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    Hello @hakeryk2 I heard You have problem with this and I will help You because You are such a great person. Here is a solution to your concern. If You will digg in into AdminImportController.php You will find out that there is a option to import features. Just grab it from there and adjust it to your needs or create a complete new function that You will be using with ease in future. Here it is. Just put into override Product.php /** * Adds a feature value to a Product. If You want to have feature selected from dropdown leave $custom to false. * @param int|$id_product * @param int|$id_feature_group * @param string|$feature_value * @param bool|true $custom * @param int|$id_lang * @return bool */ public static function setFeatureValueToProduct($id_product, $id_feature_group, $feature_value, $custom = false, $id_lang) { $group_feature_obj = Feature::getFeature($id_lang, $id_feature_group); if ($group_feature_obj){ $feature_name = $group_feature_obj['name']; $feature_value = $feature_value ? trim($feature_value) : ''; $position = false; if (!empty($feature_name) && !empty($feature_value)) { $id_feature = (int)FeatureCore::addFeatureImport($feature_name, $position); $id_feature_value = (int)FeatureValue::addFeatureValueImport($id_feature, $feature_value, $id_product, $id_lang, $custom); if (Product::addFeatureProductImport($id_product, $id_feature, $id_feature_value)){ Feature::cleanPositions(); return true; } else { return; } } } else { return; } } Example of use: Product::setFeatureValue(1597, 15, 'Dracarys', false, 1); It was really nice to help You, have a good luck in future.
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    Product Review Module - Revws - This free module allows your customer to create product reviews. Easily. The main goal of this module is to make both review authoring and moderation process as smooth as possible. I have worked very closely with real-world merchants to make sure this module offers just the right features that you guys need. TAKE A TEST DRIVE You can try this module on my demo account Front Office / Back Office SCREENSHOTS Revws at glance ` FEATURES What can this module do for you? review import - you can easily import your reviews productcomments or yotpo. Or use my datakick module to import from any other source compatible with with prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 versions both customer and guest reviews review moderation by administrator multiple review criteria theming options - you don’t have to use standard star symbol anymore google structured data / rich snippets support customers can edit / delete their reviews voting and report abuse buttons review suggestions based on recent purchase comprehensive settings - you can tweak almost anything and much more INTEGRATIONS Revws module can seamlessly cooperate with other modules. DataKick data import / export / modification module - using my paid module, you can easily list your reviews, export or even import them. You can schedule periodic backup of your review data. You can use it to prepare list of customers who has recently purchased some product and send them a review request Loyalty Points - Genzo Krona module* - revws module is integrated with this amazing loyalty points free module. You can then set up your own rewards strategy. Send Review Request module* - you can use this free module to ask your customer for reviews. Remember, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it * due to rules on this forum, I'm not allowed to link to these modules. Use goole BUGS AND FEATURE REQUESTS If you find any bug or issue, of if you would like to see some new functionality in the module, please file an issue on github. Otherwise I might forget about it Report problem / suggest enhancement DOWNLOAD You can download latest version of this free module here version for prestashop 1.7 version for prestashop 1.6
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    Upgrade/Migrate Prestashop from Prestashop 1.4.x, 1.5.x or 1.6.x to latest Prestashop 1.7 has been so easy with Prestashop Migrator - the best Prestashop Upgrade module. This module comes with both Premium version and Free version. The premium version is available at: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/32298-prestashop-migrator-safely-upgrade-prestashop-to-17.html The free version is attached in the downloads below (please download the latest version) We recommend you to purchase Premium version of Prestashop Migrator to upgrade/migrate your website perfectly to Prestashop 1.7. Once you purchase premium version, we also offer you 24/7 premium support to solve any problem you meet when using the module. Free version only allows you to migrate major datas (products, product categories and customers) to your new Prestashop 1.7 website. If it's enough for you, just download the free module from updated links below. We give support for free module publicly on this forum topic. Just comment on the topic what you need to help, we'll check and give answer to you as soon as we can. Update downloads for free version: -------- Version 1.4 (recommended) -------- - Module improvement - Bug fix Download: v1.4-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip -------- Version 1.3 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.3-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.2 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.2-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.9 -------- - Fix bug: importing products stop at 1%; all imported products are belong to one category Download: v1.1.9-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip -------- Version 1.1.8 -------- - Update back end interface - Module improvement Download: v1.1.8-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.7 -------- - Bug fix Download: v1.1.7-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.6 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.1.6-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.5 -------- - Fix error occurred when export multi-language of multi-shop Download: v1.1.5-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.3 -------- - Module improvement - Bug fix Download: v1.1.3-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.2 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.1.2-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.1.1 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.1.1-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.0.10 -------- - Module improvement Download: v1.0.10-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.0.9 -------- - Improve performance of the module Download: v1.0.9-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.0.7 ----- - Bug fixes Download: v1.0.7-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.0.6 -------- - Improve migrating speed - Use less server resource Download: v1.0.6-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" -------- Version 1.0.5-------- Version 1.0.5 is attached to the topic (at the end of the topic) and is available on What is new on version 1.0.5? - Bug fixes (missing ps_state_lang table problem on Prestashop - Better performance - Migrate data faster - Require lower server resource - Detailed alert for any errors (with solution) if happen during the migration - Up-to-date with Prestashop (and even later versions when they come) Download: v1.0.5-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" ----------------------------- Github project: https://github.com/ets-soft/prestashop-migrator-free-version OVERVIEW Migrate or upgrade Prestashop 1.6 (or other versions) to 1.7 is always a challenge even for advanced Prestashop users because code and database of Prestashop has been changed completely since its release of version 1.7. Understand the difficulty to upgrade Prestashop to 1.7, we have made “Prestashop Migrator – Free version” – a perfect Prestashop module that helps you migrate your website to 1.7 easily in a few simple steps. HOW TO MIGRATE MY WEBSITE TO 1.7? It’s very simple, just download “Prestashop Migrator” then follow 3 simple steps below Step 1: Install “Prestashop connector” – a free Prestashop module provided along with the download package on the source website (your old website.) Step 2: Install a fresh Prestashop 1.7 website (target website) then install “Prestashop migrator” on the website you just installed. Step 3: Start migrating your data from the source website to target website. Wait a few minutes and enjoy your new Prestashop 1.7 website. WHAT DATA CAN I MIGRATE? You can migrate the most important data to Prestashop 1.7 (or other versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6), details listed below Products All product data such as name, ref, description, image, combinations, features, prices, specific prices, SEO settings (meta title, meta description, meta keywords and friendly URL), product ID, product quantity, product comments (if your source site has installed Product comments module), etc. Categories Name, description, image, category ID, SEO settings (meta title, meta description, meta keywords and friendly URL), etc. Customers First name, last name, customer ID, gender, birthday, addresses, passwords, etc. FEATURES Migrate Prestashop 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7 Migrate data between Prestashop websites (any versions) Downgrade Prestashop to a previous version (eg: Prestashop 1.7 to 1.6) Bulk data upload (valid XML data format required) Backup data Possibility to keep customer passwords or regenerate new passwords for customers Migrate multi-shop Migrate many Prestashop websites into 1 shop (merge shops) Migrate multi-shop to separate Prestashop websites (split shops) Migration history (view migration history, resum or restart migration anytime) Clean-up (save your disk space) WHY PRESTASHOP MIGRATOR? It’s FREE There are some other Prestasho to Prestashop migration tools out there but they’re all PAID modules, you’re required to buy the modules with a lot of money. Not everyone can afford to pay for such modules so we made this module, it’s free for you to migrate the most important data from Prestashop 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7. It’s complete data migration tool With Prestashop Migrator, you can migrate your most import data (products, product combinations and features, images, SEO settings, categories, customers, addresses, customer passwords, multishop, etc.) to Prestashop 1.7 in a few clicks of your computer mouse. That’s amazing! Some other paid modules out there may also not be able to do that! Fast and secure This is the fastest Prestashop migration module ever! It uses advanced technologies to migrate data such as jQuery Ajax, multi-threads, non-stop process, etc. The migration is done with a secure access token to make sure you never lose any data to a third party while performing the migration. Process large data with minimum server resource Large data is split into small pieces of data, the module processes the data pieces one by one with a minimum requirement of your sever resource. You can migrate 10.000+ products to Prestashop 1.7 in a few minutes with a low configuration server. That’s all about “Prestashop Migrator - Free version”, just download it (in the attachment of this topic) for free and enjoy! We hope you like your new Prestashop 1.7. GO PREMIUM If you only need to migrate major data (products, categories and customers) to Prestashop 1.7 (or other versions), the free version enough for you. However if you want to migrate EVERYTHING and get premium support, you need to purchase premium version of "Prestashop Migrator" An introduction video is also available for you to understand more about how Prestashop Migrator works (both free version and premium version) What is different between free version and premium version? They're completely the same in the way they work. The only different thing is Premium version allows you migrate EVERYTHING from your old Prestashop website to Prestashop 1.7 while Free version only allows you to migrate the most important data products, categories and customers (I know this is enough for most of people). Below are details of what you can migrate to Prestashop 1.7 (or any other versions) with "Prestashop Migrator - Premium version": 1. Products & categories General information: name, status, description, product ID, reference, ISBN, EAN-13 or JAN barcode, etc. Product combinations and features Shipping settings: width, height, depth, weight, additional shipping fees, available carriers. Prices: Price (tax excl.), Price (tax incl.), Price per unit (tax excl.), specific prices, taxes settings, etc. SEO settings: Meta title, Meta description, keywords, friendly URL. Product customization Product images and category images: main image and thumbnail images. 2. Orders & shopping carts General information: order Ref, order ID, order status, prices, etc. Shipping information Payment information Product list Invoices, delivery slip Customer note, customer messages Product list Order statuses Shopping carts Invoices Credit slips Delivery slips 3. Customers & employees General information: first name, last name, email, status, profile, language, default page, etc. Passwords can be saved or regenerate new passwords for customers and employees. 4. Vouchers / Discounts Cart rules (discount codes are also saved) Catalog price rules 5. Taxes Taxes Tax rules to apply taxes for products 6. Carriers & shipping prices General settings: carrier name, logo, transit time, speed grade, tracking URL Shipping locations & costs: Add handling cost status, free shipping status, billing type, shipping tax, out of range behavior option, price ranges (all zones, all ranges) Size, weight and group access: Maximum package width (cm), Maximum package height (cm), Maximum package depth (cm), Maximum package weight (kg), Group access 7. CMS pages General information: Name, status, content, Indexation by search engines status, etc. SEO settings: Meta title, Meta description, keywords, friendly URL. CMS categories 8. Customer messages & services Customer messages via contact form Customer services (departments) Merchandise Returns 9. Multi-shop data Shop groups Shops All data of each shop (products, categories, customers, orders, etc.) 10. Localization data Languages Currencies Countries Zones 11. SEO settings All SEO settings such as Meta title, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, friendly URL, etc. are also migrated from your old website to the new site. You can keep your SEO ranking on Google and all other search engines. Migrate Prestashop to 1.7 is completely safe with Prestashop Migrator! Don't hesitate, migrate your website to 1.7 now! v1.0.5-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable" v1.0.6-free-presta-migrator-please-unzip-to-use.zip *Note: You need to login to download if it shows "Unavailable"
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    This is a free module that adds an additional field to the category form, allowing you to enter additional description. It may be usefull for SEO purposes. For PS 1.6: To use the module you need to install it and then add {hook h='displayCategorySecondDescription'} to category.tpl in a place where you want to display the description, you may also add this hook to some other place, letf column, footer, it should work everywhere as long as you are on a category page. For PS 1.7 Install the module and then add {widget name='gmcatseconddesc'} to templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl just before the {else} tag or in any other place that you like. You can also attach this module to any hook, where you would like the description to show. Note: The description won't show for pagination pages, where the ?p parameter is greater that 1. gmcatseconddesc_16.zip gmcatseconddesc_17.zip Detailed implementation description: http://greenmousestudio.com/en/cat-desc
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    After I upgrade to the last version, Email from my e-commerce not working. Any confirmation mail is not sending to customer and I not receive confirmation. If I try to send by Contact Form, I got "There is 1 error ecc..." If I switch from SMTP to PHP Mail working well, but I need to set SMTP with this e-commerce... I got this bug only on, If I try the same SMTP and the same configuration on everything works. Please Help!
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    C'est fait pour ça une communauté Bon c'est encore une autre problématique là, je pense qu'il vaut mieux créer un autre sujet. D'autant que je suis une quiche concernant tout ce qui touche à la mise en page 😇
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    Ah vous essayer d'envoyer le zip via le Module Manager... Pour que cela marche, le zip du module doit se conformer à une certaine structure. Je constate qu'avant la version 3.0.1, ils ne proposent pas de lien pour télécharger ps_facetedsearch.zip mais uniquement Source code (zip) La différence entre les 2, c'est justement cette conformité du zip à ce qui est attendu par le Module Manager. Essayez avec ce fichier (Il s'agit de la version 2.2.1) : ps_facetedsearch.zip
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    Si ça marche avec la 3.0.1 mettez celle là, en attendant la 3.0.3 la semaine prochaine. Mais si votre thème n'est pas à jour, il est uniquement compatible avec la 2.2.1 car la 3.x.x est sortie très recemment, peu de thème sont à jour. A vous de tester et de choisir la version qui fonctionne dans votre cas
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    Si vous avez accès au terminal sur votre serveur, c'est possible d'aller bien plus vite que par le FTP, mais peu d'hébergeur offre cette possibilité : php -d memory_limit=-1 ./bin/console cache:clear php -d memory_limit=-1 ./bin/console cache:clear --env=prod A noter que si vous suivez la procédure indiqué plus haut : Il vous faudra penser à réinstaller le module avec l'ancienne version et à lancer une reconstruction de l'index. Pas les versions 3.x.x sinon votre soucis sera toujours là tant que vous n'aurez pas mis à jour votre thème.
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    Ben le problème c’est surtout que vous faites des mises à jour en production sans tester sur une preproduction 😅 Mais Prestashop devrait ajouter une fenêtre de confirmation avant de faire une mise à jour de module, dans le même genre que celle qui se déclenche lors de l’installation d’un module pour mettre en garde les marchands.
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    Il faut désinstaller le module avant de mettre une version plus ancienne. Remettez la dernière version, désinstaller la dans le module manager. Mettez l’ancienne version videz le cache en supprimant tous les fichiers et dossiers dans /var/cache/ ils seront régénérés par Prestashop
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    Avant de faire une mise à jour, de Prestashop ou d’un module : toujours tester sur une copie de son site pour tester le bon fonctionnement. C’est une règle d’or
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    https://github.com/PrestaShop/ps_facetedsearch/releases Prendre la version 2.2.1
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    Hola, Tengo instalada la tienda en PS El módulo de búsqueda por facetas estaba instalado, configurado y funcionaba muy bien. Hace varios días instalé la actualización del módulo "ps_facetedsearch" de la 3.0.1 a la versión 3.0.2 Desde entonces la búsqueda por facetas no me funciona bien. Si busco por color, me hace la búsqueda bien, si busco por una talla me hace la búsqueda bien también Pero si busco un color y una talla al mismo tiempo, no funciona. Tampoco me sale el filtro de los precios aunque está activado. Ni me deja indexar los precios desde la actualización. ¿Qué podría hacer para resolver este problema?
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    Vous avez mis à jour le module, cette version est sortie récemment. Vous pouvez suivre les remontées suite à cette mise à jour majeure ici : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+label%3A"Faceted+search" A priori, le soucis serait avec votre thème qui contient des fichiers CSS, Javascript et peut être des templates pour la version précédente. Soit vous remettez l'ancienne version, soit vous mettez à jour votre thème. A noter qu'une version corrective devrait arriver la semaine prochaine (que j’attends avec impatience) car elle va corriger quelques uns de mes soucis.
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    Bonjour, Déjà si tu peux mettre à jours ton prestashop vers la ça lui fera du bien. Ensuite une fois cette mise à jours effectuer regarde si tu rencontre encore ce problème. Cordialement.
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    You can directly access property of product object ex: $p = new Product (1); echo $p->wholesale_price;
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    Hi, thanks for letting me know. It seems to be RTL-specific issue. I've released new version that should fix that. Let me know if it works for you Petr
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    Write them ticket, they will solve it rly fast, i own that module too. Great support.
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    que tal victor yo volvi a hacer todas mis peticiones de manera que fuera mas rápido y la verdad logre recordar a mas de la mitad mi sincronizacion <?php foreach ($arrayjson as $key) { if ($key['system'] == true) { $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice($dominios, $serviceKey, false); $statts = $key['status']; $opt = array( 'resource' => 'categories', 'postXml' => "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink\"> <category> <id/> <id_parent><![CDATA[" . $id_cat . "]]></id_parent> <active><![CDATA[" . $statts . "]]></active> <id_shop_default><![CDATA[1]]></id_shop_default> <is_root_category><![CDATA[0]]></is_root_category> <position><![CDATA[0]]></position> <date_add></date_add> <date_upd></date_upd> <name><language id='1' xlink:href='" . $dominios . "/api/languages/1'><![CDATA[" . $key['nombre'] . "]]></language><language id='2'/></name> <link_rewrite><language id='1' xlink:href='" . $dominios . "/api/languages/1'><![CDATA[link-rewrite]]></language><language id='2'/></link_rewrite> <description><![CDATA[<p><span style='font-size:10pt;font-family:Arial;font-style:normal;'></span></p>]]></description> <meta_title></meta_title> <meta_description></meta_description> <meta_keywords></meta_keywords> <associations> <categories> <category> <id/> </category> </categories> <products> <product> <id/> </product> </products> </associations> </category> </prestashop>" ); $xml_request = $webService->add($opt); de esta menera solo haces una petición post o put en tu caso después de unos cuantos cientos de artículos puedes notar una gran diferencia en tiempo o de menos así lo note yo que es verdad que insertas todo el xml pero para mi fue mas rápido ya que yo los datos los obtengo de otros ws externos a prestashop y los inserto en la tienda. ami me funciono mas rapido asi
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    You can create a system that will generate emails based on customer firstname and last name and customer id. Like: firstname12@lastname.com etc.
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    Buenos dias, Para este tipo de webs tienes la multitienda en la cual puedes trabajar diferentes webs desde una plataforma y de un panel, Salds!
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    Having read the whole discussion a few considerations from my side: - when you ask a question on StackOverflow you are presented a list of related questions that were posted in the past before you press the submit button. Prestashop misses such a feature. It would work much better than all the variations on RTFM that I see coming along here. - my reaction to yet another 500 error question is to answer is often with just a link. I don't believe it is a good idea to leave people alone with their problems. - I don't like @ttoine's suggestion to ignore questions that you don't like. We have all been beginners. We have all asked stupid questions. For me a civiled discussion is one where you manage to also include people with some rough edges (we all have them at times...); It is not one where everyone shares exactly the same values and looks self-satisfied down on everyone who doesn't stick to the invisible codes of the incrowd. Many people who are ignored do not come back while many people who seem a bit difficult at the beginning in the course of time adapt themselves. - keep it low-key. Put stars instead of insulting words instead of rejecting posts. - a large part of the people on the PS forum are newbies and they generate most of the questions. All the examples I see mentioned are developer forums where the main discussion is among the "experts" and there are only a few newbies. - @ttoine's approach seems to be to create a friendly atmosphere by behaving like an unfriendly cop. I don't believe that will work. It sounds too much like "do as I say, not as I do". - I admire the people who give support on the forum in a very friendly and polite way. People who answer ten ignorant follow up questions and even then end with a "glad to help". Having such people on board greatly helps to improve the mood on the forum. However, if you have other things to do such demanding people can be very frustrating to help. That is why it was so good to have a Prestashop moderator around. Such a person is paid for being there and doesn't have other priorities. - as for 1.7, Prestashop hands off attitude on forum has been hurting here most. It should have made training videos and put them online. It should have been active on the forum to answer questions in a way that also would give other people on the forum who read it some insight. - I don't see much similarities between Michael Dekker and Eleazer. Michael started to become destructive a long time ago when he first deleted his Forge submissions and a bit later his free modules. Then for a short time he returned to PS but soon he made himself impossible. I keep hoping that one day he will become more positive again. He is smart and he can contribute a lot if he wants. Eleazar on the other hand has always stayed in the system and remained a loyal soldier. Yes, he can say things a bit rude. But to me it sounds cheap when people who never provide support on the forum criticize him for that. It seems to me that they underestimate the value of loyalty in keeping a community together. BTW I hope that Eleazar will come back on his decision to withdraw his translations. Prestashop is more than @ttoine. It is also all those people you have worked with and supported.
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    Many thanks for your version of contact-form.tpl. Its solved the problem for me after my ISP dropped support for PHP 5.6 and I had to upgrade to Prestashop So it was still needed with Prestashop PHP 7.2
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    Yes Solved. The solution is what NemoPS says, i edited the file /override/classes/Tag.php Line 244 was : WHERE tc.id_group = '.(count($groups) ? 'IN ('.implode(',', $groups).')' : '= 1').' I replace it with : WHERE tc.id_group '.(count($groups) ? 'IN ('.implode(',', $groups).')' : '= 1').'
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    I found the solution but i don't remember the name of the guy that write it ( i can't find the post) Works fine in 1.7.X.X version Members 0 1 post Location:Warsaw Report post Posted August 8 1.7.x has new method to do it: INSIDE: classes/Customer.php there is entry (close to line 112-113): /** @var bool Status */ public $active = true; There is required only to replace "true" with statement "false" and by default all users are inactive. Greetings, Artur.
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    You should edit file product_details.tpl in templates/catalog/_partials on your theme catalog copythis: {block name='references'} {if isset($product.ean13)} <section class="product-features" {if empty($product.ean13) || !$product.ean13} style="display: none;"}{/if}> <h3>{l s='Specific References' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</h3> <dl class="data-sheet"> {foreach from=$product.ean13 item=reference } <dt class="name">EAN13</dt> <dd class="value">{$reference}</dd> {/foreach} </dl> </section> {/if} {/block} If product has combinations the EAN code will be displayed by default. For presta 1.7.2
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    I have the same problem, do you know anyone? https://www.vsetkookolotoho.sk/sk/contact-us
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    Lo primero que comprobaria, es ver si te ocurre lo mismo con la plantilla por defecto. Lo segundo, que comprobaria (que he visto que tienes el modulo navegacion por facetas instalado), es ver si ese modulo te esta causando algun problema.
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    maybe is an OLD topic but... I STILL don't find a solution!!!!! http://www.magliettepersonalizzate.info/index.php?id_product=10&controller=product give a look... a lot of combinations, different prices for black or white colors, different prices for front/rear print or only one side... when i change them, the price discounts based on quantity changes perfectly in real time into the discount table and also in CART preview it changes, but only the PRICE/QUANTITY in cart is WRONG ... is set to show a single one and not quantity (not a nice idea of developers!! LOL) For 3 days i'm searching the net and your forums but still not a working answer!! product page should work as when you go to the cart (where everythingh is ok and price changes according to combinations, quantity, quantity discounts) i'm not expert so i can't make my own script... I'd like someone could HELP MEEEE ))
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    hello I have just migrate from 1.6 to 1.7 Everything went well, but in some files i get errors. And i realy need help. One is like this: SmartyException in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 129: Unable to load template file '/catalog/_partials/facets.tpl' in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 129 at Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch(null, null, null, null, false, true, false) in SmartyDev.php line 60 at Smarty_Dev_Template->fetch() in FrontController.php line 1778 at FrontControllerCore->render('catalog/_partials/facets', array('facets' => array(array('label' => 'Availability', 'displayed' => true, 'type' => 'availability', 'properties' => array(), 'filters' => array(array('label' => 'Not available', 'type' => 'availability', 'active' => null, 'displayed' => true, 'properties' => array(), 'magnitude' => '1', 'value' => '0', 'nextEncodedFacets' => 'Availability-Not available', 'facetLabel' => 'Availability', 'nextEncodedFacetsURL' => 'store_4/160-tillbehoer-reservdelar?q=Availability-Not+available'), array('label' => 'In stock', 'type' => 'availability', 'active' => null, 'displayed' => true, 'properties' => array(), 'magnitude' => '82', 'value' => '1', 'nextEncodedFacets' => 'Availability-In stock', 'facetLabel' => 'Availability', 'nextEncodedFacetsURL' => 'store_4/160-tillbehoer-reservdelar?q=Availability-In+stock')), 'multipleSelectionAllowed' => true, 'widgetType' => 'checkboxes'), array('label' => 'Price', 'displayed' => false, 'type' => 'price', 'properties' => array('min' => null, 'max' => '0', 'range' => true), 'filters' => array(), 'multipleSelectionAllowed' => false, 'widgetType' => 'radio-buttons')), 'js_enabled' => false, 'activeFilters' => array(), 'sort_order' => 'product.position.asc', 'clear_all_link' => 'store_4/160-tillbehoer-reservdelar')) in ProductListingFrontController.php line 167 at ProductListingFrontControllerCore->renderFacets(object(ProductSearchResult)) in ProductListingFrontController.php line 343 at ProductListingFrontControllerCore->getProductSearchVariables() in ProductListingFrontController.php line 511 at ProductListingFrontControllerCore->doProductSearch('catalog/listing/category', array('entity' => 'category', 'id' => '160')) in CategoryController.php line 102 at CategoryControllerCore->init() in Controller.php line 186 at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 369 at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28
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