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    This is a clean and light design (only 4,53 mb), without extra modules and scripts. I have worked harder to maximize the possibilities of the original files of the default theme, modifying only the css and some tpl files. The main features are the modified navigation menu, added a clear and scanlined background in the header, social media icons fully customizable, effects on mouseover in the featured products making borders in black color, color changes in ‘new’, ‘discount’ and other flags, and the removal of quick view effect (you can reactivate easily removing the last extra lines added in theme.css file). This template can be used for any type of shop, electronics, auto parts, beauty, food, etc Is fully compatible with all versions of Prestashop 1.7.X You can download directly from attached file in this post (only 4,5mb!!!) I hope you like it, any question you can post here and I will try to reply and solve any problem or configuration. LIVE DEMO https://www.freeprestathemes.com/themes/bitshop bitshop.zip
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    So... I apologize if this is a widely known thing, but I have scoured the prestashop documentation as well as various Internet resources about this and have come up with bupkiss. The issue is that I am trying to resolve is the problem of entering multiple zip codes per county. I have each county's sales tax rate entered in the tax tab and when I go to enter tax rules into the state, I can only enter in one range per county. Now, I realize I could just enter county 1, county 2, etc. to alleviate this, but to be honest, I have so many individual ranges that this would be counterintuitive. Is there perhaps a method of entering in multiple zip codes per tax rule instead of just a single range? Could I put semicolons or commas or something like maybe: "xxxxx-xxxxx; xxxxx; xxxxx-xxxxx"?
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    Zobacz w /themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/category-header.tpl
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    Those are basic things man!!! you should be able to figure them out by yourself!!! You can configure popular products module here... Than you have to choose witch products show in there by setting them to show at home... You can set it in page design! You have to install the new products modules and configure it... Than set it to the display home hook like this... You could try to place the main menu on the footer hook like you did with the new products menu... Best Regards
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    Das was da auf deinem Screenshot zu sehen ist hat aber mit einem Logo nichts zu tun. Möglicherweise ist es zu groß? Ansonsten alle Caches löschen oder einfach das Bild direkt per FTP im Dateisystem austauschen.
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    The main width is set in CSS class .container - you can change it in your custom.css file.
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    Thanx El Patron, I managed to add the domains with the Alias. Jurgen
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    Hey! Thanks for your appreciation. And sure let your client know about this module Feel free to ask if you have any query regarding this module or have any suggestions. Thanks!
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    Bonjour, Je viens de terminer mon premier module pour Prestashop v1.6 Je le pense utile (en tout cas pour moi il l'est) et j'espère qu'il le sera pour vous. Si vous avez des idées d'améliorations, n'hésitez pas à proposer sur le github : https://github.com/guillaume-roy/holidaysmode Ce module permet de passer la boutique en mode vacances (plus d'infos sur le site). Guillaume. EDIT 10/06/2014 : Correction du zip EDIT 01/08/2014 : Ajout v1.2.0 - Compatible Prestashop v1.5.0.2 à v1.6+ / Sélection du hook où le message sera affiché. EDIT 12/05/2016 : Ajout v1.3.0 - Ajout du champs de date de retour / Diverses corrections de code et CSS. EDIT 17/08/2016 : Ajout v1.3.1 - Affichage de la date de retour dans le format de date de la boutique. holidaysmode-v1.0.zip holidaysmode-v1.2.0.zip holidaysmode-v1.3.0.zip holidaysmode-v1.3.1.zip
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