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    Hello, friends. I have prepared a complete series of PrestaShop module development. It is in both English and Hindi language. It is available on YouTube. The series is a complete package from creating the very first directory of the module to the admin controllers and database management. In 30 video tutorials I have covered almost all the stuff which a developer need to create a complex module. Here are the link of both English and Hindi playlist. Payment and Shipping module tutorial series are yet to come so don't forget to subscribe the channel. Regards
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    I have made some updated on this again. And a thanks to @pujionodk for writing an better code then I thought of for needactivation template. Version 1.6.0 * Add option to select customergroups that need validation (Default Customer group is auto selected) * Removed debug code * Fixed bug in PS 1.6 support for validation message * Fixed spellings mistakes * Improved text displayed to customer * More updates to PSR-2 * Don't show need activation message if customer is logged in Version 1.6.1 * Added SQL security code * Happy 2019 I have tested this on, and it works fine. Version 1.6.0 was tested on a PrestaShop 1.6, but version 1.6.1 was not, so not sure they are fully compatible. validatecustomer.zip
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    Har du slået den fra. Jeg skrev at du skal cleare cashe = Ryd cashe
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    Zakładka "Ceny" i w edycji produktu.
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    Gibt's auch kostenlos: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/494147-free-module-spend-x-to-get-free-shipping/
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    Olá! Esse erro acontece porque o site não está a conseguir aceder à base de dados. Certifique-se de que o servidor, base de dados, utilizador e password estão correctos.
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    prestashop International->Translation->Themse Translation->classic->Language (E n)-> modify shop-> Theme -> Global Search for tax incl. exc. etc and delete it and leave it blank. Save - make sure it saved. worked for me
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    Hola, mira en la pestaña módulos -> módulos que tengas instalado el modulo contactform. Sino esta, lo instalas y si esta reiniciarlo. Si esto no va te adjunto el módulo, renombra el que tienes y sube este en su lugar. Si aún así tienes problemas lo más normal es que estés usando un tema de terceros. Pon el tema por defecto y prueba, si te funciona comentalo con la gente que ha hecho el tema que usas. contactform.tpl
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    Maybe it is to late for Tamara, but for people who end up here in the future: The hotfix Step by Step: - open the FrontController.php in a text-editor (this file is located at .../classes/controller) - find following code: foreach ($products as &$product) { if (!$this->isCached(PS_THEME_DIR.'product-list-colors.tpl', $this->getColorsListCacheId($product['id_product']))) { $products_need_cache[] = (int)$product['id_product']; } } } - comment out the if-clause (add two slashes // in front of the 'if' and in front of the } that closes the if-clause) foreach ($products as &$product) { // if (!$this->isCached(PS_THEME_DIR.'product-list-colors.tpl', $this->getColorsListCacheId($product['id_product']))) { $products_need_cache[] = (int)$product['id_product']; } // } } - upload the FrontController.php - clear cache I had the same issue and I think this fixed it indeed. I guess I'll know in a few hours.
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    make sure that you're connected to back office with correct domain. note, that if your shop uses domain, for example: http://mydomain.com you have to connect to back office with this domain http://mydomain.com/adminxxxx/ www.mydomain.com/adminxxxx/ is not equal to mydomain.com/adminxxxx/ or https://mydomain.com/ is not equal to http://mydomain.com/
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    If there's no default attribute set on the product then this will happen. If you go to the combinations tab for the product and set one of the combinations as default then the price will display correctly. Unfortunately this happens even if the combinations have no price impact!!
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