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    An application that directly posts your Whatsapp number when you talk and click through Whatsapp. Button click open whatsapp your number New Added Features Attached to the desired Hook added Fixed mobile errors Shared with product name brought on product page Add position Left or Right page Product Share Page BUY PRO VERSION PRESTASHOP WHATSAP MODULE DEMO 17-whatsapp-live-chat.zip 17-whatsapp-live-chatV3.zip
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    Block Instagram : Display Instagram pics from an account The module is available here : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram The "master" branch will only be compatible with 1.7 I set up a "1.6.x" branch to maintain 1.6 compatibility To make it easier, here are the download links: Last 1.7 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.4.zip Last 1.6 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.3.zip "Source code (zip)", one will get a file named "blockinstagram-1.2.4.zip". Inside, there is a folder named "blockinstagram-1.2.4". To make the import facilities of Prestashop work, one has to unpack it, rename the folder to "blockinstagram" and zip it as "blockinstagram.zip". Please use this module instead : https://boutique.comonsoft.com/gb/free-prestashop-modules/18-instagram-latest-picture-block.html It use the Instagram API, and is fully compatible 1.6/ 1.7 Hope it may help you
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    Here is a free module to let you export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place. It's an evolution to the GoogleShopping module made by Jordi and accessible on the spanish forum. The tool had already been modified by other users. This module lets you associate your shop categories to the Google Merchant Center ones. It exports price with and without reduction. You can also set a minimum price to filter products to export. You can associate some features value with categories (condition, availability, gender, age group). It offers the attributes combinations management. You can choose to export only one product or one product for each attributes combination. Last addition to the module is that you can now select the currency (among the available ones) to export in the feed for each available language. It has been tested on PS 1.5 and PS 1.6, and should also work on PS 1.7. Please report using problems you may encounter as an issue on GIthub or in this thread. This is how the module works : - if your products already have a "condition" attribute set in prestashop, then you can indicate it in the module main page, by the way products are exported with your native product's condition value. - if your products have not any "condition" attribute, and Google asks for it, then you can set the value for this attribute in the module category's configuration form, then each product in this category is exported with this value. - if your product have no condition attribute, and its module category has no 'condition' value set, then product is exported with the condition value set for its parent category, and so on till the root category. If all of your shop products belong to the same Google Shopping category, you can just set it for your root/home category, no need to set it for all of your categories. Children categories automatically get the same parameter. The module works the same way for the condition attribute, availability, gender and age_group attributes. "Default" value means: "Use the product's attribute. If product have no condition attribute set, then use the category attribute value. And if it's not set, then use the first parent category's filled setting." ... Not really clear but should be helpful ? In other words, If Google Merchant Center doesn't accept your products because the "condition" attribute is missing, then just set the value "new" to the condition attribute while editing your root category in the module configuration page. By the way all of your shop products are exported with the condition attribute set to "new". No need to change the "Default" value for each products category. In the latest releases (v1.5.6 -> 1.6), the color/material/pattern/size attributes can be mapped to the products attributes OR to the products features, according to your choice. Products features are mapped in the module main configuration page, and products attributes can be mapped separately for each category. Enjoy! (feedback is welcome ) PS: if you choose to use this module, please uninstall before the existing GoogleShopping module from your prestashop, if any. Last updates: - automatically export shipping prices ( Thanks to GuillaumeGBzh ) - all reported errors corrected (16 Feb 2016) - added currency selection for each available language - added filters and improvements on products selection SQL query (optimization) - rounded sale prices adjusted (06 Feb 2016) - Prestashop' rules compliant source code (by Elitius) - added products combinations names in exported products names (13 Apr. 2015) - combinations management improved (01/05/2015) : combinations pictures and links corrected - ability to attach different products attributes (or attributes groups) to each category - ability to export product features as well as product attributes - ability to manually specify the shop's product type (optionnal) - automatically export prices with or without tax included, following the shop's visitors group setting Todo: - add an option to normalise product name Last dev. version on GitHub (v 1.7.x): https://github.com/dim00z/gshoppingflux/ How to use this module? - download and install the package on your Prestashop server. - at first, configure the default products category of your shop in the main module configuration page - then set the parameters you need to activate - link shop features in the main module configuration page (if needed) - edit the main category (root or home) of your shop by clicking on it in the list - link products attributes in the main category edit page - then select the needed currencies to export with each available language - test the feed import in Google Merchant Center - if ok, configure a cron task to automatically update the feed Download gshoppingflux-1.7.2.zip
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    Cdiscount : "Commander", il s'embarrassent pas de détails eux.. honnêtement, je pense que tout le monde se masturbe le cerveau pour pas grand chose..
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    Thanks for a clue, I'll take a look at it around middle of august.
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    https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/1748-paypal-braintree-official.html https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha https://github.com/bogdanmoisin/prestashop-clean-urls
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    lol, yeah sure get me here in nowhereland. Legal consequences. Take that umbrella off your ass.
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    You can download it here : https://github.com/PrestaShop/productcomments/releases/download/v4.0.0/productcomments.zip (official repository)
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    This is at \themes\classic\templates\catalog\_partials\miniatures\pack-product.tpl: <div class="pack-product-quantity"> <span>x {$product.pack_quantity}</span> </div>
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    c'est vraiment sympa de votre part je veux bien ! je vous le remets en format tableau et vous fourni le code dès que possible. encore merci
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    Dire que j'ai fait cette MAJ de version mineure parce que je voulais profiter du nouveau module d'avis client. Finalement peut etre bien que la règle des MAJ prestashop c'est : Pour une version 1.x vers 1.x+1 => Ne jamais mettre à jour, il faut faire une refonte complète Pour une version 1.x.y vers 1.x.y+1 => Procéder à la MAJ après 3 à 6 mois après la sortie ou du moins attendre une version 1.x.y+1.1 Pour une version 1.x.y.z vers 1.x.y.z+1 => On peut faire une MAJ sans sourciller vu que ce n'est que des correctif de bug. 🤣
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    Hello Aurelien, Try this : #wrapper .breadcrumb ol > li:first-child{ display:none; } Thanks,
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    I think You don't see it becous of Preferences - > Main Shop Activity change it to -- Please choose your main activity -- Clear cache and then try to find module, for me it worked ;)
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    Cryptocurrency is the hottest cake in the market right now and bringing it into E-commerce shall take the booming industry to much greater heights. View the full article
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    @doekia @Mediacom87 , si je résume : - Passer de PHP 5.4/5.6 à PHP 7.x, ça sert à rien, ça n'accélère pas le site et ça apporte plus d'em... qu'autre chose - Passer par un CDN, ça ne sert à rien non plus, sauf si on a "un gros site avec une audience internationale" ou "de gros engorgements" - Passer à Prestashop 1.7 ça ne sert à rien non plus car cette version n'est "pas (et sera probablement jamais) complète et stable" - Ecouter et suivre bêtement ce qui est préconisé par des services en ligne d'analyse de performance et de SEO, ça ne sert à rien - Ecouter et suivre bêtement ce qui est préconisé par Google, lui même, ça ne sert à rien Bon... peut-être que vous avez raison ... mais dans ce cas qu'est-ce que vous avez à proposer de concret, vous, en tant qu'"experts", pour réduire le TTFB, pour accélérer un site puisque tout ce que proposent/préconisent les autres "experts", ça ne sert à rien ??
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    Wyszła nowa aktualizacja, w której uwzględniono tą funkcjonalność 😀
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    Ho risolto Ho disattivato le caselle di riferimento del module-leoblog-blog sopraccitato (vedere screenshot allegato). Grazie a tutti!
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    Hola, He solucionado ambos problemas gracias a la ayuda del soporte postventa de AVANZAS - INFORTELECOM HOSTING SL, el servidor en el que tengo alojado este Prestashop. Muchas gracias Ruben Robles!!! La solución es la siguiente: Dentro del fichero mail php, modificar la linea 878 Linea original : return $address[0] . '@' . idn_to_ascii($address[1], 0, INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46); Linea modificada: return $address[0] . '@' . idn_to_ascii($address[1]); Una vez hecho esto, Prestashop envía correctamente las notificaciones a través de mail, de las compras, del boletín de noticias y del formulario de contacto. Al hacer una compra, el pedido entra como PAGO ACEPTADO y no como CANCELADO como estaba ocurriendo.
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    I've written a tutorial about extending registration form by adding your new fields: http://prestacraft.com/adding-new-fields-to-the-registration-form-in-prestashop-1-7/ Enjoy
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    I've checked the "incognito" mode, I've also cleaned cahe and cookies in my browser - still access denied. I've made some kind of an experiment. I've kept my dev stores filesystem on server, but I've cleared DB and restore it with the one from clean Presta. Now I can get to Order and see first example orders from John Doe... I believe this means that the issue reason is in DB. Have you got any idea where to look for it? EDIT: Problem Solved! I've restored 'my' DB, removed 'ps_access' table, and restored 'ps_access' from 'clean' DB. Now it all works fine Thank you guys for help! In attachement there is 'ps_access' table from clean DB - in the case if someone would need it in the future ps_access.sql.gz
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    Never mind, I found out they're in a NEW place (so they're gone in my case because I didn't backup app folder): public_html/app/config/parameters.yml (Prestashop 1.7 new location for database configuration settings)
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    Yes you should use "blockinstagram" as folder name ! @Florian yes it would be great, Can you send me your translation name
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    Hi! I solved the problem. After I upload the zip file, the module didn't appears in prestashop modules (modules > modules). So I went in my FTP and upload manually all the files that was in the zip file in to a new folder named "blockinstagram" (.../modules/blockinstagram) and now it appears on my prestashop desktop and works perfectly!
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    Hi Rocky,, hm please you know how to disable dropdown submenu PrestaShop through CSS or PHP, thanks to masters PrestaShop.. :)
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    La versión rápida es ir a Módulos, buscar NEWSLETTER y desactivarlo. Claro que así quitas los dos check. El de las ofertas especiales y el de Newsletter La ley obliga a que si mandas un email publicitario a un cliente, este ha tenido que aceptarlo expresamente, luego si lo quitas no podrás mandar ofertas Aunque no uses newsletter no esta mal que tus clientes tengan la opción, así dentro de un tiempo, si decides usarlas ya tendrás una cartera de clientes a los que podrás informar. Esta bien que tengas los dos, de esa forma sabes a que clientes les interesa tus NOTICIAS o consejos y a cuales les interesan tus OFERTAS (podrías dedicar newsletter a aconsejar al cliente de como usar tus productos y ofertas para vender) Esta es otra metedura de pata (light) de la traducción de PS. MI CONSEJO es que cambies la TRADUCCION CUTRE que asusta a cualquiera por algo como : Recibir ofertas especiales (Max. 2 email/mes) y por supuesto ni terceras personas ni nada

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