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    Salut, Cette remarque n'a rien à voir avec votre demande, mais je vais bientôt ouvrir un nouveau message en disant cela; OVH et problèmes avec n'importe quel système de commerce électronique - Changez d'hébergeur! Suivez ce qui précède indiqué par Solsol, et cela devrait être bien, cependant, OVh a tellement de limitations que vous ne pouvez pas connaître le résultat;)
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    Der Update Mechanismus im Modul Manager läuft über die Prestashop Server, da habt ihr also meins Wissens nach keine Chance. Es gibt Module wie z.B. die von myPresta die auf dem eigenen Server nach Updates suchen und benachrichtigen, kannst du dir ja da mal anschauen (z.B. im kostenlosen Cookie Modul)
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    That playing with the root sounded very dirty to me. Doing that kind of operations without understanding why it had become that way is always very risky. Unserialize is a very simple function that converts json into a nested array. So you can just look at position 279465 and you will find a clue. You could also try running the Prestools Integrity Checks. It might give some clues.
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    This module has been reported to the PrestaShop security: it has not been updated for a long time and contains some security issues. For this reason, the zip file has been removed and this disclaimer has been added. The topic will stay available for archival purpose. its been a while since i didnt share a module, well try this one and hopefully you like it. at first i want to put this module as a comercial one, since my submision takes a lot of time to be approved, and after sometimes the prestateam declined this module, then i decided to go as a free modules. And hope that if people like this module then they maybe will donate some to support me.... now you can manipulate your server file and/or folder right from you shop back office. comes with alot of features to made your life easier when you try to manage your shop. edit theme, tweak and/or hack something, even making a new module. with this module you can create new file/folder, upload file, view/edit file, rename/copy/move/delete/backup file or folder and you can change permission of files/folders. some cool features on this module * using onscreen popup to made easier when you manipulate the file. * syntax highlight, line numbering and wordwrap when you go on edit mode. * recrusive copy/move/delete file/folder. * icon for 30 filetypes (.php, .css, .js, .tpl, .html, .htm, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pdf, .swf, .fla, .zip, .rar, .doc, .docx, .xls, .csv, .mdb, .ppt, .sql, .exe, .xml, .avi, .mpg, .mov, .divx, .wav, .mp3) * and many more.... still at early version so any bug and sugestion please share & discuss in here WARNING: this module is a thankyouware so say thank you is a must and send some donation is a hope
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    tell me the caches if any you have implemented. either via module or server cache.... but at end of day I'd like to just get my hand/eye balls on the shop and hosting, pm me if you would like more hands on review.
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    A fast loading website is the goal of every shop owner, as a slow website can lead to a long list of issues, from disappointed customers who lose patience and abandon their cart, to an overloaded server that stops working, and search engines penalizing your site's ranking due to speed. After helping countless PrestaShop sites optimize and increase their speed, including adding timers around different parts of PrestaShop and analyzing what is taking long and why, we have decided to share our obvious and no-so-obvious findings, and help the entire PrestaShop community. Caching & CCC PrestaShop has several layers of caching, we'll start with the ones on the Performance page * Smarty (Template compilation) Should be set to "Recompile templates if the files have been updated" - This will make sure PrestaShop uses smarty cache at all times, and only recompiles a file if it was changed. * Cache (Caching type) Should be turned on, with File System selected. * CCC (Available on certain PS version) We recommend turning OFF Minify HTML and Compress inline JavaScript in HTML - We noticed PrestaShop was spending a long time (sometimes several seconds) when these features are enabled, which means that any benefit from the compression is more than negated by the slow speed. * Ciphering (Available on certain PS versions) We recommend selecting the "Use the custom BlowFish class" - We found that when the server load was high, saving a cookie on the client side with Mcrypt was taking up to several seconds (due to an issue with randomly encrypting the cookie). Switching to blowfish kept the cookie saving time to a few miliseconds. * Caching (Bottom of the performance page) We recommend turning OFF, as we have seen this feature cause more trouble than offer benefit, with module settings not being updated, and other unexpected behavior. * Install a server side caching system, such as OPCache, you would have to check with your hosting provider to see if it's available, and if they can activate it on your website (You may need to reset the cache after making changes to PHP files, in order for the changes to apply right away. Email * SMTP We highly recommend NOT using a 3rd party SMTP server, we have seen speeds of up to 3-5 seconds sending a single email using a 3rd party SMTP server. * PHP mail() We recommend using this option, however, even with this option selected, we noticed that some versions of PrestaShop had a slow send time (1-2 seconds) due to the Swift version that was installed. If you are using PS 1.5, or even an early version of PS 1.6, you may want to make sure sending emails is not taking a long time (Normal time should be around 0.2 seconds.) Modules / Customizations * Shipping / Tax If you are using any 3rd party modules or services, such as UPS, FedEx, TaxCloud or Avalara, PrestaShop will make API calls whenever a product is added to the cart, and even if they have proper caching in place to avoid making the same API request more than one time, it will still require an API for each new product added, and can take several seconds to do so. Whenever possible, use fixed shipping rates, and if you must use those 3rd party services, we recommend making changes to only calculate taxes and shipping when the customer gets to the checkout page. * Carousel If you are using a product carousel module or customization, or similar upsell / product recommendation that is reading product information to display it, make sure they are using a caching system to avoid doing identical calls to the database that return the same data, and take a long time to run. If you are not sure about their caching, ask the developer, or try to disable the module and compare page speed. Database * Analyze & Repair Databases can get corrupted at times, which will result in queries taking longer. It is recommended to periodically check and repair your database tables, this can be easily done from PHPMyAdmin, by selecting all the tables, and choosing the "Check" option at the bottom. If you see any tables with errors, select them and choose the "Repair" option. * Connections PrestaShop keeps visitor information for statistic purposes in 3 tables, and actively queries ps_connections before writing to it, which can take a long time if the tables gets really big, that in turn can lock up the database, and delay the time it takes for the page to load for all the visitors. We recommend backing up and clearing this table once a year, or sooner for sites with a large number of visitors (Try keeping the table size to less than 500,000 records). ReCaptcha * Google ReCaptcha We noticed a substantial slowdown in the time the front end page finishes loading (sometimes taking 5-7 seconds). We recommend restricting the ReCaptcha code to a specific page (like contact form) rather than enable it for all page loads (in case there's a newsletter signup form in the footer). Miscellaneous * Debug Profiling There could be other things that cause your website to be slow, and the best way to get more information and identify the culprit is by enabling the Debug_Profiling variable in /config/defines.inc.php (Change from "False" to "True". This will generate a report in the front end with exact timing of every part in PrestaShop, including every Database query. You will have to inspect the report and identify any parts that are slow. Keep in mind that this will show up for all visitors, so make sure you only change it for your IP address, unless you are working on a development environment. For the latest updates to the list, see https://www.presto-changeo.com/content/23-tips-on-how-to-speed-up-your-prestashop-website
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    Hola, El enlace del que estás hablando te lleva a la página de complementos. Haz lo siguiente: Dentro de su panel de administración, en el Menú del módulo ==> Búsqueda del catálogo del módulo para "1 clic", el módulo estará allí. Instálelo y siga la publicación anterior. Espero haber ayudado buena suerte Leo
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    Many Thanks to he solve it by changing Change : #products .products, .featured-products .products, .product-accessories .products, .product-miniature .products { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; -ms-flex-wrap: wrap; flex-wrap: wrap; -webkit-box-pack: start; -ms-flex-pack: start; justify-content: flex-start; to #products .products, .featured-products .products, .product-accessories .products, .product-miniature .products { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; -ms-flex-wrap: wrap; flex-wrap: wrap; -webkit-box-pack: start; -ms-flex-pack: start; justify-content: center; the issue is : justify-content: flex-start; change it to justify-content: center; many thanks
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    Tak, wygenerować później zdjęcia dla tego formatu i wyczyścić cache przeglądarki oraz pamięć podręczna w sklepie.
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    Zmiana rozmiaru dla medium jest bezcelowa ponieważ kontener zdjęcia jest ograniczony do szerokości 452 px więc większe zdjęcia będą skalowane przez przeglądarkę do wielkości kontenera. Teoretycznie ustawienie w pliku rozmiaru medium, plus ustawienie dla tego rozmiaru szerokości kontenera i wygenerowanie na nowo zdjęć powinno dać najlepszą jakość.
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    Hello Luis, You can wait that Prestashop validates it on addons, or you can use the button available in the 1st tab of the module, after you entered your license (reference of your purchase) and once it has been validated.
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    W pliku large_default zmieniłeś tylko w jednej linii, sugeruje zmienić wszędzie i po zmianach wyczyścić pamięć podręczną w panelu sklepu oraz cache przeglądarki.
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    Si vas a cambiar el TPV, mejor haz esto primero. Hay algunos TPVs que ya te ofrecen módulos para PrestaShop. Si no tienen módulo para conectar con PS, los archivos que te pasen serán diferentes y tendrás que volver a cambiar el script. Así que si estás pensando en cambiar, yo haría eso primero. Para usar el script, básicamente crea un archivo PHP con el siguiente contenido (este es solo para productos simples, sin combinaciones): loadProductsPost(); $import=new AdminImportController(); $import->productImport(); function loadProductsPost() { $_POST = array ( 'tab' => 'AdminImport', 'truncate'=>'0', // Eliminar todas las productos antes de importar 'forceIDs' => '0', // Si activas esta opción, los números ID de tus objetos importados se utilizarán tal cual. Si no la activas, se ignorarán los números de ID importados y, en su lugar, PrestaShop creará números de ID que se incrementarán automáticamente para todos los elementos importados. 'skip' => '0', // líneas a saltar del csv 'csv' => ARCHIVO_DESTINO, // nombre del archivo csv a importar 'convert' => '', 'regenerate' => '0', // 0: regenera miniaturas | 1: no regenera miniaturas 'entity' => '1', // Productos = 1 'iso_lang' => 'es', 'match_ref' => '1', // Si está activado, ¡la referencia del producto TIENE que ser única! 'separator' => DELIMITADOR_CAMPOS_CSV, // separador de campo 'multiple_value_separator' => ',', // separador de valor múltiple 'import' => '1', 'type_value' => array ( 0 => 'reference', 1 => 'name', 2 => 'category', 3 => 'id_tax_rules_group', 4 => 'ean13', 5 => 'available_for_order', 6 => 'online_only', 7 => 'show_price', 8 => 'condition', 9 => 'customizable', 10 => 'uploadable_files', 11 => 'text_fields', 12 => 'is_virtual', 13 => 'shop', 14 => 'manufacturer', 15 => 'date_add', 16 => 'active', 17 => 'image', 18 => 'image_alt', 19 => 'delete_existing_images', 20 => 'minimal_quantity', 21 => 'unity', 22 => 'unit_price_ratio', 23 => 'quantity', 24 => 'wholesale_price', 25 => 'price_tex', 26 => 'unit_price'), ); } En la función, es donde tendrás que hacer los ajustes necesarios para que funcione con tus archivos y los campos que le pasas. Yo envío esos campos, pero puedes borrar o añadir otros. Los valores a configurar tienen comentarios explicando para qué son. Si te lías con esto quizá sea mejor que hables con alguna programadora o programador que te lo personalice.
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    Doch auf jeden Fall, die ersten Hauptversionen haben immer einige Fehler, eigentlich sollte man vor den Produktiveinsatz ein paar Upgrades abwarten.
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    it depends on your orderstatuses - if you enumerate id order state for "successfull" order fe 5, 12, 18 then you can write or you can follow 'invoice' flag select count(id_order) as cntorders, max(o.date_add) as latest, c.id_customer, lastname, firstname from ps_customer c join ps_orders o on o.id_customer = c.id_customer where current_state in (select id_order_state FROM ps_order_state where invoice=1) group by o.id_customer having count(o.id_order)>1 order by 1 desc
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    Bonjour, j'ai installé Store Commander mais c'est faux ce n'est pas gratuit c'est 7 jours d’essai. j'ai plus de 55 000 produits et donc quand j'essaye d'ajouté un produit manuellement c'est presque impossible trop lent. je ne cherche pas a changer d’hébergement ou autre je suis déjà sur un dédié 64 GB ram, disque dur ssd, cpu 10 cores. quelqu'un connait une autre solution comme Store Commander ? Merci d'avance
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    A partir de la 1.7 me parece que todas las URLs de productos con combinaciones le meten los valores en la URL. Ten en cuenta que si es por SEO lo que te preocupa, no cuenta nunca lo que hay en una URL a partir de una "#". Es decir, midominio.com/123-producto-chulo.html#color-rojo es exactamente lo mismo que midominio.com/123-producto-chulo.html Pero ten en cuenta que: Te da igual que carguen URLs con #, pero si puedes enlazar a la URL sin mejor que mejor. Si tienes canonical, asegúrate que estás apuntando a la URL sin el #...
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    Hi, Here is a new module that I developed urgently as part of the #EcommerceSolidaire action to offer a free and alternative solution to Google analytics and allow ethical merchants to respect the privacy of their customers. As part of the continuity of solidarity with the most affected merchants, I decided to offer my module to the entire PrestaShop community. It allows you to accurately measure your customers' visits using your Matomo session. If you don't have a Matomo session available, you can contact me directly so that I can offer you an alternative. Download directly the module
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    Hallo Für unseren letzten Kunden haben wir verwendet: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/export-modules/50075-idealo-feed-exporter.html#overview Wir haben das Modul selbst modifiziert, nachdem wir es gekauft haben! Wir haben dieses Modul nach gefunden! https://help.prestalia.it/de/documentation/idealo/installation-3/ Ich hoffe, es hilft!
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    Yep, you fan out of memory....you will need to up your memory limit or determine what appl is running you out of memory.
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    I would take a closed look now, but unfortunately having a meetup;) - if you won't find a response, a nd or solution until tomorrow, I'm happy to help you out. The files mentioned above have nothing to do there, the rest seems fine....but I suppose it's just a chunk of the folders which are there ? Cheers, Leo PS: We'll solve that if not today- tomorrow
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    Thanks @jmelich That worked for me
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    AS @El Patron stated this is a server issues. It would great for you to understand how many concurrent connections your host package can have. This can be a good ort a bed sign The good part is - if you reached the high top of your connections thanks to too many visitors The bad part - somebody is spoofing your site/using a crawler. Report this to host, and ask them for clarifications.
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    Hi, you can change this from theme translation: Kind regards, Leo
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    Him You should download the same version as it is your current shop version. You can check your version, from file: /config/settings.inc.php, it's the value of _PS_VERSION_ Kind regards, Leo
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    Hi, The Prestashop 1.6 version had a free built-in Facebook Pixel tracking module, but you can buy a really cheap one here : https://mypresta.eu/modules/social-networks/fb-conversion-tracking-pixel.html I hope it helps. Leo
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    Hi, Create an account for leo(@)prestachamps.(com), but you can also send me though PM. it shouldn't take me too much(I hope so ) Cheers, Leo
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    Bonjour J'ai un probléme similaire je pense J'ai mis par exemple 10 photos dans ma page produit et attribué par exemple 3 déclinaisons mais lorsque j'assimile mes photos a mes déclinaisons, sur le site je ne vois plus que les photos de déclinaisons, il n'y a plus toutes les photos du départ (qui sont normalement en dessous de la photo et on peut les faire défiler), quelqu'un peut m'aider? Est ce un bug car avant je n'avais pas de souci, je suis sous Merci d'avance de vos réponses et votre aide
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    Hi, just create a authors category and subcaterorie by author (sample here). Then you can have any filters and multple authors on a product.
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    Mauvaise idée ! En procédant ainsi tu n'as plus la possibilité d'afficher les nouveaux produits sur ta boutique ce qui est tout de même dommage... Le badge "Neuf" qui s'affiche sur les listes de produits ne correspond pas à l'état du produit (neuf, occasion, reconditionné...) mais à son statut (produit récemment ajouté au catalogue). Il s'agit là d'un problème de traduction de Prestashop et qui manifestement ne sera corrigé que dans un ou deux siècles... Je te renvoie sur ce topic pour plus d'informations :
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    Hi Diho, regarding the file that automatically re-appeared next day, the recommended is to ask your hosting support about this, as it could easily happen that it is created by some server security scanner, like some malware scanner. Maybe this could be related to your script : https://support.comodo.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1229/113/debug-for-malware-scanning Kind regards, Leo
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    Pour faire suite à ce topic, j'ai finalement réussi par un autre moyen. Avant cela, il faut bien entendu définir les bons taux de TVA dans "International" -> "Taxes" > "Règles de taxes" -> "FR Taux standard (20%)" -> modifier la TVA des pays en question Etant donné qu'il est relativement complexe de modifier le code pour partir sur un TTC à la place du HT, j'en ai conclu qu'il vaut mieux définir un prix spécifique pour un pays défini. Pour cela, j'utilise le module CSV SPECIFIC PRICE pour traiter tous les produits en masse facilement : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/import-export-de-donnees/17366-csv-specific-prices.html Si on veut le faire manuellement, ça se passe dans l'onglet "Prix" du produit, en modifiant uniquement ces paramètres : Autrement, avec le module, on commence avec un export pour récupérer tous les prix HT pour une TVA à 20%, puis on recalcule le prix HT avec une autre TVA en spécifiant le pays pour lequel on veut un prix différent, et on importe tout cela. Pour le client, ce sera donc totalement transparent puisque le prix affiché hors connexion sera le même que le prix affiché une fois connecté avec son pays de livraison renseigné. Pour les frais de port, si on veut bien faire, il faudrait créer un nouveau transporteur par pays visé par cette TVA différente afin que le TTC soit toujours le même.
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    Ah... no tak, zapomniałem że musisz poniżej dodać jeszcze metodę: public static function setCurrencyManually( $id_currency ) { $cookie = Context::getContext()->cookie; $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance((int) $id_currency); if (is_object($currency) && $currency->id && !$currency->deleted && $currency->isAssociatedToShop()) { $cookie->id_currency = (int) $currency->id; } $currency = null; if ((int) $cookie->id_currency) { $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance((int) $cookie->id_currency); } if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($currency) || (bool) $currency->deleted || !(bool) $currency->active) { $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance(Configuration::get('PS_CURRENCY_DEFAULT')); } $cookie->id_currency = (int) $currency->id; if ($currency->isAssociatedToShop()) { return $currency; } else { // get currency from context $currency = Shop::getEntityIds('currency', Context::getContext()->shop->id, true, true); if (isset($currency[0]) && $currency[0]['id_currency']) { $cookie->id_currency = $currency[0]['id_currency']; return Currency::getCurrencyInstance((int) $cookie->id_currency); } } return $currency; } I już sobie przypomniałem co było problemem. Z tego co pamiętam ta metoda ze zmianą języka jest wywoływana podczas każdego requestu, stąd w praktyce użytkownicy nie będą mogli zmienić sobie sami waluty na inną niż przypisana do języka. Czyli zawsze będzie tak jak to zdefiniujesz. Pamiętaj też o podmianie ID na poprawne dla twojego sklepu w tej linii: if( $newLanguageId == 6 ) { Tools::setCurrencyManually( 2 ); }
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    Bonjour Luis, visiblement le problème vient de votre thème. Dans les templates de la page produit, il faut absolument qu'il y a une balise HTML ayant pour ID "product-details" et un attribut "data-product" contenant toutes les indications sur la déclinaisons en cours (donc ça se rafraichit dès qu'on change de déclinaison). Votre thème n'a semble t'il pas cette balise. Je vous invite à vérifier et à contacter le développeur du thème pour lui demander de corriger cela.
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    Hello! So this will be quite long so please let me explain what I am trying to do: My objective is to add 2 columns to the employee table, "Budget_left" and "Date_Budget_Added". And then ultimately show these 2 in the EDIT PROFILE PAGE in the back office, with the budget showing the budget of that profile. I have already successfully modified the database which is done during the installation of my module. I have also overridden the Employee.php to add "Budget_Left" and "Date_Budget_Added" to the Employee class. What I now have to do, and where I am quite lost, is to have the correct output on the edit profile page whos templating is done with Symfomy, a framework I am just discovering. The output file seems to be: src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Configure/AdvancedParameters/Employee/Blocks/form.html.twig. And I have also successfully overriden this in my module (basically I've copied the whole code) and modifications work on it. However, my problem now is trying to access the data I need. My "Budget_left" and "Date_Budget_Added" in my database. I have var dumped the employeeForm variable however this object doesn't seem to have all the data that is in the employee table in the database. My question is have I done the correct steps to add the columns to the database? And if so, how can I access these datas from the .twig files? Thank you all soooo much in advance! I hope I was adequately clear about what I am trying to do!
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    Or create custom hook and add to product-add-to-cart.tpl Module: <?php if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_')) { exit; } class my_module extends Module { public function __construct() { $this->name = 'my_module'; $this->tab = 'other'; $this->version = ''; $this->author = ''; $this->author_email = ''; $this->author_website = ''; $this->bootstrap = true; parent::__construct(); $this->displayName = 'Add my text to product detail page'; $this->description = 'Module add my text to product page'; $this->confirmUninstall = 'Uninstall?'; $this->ps_versions_compliancy = array('min' => '1.7.0', 'max' => ''); $this->default_lang = (int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'); } public function uninstall() { $id_hook = Hook::getIdByName('displayMyProductActions'); $hook = new Hook($id_hook); $hook->delete(); if (Shop::isFeatureActive()) { Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); } if (!parent::uninstall()) { return false; } return true; } public function install() { if (Shop::isFeatureActive()) { Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); } if (!parent::install()) { return false; } if (!$id_hook = Hook::getIdByName('displayMyProductActions')) { $hook = new Hook(); $hook->name = 'displayMyProductActions'; $hook->title = 'My new hook'; $hook->description = 'This is a custom hook!'; $hook->position = 1; $hook->add(); // return true on success } $this->registerHook('displayMyProductActions'); return true; } public function hookDisplayMyProductActions($params) { $id_product = Tools::getValue('id_product'); $my_query = Db::getInstance()->getValue('SELECT my_value FROM'._DB_PREFIX_.'my_table WHERE id_product = '.$id_product); if ($my_query){ return '<span class="my-variable">'.$my_query.'</span>'; } else { return ''; } } } HOOK in product-add-to-cart.tpl: {hook h='displayMyProductActions' product=$product}
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    And now for the PS let's remove this decimals... File : prestashop1_7_6_4/src/Core/Localization/Number/Formatter.php l.125 #REPLACE if ($minorDigits) { $formattedNumber .= self::DECIMAL_SEPARATOR_PLACEHOLDER . $minorDigits; } #BY if (in_array($minorDigits, array("0","00","000","0000","00000","000000"))) { //$formattedNumber = $formattedNumber; } else if ($minorDigits) { $formattedNumber .= self::DECIMAL_SEPARATOR_PLACEHOLDER . $minorDigits; } Still the same tricks, i only remove decimals from prices that have "0" in decimals Save then refresh your page...End of story. You can easely observe my past comment with my 2 last answers : Any new version change the way they are dealing with displayPrice... Good luck with future versions guys ahahahaha ! Disable one click automatic update !
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    Buenas tardes, Te dejo informacion por si te sirve de ayuda https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35192745/backend-js-errors-when-enabling-ssl Salds!
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    Ok I find the solution: Change validate.php in /classes/ public static function isCustomerName($name) { $validityPattern = Tools::cleanNonUnicodeSupport( '/^0-9(?:[^!<>,;?=+()\/\\@#"°*`{}_^$%:¤\[\]|\.。]|[\.。](?:\s|$))*$/u' ); return preg_match($validityPattern, $name); } To public static function isCustomerName($name) { $validityPattern = Tools::cleanNonUnicodeSupport( '/^(?:[^!<>,;?=+()\/\\@#"°*`{}_^$%:¤\[\]|\.。]|[\.。](?:\s|$))*$/u' ); return preg_match($validityPattern, $name); } After: You must have change 2 files: in: src/Core/Domain/Customer/ValueObject/ There is 2 files : FirstName.php LastName.php change : private function assertLastNameIsValid($lastName) { $matchesLastNamePattern = preg_match('/^[^0-9!<>,;?=+()@#"°{}_$%:¤|]*$/u', stripslashes($lastName)); if (!$matchesLastNamePattern) { throw new CustomerConstraintException( sprintf('Customer last name %s is invalid', var_export($lastName, true)), CustomerConstraintException::INVALID_LAST_NAME ); } By: private function assertLastNameIsValid($lastName) { $matchesLastNamePattern = preg_match('/^[^!<>,;?=+()@#"°{}_$%:¤|]*$/u', stripslashes($lastName)); if (!$matchesLastNamePattern) { throw new CustomerConstraintException( sprintf('Customer last name %s is invalid', var_export($lastName, true)), CustomerConstraintException::INVALID_LAST_NAME ); } ( In fact remove characters you want, for me only 1-9) by the way , do the same with firstname: { $matchesFirstNamePattern = preg_match('/^[^0-9!<>,;?=+()@#"°{}_$%:¤|]*$/u', stripslashes($firstName)); if (!$matchesFirstNamePattern) { throw new CustomerConstraintException( sprintf('Customer first name %s is invalid', var_export($firstName, true)), CustomerConstraintException::INVALID_FIRST_NAME ); } } by { $matchesFirstNamePattern = preg_match('/^[^!<>,;?=+()@#"°{}_$%:¤|]*$/u', stripslashes($firstName)); if (!$matchesFirstNamePattern) { throw new CustomerConstraintException( sprintf('Customer first name %s is invalid', var_export($firstName, true)), CustomerConstraintException::INVALID_FIRST_NAME ); } }
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    Seems the slider is not actived for mobile by default (I assume to save bandwidth on slow mobile connections) - you can activate it directly in the module manager:
  42. 1 point
    Ciao, Forse l'unica soluzione per la tua richiesta sarebbe quella di creare un buono sconto subito disponibile al carrello inserendo le varie condizioni in questa schermata:
  43. 1 point
    Hi, The current_state field from webservice has PS_OS_WS_PAYMENT as default value. To change it I had to override the Order Class. In the second parameter of the function validateOrder you specify the current_state value. public function addWs($autodate = true, $null_values = false) { /** @var PaymentModule $payment_module */ $payment_module = Module::getInstanceByName($this->module); $customer = new Customer($this->id_customer); if($this->module=="cashondelivery") $payment_module->validateOrder($this->id_cart, Configuration::get('PS_OS_PREPARATION'), $this->total_paid, $this->payment, null, array(), null, false, $customer->secure_key); elseif($this->module=="bankwire") $payment_module->validateOrder($this->id_cart, Configuration::get('PS_OS_BANKWIRE'), $this->total_paid, $this->payment, null, array(), null, false, $customer->secure_key); else $payment_module->validateOrder($this->id_cart, Configuration::get('PS_OS_WS_PAYMENT'), $this->total_paid, $this->payment, null, array(), null, false, $customer->secure_key); $this->id = $payment_module->currentOrder; return true; } Hope it helps!
  44. 1 point
    Source: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/308913-admin-login-timeout/ The default settings are 15 minutes, so the login is automatically terminated after 15 minutes of inactivity in the PrestaShop 1.7. This time can be easily adjusted in the following folder: classes / controller / AdminController .php Look for line 2288, where the following code is to be found: if ($this->context->cookie->last_activity + 900 < time()) { Changing 900 to 3600 increases the log-in period from 15 to 60 minutes.
  45. 1 point
    O código dos Correios mudou novamente? Porque minha loja voltou a dar o problema de "não há transportadoras para esse CEP"
  46. 1 point
    Hi, I need to import more than 500 rules for shipping (weight, price). Is there any solution for importing shipping costs/rules with CSV file? I think i'm not the only one who need that option. I need 500 rules only for DHL shipping provider. I need to import UPS, TNT, GLS and all other shipping providers for all countries (more than 3000 rules / prices). Thank you!
  47. 1 point
    Re bonjour, Je me répond à moi même car j'ai avancé sur le sujet... Après avoir regardé le code de l'import, AdminImportController.php, il apparait que les attributs importés en peuvent jamais être de type couleur... J'ai donc laissé tomber la création des couleurs automatiquement et je me suis tout tapé à la main... Cela étant fait, j'ai été obligé de modifier le csv car si on n'utilise pas le champ "Référence" attaché à une déclinaison, Prestashop créé tout le temps des déclinaisons et n'update jamais les existantes... Bref, ça donne quelque chose comme cela : 17;Largeurs:select:4, Exemplaires:select:2, Couleurs:color:1;"10 mm:1, 100 ex:3, Blanc:2";777;P17_0001 Dans l'exemple, on ajoute ou update au produit d'id 17 une déclinaison composée des attributs Largeurs, Exemplaires et Couleurs avec leur types respectifs et leur position avec les valeurs "10 mm", "100 ex" et "Blanc", avec pour chacune des valeurs, leur positions... Enfin, nous avons un paramètre "Impact sur le prix" et le dernier, magique, qui est "Référence"... Ce dernier est en fait la clé de la déclinaison... Il doit être unique sur le produit. Je n'ai pas vérifié si ce doit être sur tous les produits... J'ai préfixé par "P" + produit id... Les données valeurs sont entre guillemets car j'ai parfois des accents... Mis à part le fait que mon hébergeur coupe l'import au bout de 30 secondes, ça fonctionne parfaitement en création / update à partir du moment où tous les attributs sont créés et que les positions sont bonnes... En fait, les positions peuvent être considérées comme des "clés" je pense... Attention de bien mapper les colonnes : "ID produit", "Attribut", "Valeur", "Impact sur le prix" et "Référence". Et pas "Référence produit" ou "Référence fournisseur"... Si quelqu'un a une idée pour accélérer le traitement global, je suis preneur... J'ai vu une solution horrible consistant à faire l'import en local puis exporter les tables et les ré-importer sur la prod... Y'a t il moyen de lancer l'import en ligne de commande ? Voila voila Frédéric, moins désespéré
  48. 1 point
    Solved deleting browser cache with Control + F5
  49. 1 point
    back office--Preferences-->geolocalization set to disabled...save
  50. 1 point
    Même problème. J'ai un produit tout bête, avec une quantité de 1. Pas de déclinaisons car pas de choix ... et j'ai ce message! C'est assez pénible de buter sur des bugs à chaque étape de l'intégration ...
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