customers who has recently purchased some product and send them a review request Loyalty Points - Genzo Krona module* - revws module is integrated with this amazing loyalty points free module. You can then set up your own rewards strategy. Send Review Request module* - you can use this free module to ask your customer for reviews. Remember, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it * due to rules on this forum, I'm not allowed to link to these modules. Use goole BUGS AND FEATURE REQUESTS If you find any bug or issue, of if you would like to see some new functionality in the module, please file an issue on github. Otherwise I might forget about it Report problem / suggest enhancement DOWNLOAD You can download latest version of this free module here version for prestashop 1.7 version for prestashop 1.6
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    Et si tu achètes des housses de voiture qui ne correspondent pas à ton modèle, tu changes de voiture ?
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    Tous les 6 mois, nous postons concernant ces problèmes et le topic part invariablement dans les oubliettes et poubelles de ce forum. Ci-dessous une liste de modules régulièrement testé par les hackeurs - ces modules contiennent ou ont contenu des failles de sécurité. Si vous possédez l'un de ces modules et ne savez pas si votre version est corrigé, supprimez le immédiatement. Ne le renommez pas, supprimez le. Peu importe qu'il soit activé ou non, supprimez le. Il vaut mieux perdre une fonctionnalité que de perdre sa boutique. Contactez alors le développeur pour obtenir une version saine. Si vous n'avez aucun de ces modules et avez un dédié, vous pouvez également créer un filtre fail2ban afin d'expulser le bot dès la première tentative - ceci vous éloignera des nuisances de ces parasites. Une implémentation fail2ban ici: https://area51.enter-solutions.com/snippets/81 La liste (non exhaustive): yuzu/yuzuCheck.php yuzu/yuzuApi.php columnadverts/uploadimage.php columnadverts/slides/error.php vtemslideshow/uploadimage.php vtemslideshow/slides/error.php realty/include/uploadimage.php realty/include/slides/error.php realty/evogallery/uploadimage.php realty/evogallery/slides/error.php realty/evogallery2/uploadimage.php realty/evogallery2/slides/error.php resaleform/upload.php filesupload/error.php megaproduct/ megaproduct/error.php soopamobile/uploadimage.php soopamobile/slides/error.php soopamobile2/uploadimage.php soopamobile2/slides/error.php soopamobile2/uploadproduct.php soopabanners/uploadimage.php soopabanners/slides/error.php vtermslideshow/uploadimage.php vtermslideshow/slides/error.php simpleslideshow/uploadimage.php simpleslideshow/slides/error.php productpageadverts/uploadimage.php productpageadverts/slides/error.php homepageadvertise/uploadimage.php homepageadvertise/slides/error.php homepageadvertise2/uploadimage.php homepageadvertise2/slides/error.php columnadverts2/uploadimage.php columnadverts2/slides/error.php filesupload/upload.php filesupload/uploads/error.php jro_homepageadvertise/uploadimage.php jro_homepageadvertise/slides/error.php jro_homepageadvertise2/uploadimage.php jro_homepageadvertise2/slides/error.php leosliderlayer/uploadimage.php leosliderlayer/slides/error.php leosliderlayer/upload_images.php vtemskitter/uploadimage.php vtemskitter/img/error.php additionalproductstabs/file_upload.php additionalproductstabs/file_uploads/error.php addthisplugin/file_upload.php addthisplugin/file_uploads/error.php attributewizardpro/file_upload.php attributewizardpro/file_uploads/error.php attributewizardpro.OLD/file_upload.php attributewizardpro.OLD/file_uploads/error.php 1attributewizardpro/file_upload.php 1attributewizardpro/file_uploads/error.php attributewizardpro_x/file_upload.php attributewizardpro_x/file_uploads/error.php advancedslider/ajax_advancedsliderUpload.php?action=submitUploadImage%252526id_slide=php advancedslider/uploads/error.php bamegamenu/ajax_phpcode.php cartabandonmentpro/upload.php cartabandonmentpro/uploads/error.php cartabandonmentproOld/upload.php cartabandonmentproOld/uploads/error.php videostab/ajax_videostab.php?action=submitUploadVideo%252526id_product=upload videostab/uploads/error.php fieldvmegamenu/ajax/upload.php fieldvmegamenu/uploads/error.php orderfiles/ajax/upload.php orderfiles/files/error.php pk_flexmenu/ajax/upload.php pk_flexmenu/uploads/error.php pk_flexmenu_old/ajax/upload.php pk_flexmenu_old/uploads/error.php pk_vertflexmenu/ajax/upload.php pk_vertflexmenu/uploads/error.php nvn_export_orders/upload.php nvn_export_orders/error.php tdpsthemeoptionpanel/tdpsthemeoptionpanelAjax.php tdpsthemeoptionpanel/upload/error.php psmodthemeoptionpanel/psmodthemeoptionpanel_ajax.php psmodthemeoptionpanel/upload/error.php lib/redactor/file_upload.php blocktestimonial/addtestimonial.php Le lien vers l'un de ces bots scanner afin de vous faire prendre conscience de la réalité du risque. ici
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    Je n'ai aucun boulot ni devoir ici et je ne suis pas "à ton service" j'interviens pour dépanner ou guider mais en aucun cas je ne vais faire le travail à ta place. Je ne suis pas devin non plus et si je n'ai pas l'info que tu as testé le retour de paiement avec le mode debug activé (ce dont je doute fortement quand même car dans ce cas le message d'erreur serait explicite) c'est normal que je commence par le stade n° 1 Il te reste donc a regarder tes logs d'erreurs OVH et tu auras les lignes correspondantes à ton problème. Ici l'aide est offerte et je ne te dois rien du tout, il ne faut pas prendre ses désirs pour des réalités non plus.
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    ben justement, "PS 1.7 et évolutions", ça va à peu près autant ensemble que "génie militaire" Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
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    Hello, The mail notification issue is solved. It seems that all notifications have been stocked by MailJet, and have been sent anyway in the last hours. Resume of the issue Since November 2018, the forum activity is growing again, slowly but surely, and that put the number of sent emails per month close to the maximum of our current MailJet plan. Because of the activity peak in April (relative to the spam issue on the account creation form of merchant shops), the quantity of emails sent exceeded (a lot!) the plan: during the last billing period (one month), the forum sent around 216,000+ emails. This is huge! So, I would like to thank a lot all the active users of the PrestaShop forums: if we have this kind of issues, this is because you are using it to help people, to find solutions, to share knowledge, and to discuss about the PrestaShop open source project at large. That is really great.
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    SOLVED. Thanks! there is another TPL file which is under "<theme folder>/modules/contactform/views/templates/widget/contactform.tpl" i just added the two rows: <input type="hidden" name="url" value=""/> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$token}"> just before the submit button, and it works! The strange thing was that editing the first tpl file, i was able to see modifications.. infact i printed the variables by doing so.. but actually the file under the theme folder is also involved... i am confused by that, seems that it takes both files.. Thanks!
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    Use this one : http://build.prestashop.com/news/new-updated-hooks-1-7-1-0/ I have checked and works well.
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    There is no free version 1.7.5. it worked great
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    Prueba a añadir {category:/} , de esa manera añadira el nombre de la categoria en la URL Si es eso, justamente es la respuesta que te dio @lunaroja en la primera contestación
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    Hallo, die Downloaddateien von Eleazar stehen hier im Forum - nach dessen massiven Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Community-Manager von PRESTASHOP - nichtmehr zur Verfügung. siehe auch: Eleazar hat mir seine Beiträge zur Verfügung gestellt, ich werde sie nach und nach auf meiner Site wieder veröffentlichen, bin aber noch nicht ganz so weit. Aber den Download den du suchst findest du schonmal auf den provisorisch erstellten Tipps & Tricks Seiten: Tipps & Tricks Grüsse Whiley
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    Changer d'hébergeur
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    FIXED, It was related with http and https redirections. Postman doesn't manage this as I expected and I had to put https://... instead of the domain without specifying the protocol. Asking to my hosting provider had no sense given I have presta in a VPS, so... Anyway actually I got it working like a charm even with PUT requests. Matt_ let me know if you want to see any config or whatever you need to fix your problem. Thanks both @ksaan and @Matt
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    Pewnie mowa o 1.7 więc tam jest to liczone dynamicznie - po zmianie kombinacji wysyła się zapytanie ajax do bazy i tyle czasu ile zajmuje wygenerowanie i odpowiedź to w takim czasie się to wykona. Możesz cacheować zapytania ale nie taki był zamysł. Jeśli działa wolno tzn że hosting nie domaga lub masz ogromną ilość kombinacji i trochę mysql poci przy odpytywaniu.
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    Ou ce module (qui ne désactive pas mais passe en visibilité nulle part pour éviter les 404 auprès de notre cher Google^^) https://eoliashop.com/updateelements
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    Okay, you gave me a hard time on this one. but i found the solutions 😄 First locate and open this file: "YourStore/classes/form/CustomerFormatter.php" Disable "Password" part disable following code: if ($this->ask_for_password) { $format['password'] = (new FormField()) ->setName('password') ->setType('password') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'Password', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ->setRequired($this->password_is_required) ; } To disable the "Social titel" part find in the same file following code and disable: $genders = Gender::getGenders($this->language->id); if ($genders->count() > 0) { $genderField = (new FormField()) ->setName('id_gender') ->setType('radio-buttons') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'Social title', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ; foreach ($genders as $gender) { $genderField->addAvailableValue($gender->id, $gender->name); } $format[$genderField->getName()] = $genderField; }
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    ah vale. algo asi? export default class JSLink { init(){ $('.js-link').each((_, e) => { let href = $(e).data('url') ? $(e).data('url') : ''; if (href) { let a = document.createElement('a'); a.innerHTML = e.innerHTML; a.className = e.className; e.parentNode.insertBefore(a, e); e.parentNode.removeChild(e); a.setAttribute("href", href); } }) } } <span class="js-link" data-url="https://www.google.com/">enlace camuflado</span> 😵😋😎😵😋😎😵😋
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    I had the same problem in version (just download and configure it, the newest version until Dec 2017). I found out this problem can be solved by disabling the "web only" or "online only" of ALL the products (Has to be ALL products). So, in the product catalogue, you can find the "web only" check box in the last tab ("options"). You need to change it all the products one by one. But, if you are using upload mechanism, it is on the column AU in your csv upload template file, just change the value to 0 for all the products, and then upload all the products. Make sure that your csv file has all your latest product information including the pricing, discounts, quantity, etc. It is solved for me and temporarily this workaround is okay for me. Hope it helps.
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    you have two ways to creating a custom front controller 1. using override simple create a controller in override/controllers/front/YourController.php for references you can check the core controllers in controllers/front/ after creating the controller you have to delete the file cache/class_index.php - this to be done to detect your newly created controller file 2. create a module front controller create your own module and a module front controller modules/yourmodule/controllers/front/custom.php <?php class YourmoduleCustomModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController { public function initContent() { parent::initContent() $this->setTemplate('my-template.tpl'); } public function setMedia() { parent::setMedia(); $this->addJS('your-js-path'); } } here the template file should be yourmodule/views/templates/front/my-template.tpl and you can use the setMedia method only if you have custom js or css files to be loaded for your specific page, if not please remove it. and you can access this page using this url when friendly url is enabled - yourdomain/module/yourmodule/custom when friendly url is off - yourdomain/index.php?controller=fc&module=yourmodule&fc=custom Thanks,
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    Hi Vekia, I have translated your guide to Spanish:: http://victor-rodenas.com/2017/01/03/mostrar-bloque-de-productos-destacados-y-mejores-ventas-en-pestanas-en-prestashop-1-7/ All credits for Vekia ! Thanks ! Sorry for my English
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    Uno gratis por aquí: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/568613-free-module-product-countdown-ps-151617/ Tenemos post del módulo en el foro Español: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/583628-m%C3%B3dulo-cronometro-de-ofertas-product-countdown-ps-151617/ para discutir errores, ect..
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    If you use in your file.js jQuery before function addJs() $this->context->controller->addJquery(); e.g. public function hookBackOfficeHeader() { if (Tools::getValue('module_name') == $this->name) { $this->context->controller->addJquery(); $this->context->controller->addJS($this->_path . 'views/js/back.js'); } }
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    Если платить "впадлу" эту мего-сумму, то вперед учить пхп, смарти, аджакс, джаваскрипт, цсс и хтмл. Как выучите, сделаете сами, этож так просто сделать табличку. Верно? Да и гораздо меньше думаю потратите за обучение .
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    Hello, Add this file - modules\blocknewproducts\blocknewproducts.php This code after line 180 public function hookDisplayHome($params) { if (!$this->isCached('blocknewproducts_home.tpl', $this->getCacheId('blocknewproducts-home'))) { $this->smarty->assign(array( 'new_products' => BlockNewProducts::$cache_new_products, 'mediumSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('medium')), 'homeSize' => Image::getSize(ImageType::getFormatedName('home')) )); } if (BlockNewProducts::$cache_new_products === false) return false; return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blocknewproducts_home.tpl', $this->getCacheId('blocknewproducts-home')); }

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