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    Block Instagram : Display Instagram pics from an account The module is available here : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram The "master" branch will only be compatible with 1.7 I set up a "1.6.x" branch to maintain 1.6 compatibility To make it easier, here are the download links: Last 1.7 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.4.zip Last 1.6 Version : https://github.com/MrManchot/blockinstagram/archive/1.2.3.zip "Source code (zip)", one will get a file named "blockinstagram-1.2.4.zip". Inside, there is a folder named "blockinstagram-1.2.4". To make the import facilities of Prestashop work, one has to unpack it, rename the folder to "blockinstagram" and zip it as "blockinstagram.zip". Please use this module instead : https://boutique.comonsoft.com/gb/free-prestashop-modules/18-instagram-latest-picture-block.html It use the Instagram API, and is fully compatible 1.6/ 1.7 Hope it may help you
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    Check the new update! A revolution in PrestaShop SEO with PrestaShop SEO Assistant Module new version. SEO Assistant module uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) now iPresta SEO/SMO assistant module is the world's most complete PrestaShop SEO solution which improves your SEO/SMO ranking, generates products SEO report, adds structured data, and improves your shared links on social medias. (Multilingual) What this product does for you? Check the new update! The most complete SEO solution for PrestaShop is right in your hands! By using PrestaShop SEO Assistant module: Your shop's SEO ranking will be improved Your shop's SMO ranking will be improved (How your shop pages look when its link is shared on social medias) Your website traffic will be increased Multilingual (SEO and SMO for each language!) Overview your SEO Reports on your PrestaShop admin dashboard panel [NEW] Check your products SEO report Check list of SEO Un-Friendly Products Check your SEO preferences report Check your Structured Data Preview on Google Check your products' title SEO status while adding/editing a product Check your products' short description SEO status while adding/editing a product Check your products' full description SEO status while adding/editing a product Sort short and full description most used words (word's weight) for each language while adding/editing a product Smart words suggestion for each of your products and for each language separately divided into three levels. Level 1: Best matched suggestions with your product name, Level 2: Probably good matched suggestions with your product name, and Level 3: Further matched suggestions with your product name. (AI) [NEW] Smart description analysis and recommendations based on your description for each language Calculate Flesch Reading Ease Score for your English descriptions to check how easy-to-read is it (AI) Check how SEO Friendly are your shop URLs Add your social media account links to your Google search results Your shop information will be better recognized by search engines such as Google, etc... Your products information will be better recognized by search engines such as Google, etc... Your shop will be more social media friendly You can easily add your shop/corporation information Schema, Open Graph tags, Twitter cards, Facebook cards, Dublin Core Metadata, Pinterest Rich Pins and Verification Code, and Google Webmaster verification code to your shop [NEW] Upload custom preview image for your shop index page used in Open Graphs and Twitter Cards [NEW] Fix "Duplicate Meta Description" error on Google Webmaster page by adding canonical links Add language alternate links to your shop Do everything to improve SEO and SMO in less than 5 mins! This module is your professional assistant tool for SEO and SMO improvements Also it has a user friendly configuration page which gives you the ability to manage your SEO and SMO fields in less than 5 minutes! SEO Report Center Inside the module's configuration page, you can check your SEO related preferences and see how they are set and working! Module will show you an alert if it finds any issue SEO Un-Friendly Products Report The SEO Assistant module will list all your SEO Un-Friendly products for each language automatically. From now on, you'll never ever miss a product SEO again! Keep all your products information SEO friendly. In-Detailed Product SEO Report While adding a new product or editing an existing one, module will add a new called "SEO Assistant". There you can check your product's title SEO, short description SEO, and full description SEO status for each language separately. We'll show you if your product title and short description is standard and SEO friendly (for each language) and also show you the most used words inside your product short and full description (counted words' weight). Module will guide you how to get the best results for your products SEO rankings! Smart words suggestion based on product titles divided into 3 levels (multi lingual) [NEW], smart description analysis and generating recommendations based on the content, calculating the Flesch Reading Ease Score for English descriptions to see how easy-to-read is your description, all thanks to the module's built-in AI. Manage viewport meta tag Easily add viewport tag to your theme to disable user zoom ability in browsers which is necessary for responsive designs (useful if you get viewport error on analysis services) Manage Corporation/shop Schemas [Structured Data] This module will add your: Shop Name Shop Legal Name Shop Brand Name Shop Logo Shop Social Media Account Links Shop Image Shop main Telephone Shop Introduction/Description Shop Phone Numbers (Sales, Customer Support, Technical Support, and Package Tracking departments) Shop Address Shop Postal Code Shop Country Shop City into Corporation Schema Tag. This tag will be recognized by Google and some other search engines so your information will have the chance to be shown on search results! You can preview your structured data using "Google Data Structure Testing Tool". Also you can choose between using json/LD format (recommended by Google) or HTML markup format. Manage Open Graph meta tags By integrating Open Graph meta tags into your page's content, you can identify which elements of your page you want to show when someone share's your page. In this module you can control that in which pages (Homepage, Category pages, Product Pages, CMS Pages, and other pages) you want to integrates Open Graph meta tags. You can upload custom preview image for your shop index page used inside Open Graphs meta data (multi lingual). [NEW] Manage Facebook Tags You can easily add your Facebook Page ID and Facebook APP ID meta tags into your shop. Manage Twitter Cards All you need to do, is to provide module your shop's Twitter account username! Then it'll add all necessary Twitter Card meta tags into your shop. You can upload custom preview image for your shop index page used inside Twitter Cards meta data (multi lingual). [NEW] Manage Pinterest Rich Pins It will implement Pinterest Rich Pins meta data into your shop so you can share your products on Pinterest. You are also able to verify your Pineterst account using this module. [NEW] Manage Dublin Core Metadata This module will add Dublin Core Metadata into your shop easily and with one click. They will help search engines to recognize your shop better. [NEW] Verify Google Webmaster If you don't have verified your shop's Google Webmaster account yet, just insert its verification code inside the module and click on "Verify" button in you Google Webmaster account. Fix "Duplicate Meta Description" error on Categories If you get duplicate description error on your Google Webmaster tool dashboard, you can easily add rel next and rel prev canonical links into your category pages and fix this issue! Manage language alternate links This module will add languages rel links in your shop which is used by Google to know what languages do you have in your shop and what are the links to those langs! Add products price to search results This module will add your products prices for each active currency directly into search results! Manage SEO and SMO multilingual! Not only you can improve your SEO and SMO ranking easily, but you'll have control to insert different information and data for each language! Can you imagine how effective it is to adjust the shown information on search engines and social medias in different languages separately? Have fun and increase your traffic! How to buy it? To get more information and buy this module (only 49,99€), please check its link on PrestaShop official Addons marketplace: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/40888-seo-smo-assistant.html To check how this module works, please watch the introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpUdWIycSBI Regards, iPresta, the exclusive premium PrestaShop agency
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    Hello, Est-ce que les prix dégressifs s'appliquent sur chaque déclinaison à partir de 5 / 10 ou 25 unités ou est-ce une réduction sur le nombre total d'articles ? Parce que s'il prend moins de cinq unités de chacune de ces déclinaisons, comme tu le cite en exemple (4A1, 4A2 et 2A3), le client reste en deçà des 5 unités requises pour une réduction, non? S'il prend 6A1, 4A2 et 11A3, est-ce que le panier montre des prix réduits pour les réfs A1 et A3 ? Antoine
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    Another advice, try to acquire themes from Addons or developers selling also in Addons, of course this is not the solution to your problems, but its the reduction to many of them. Addons validate malware, code, installation, PS compatibility, security bugs, best practices code and many other things. Envato validate malware, and sometimes, because I have found encrypted code in some items.
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    HI, This company is the worst company on Prestashop theme developpement i deal with always problems with it's themes if you are not a developper i don't advice you to buy it's themes. Good luck
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    Hello, Sometimes, install a theme could be a hard job, specially if your shop have code errors or modifications in the core or by override files, my recommendation is, turn on before the debug mode to see if there is a error interrupting the process, normally all the themes are made base in a fresh PS installation. Regards!
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    Bonjour, Il me semble avoir pris la dernière version de prestashop quand j'ai commencé (il a environs deux mois) et c'était la cela fait vraiment des lustres? Je pourrais essayer de passer sur 1.7.5 mais j'ai peur que ça ne fasse qu'empirer les problèmes de liens.. Si je ne supprime pas certains .htaccess par exemple celui des images, aucune images ne charge sur le site, c'est donc bien un problème d'Htaccess non? sachant qu'avec le htaccess d'avant (celui de /prestashop1.7/) fonctionne bien pour tout. Et j'ai pourtant bien modifier le premiers .htaccess qui affiché /prestashop1.7/ au lieu de / mais je ne sais quoi faire par la suite.. Le changement de répertoire est bien pris en compte puisque nous ne sommes pas rediriger vers /prestashop1.7/ quand je vais sur l'url mais il semblerais que la modification ne soit pas prise en compte de partout, surtout pour certains modules et pour les images, il y aussi le logo qu'il va chercher au mauvais endroit.. Je ne suis jamais aller modifier les fichiers directement de prestashop donc je ne pense pas avoir mis de choses en dur, la majorité des liens ont bien était modifier dans la base de donnée. Pensez-vous vraiment qu'une mise à jour de la version peut réparer ceci?
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    Qu'avez-vous mis comme option au dessus dans le cas ou le colis est hors tranche ?
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    Hi ! I think this is a usecase that the prestashop did not think about maybe you can find a solution by looking into the code and finding how this Context::getContext()->cookie is created ? Also I think you can open an issue on github (https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/) to tell them about your usecase, they might help you finding a solution or handle it in the next version
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    https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/137538-module-multi-currency-and-price-update-module-prestashop-16x-17x/ adresinde aradığınız eklenti olabilir. Türkçe başlığı bulamadım şimdi.
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    BRAVO!!!! Muchas gracias Gusman126, después de muchas horas con algo tan sencillo, tú has aportado la solución a un bug como un castillo en el módulo de REDSYS. Un saludo!!!!
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    Gusman126 BRUTAL!!!!!!! Has solucionado de un plumazo, lo que los del servicio "técnico" de REDSYS no saben o no quieren solucionar, poniendo el ventilador de la mierda hacia el resto de intervinientes en el proceso de venta de Prestashop 🤬 A la empresa que ha desarrollado el módulo de REDSYS, por favor que les pongan una estatua en Silicon Valley 🤣 Muchísimas gracias y ahora, difundamos esta solución para las docenas de compañeros que se han visto y se ven atrapados con la misma chorrada. Un abrazo y por privado te agradeceremos la ayuda prestada
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    Les juristes de l'entreprise PrestaShop ne peuvent pas faire une réponse générique pour toutes les boutiques, car ils engageraient la responsabilité juridique de l'entreprise. Chaque boutique en ligne est un assemblage du projet open source, plus des modules, un thème, un ou plusieurs moyens de paiement, des réglages, etc. Les combinaisons étant infinies, chaque boutique en ligne est donc un cas particulier. C'est pourquoi, comme je l'ai précisé, un commerçant doit toujours consulter son juriste ou son comptable sur ce genre de sujet. En revanche, les juristes de l'entreprise PrestaShop assurent la veille sur le sujet pour l'entreprise, et c'est avec eux que sont rédigés les articles sur le blog, la description du module, que je peux écrire mes réponses sur le sujet, etc. Rappelez vous que PrestaShop n'est pas un produit mais un projet open source et qu'à ce titre, chaque utilisateur est responsable de l'utilisation qu'il en fait (sauf si évidemment il paie un prestataire de service pour s'occuper de tout ça). Pour être précis, c'est écrit dans la license OSL, mais aussi dans la plupart des licenses approuvées par la FSF et l'OSI. L'entreprise PrestaShop n'est pas, et ne peux pas être, le conseiller juridique des marchands qui utilisent le projet open source PrestaShop. @doekia tu as le droit de pas être d'accord (je sens déjà que je vais avoir droit à une loooongue réponse sur ton avis sur le sujet) mais c'est comme ça. C'est comme si tu demandais conseil à l'entreprise derrière MariaDB pour savoir si ta base de données est en règle avec la CNIL, ils ne pourront pas te répondre...
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    Masz podane możliwości - albo ustawiasz sobie sztywny przelicznik (kurs waluty) albo przez specyficzne ceny ustawiasz dla danej waluty cenę każdego produktu osobno.
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    Hola, Es porque necesitan indicarse correctamente con los rich snippets, te dejo un ejemplo de cómo deberían mostrarse y que no deberías tener problema para que realices los cambios en tus tpl. <span itemprop="price" content="189">189.00 €</span> <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="EUR"> Saludos!
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    Wbudowany eksport to owszem nie nadaje się do niczego, ale import już jest OK.
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    Hola, lo que dije más arriba, hacer la traduccion directamente en los ficheros del módulo, eso no falla. Edito: gusman 126 ha puesto la solución aquí.
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    puedes poner captura de pantalla
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    The new update is here (V2.0.0): Module has built-in Artificial Intelligence now to help you boost your SEO! What's new in this update? * ADD: (Smart Suggestion AI) Get word suggestion for each language to use inside your product details * ADD: (Smart Description Analysis AI) Get recommendations to improve your product SEO * ADD: (Smart Flesch Reading Ease Score AI) Check how easy to read is your product's description. Improve your product SEO by increasing your Flesch score * ADD: Added stop-words for 28 languages: English, Persian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Slovak, Latvian, Japanese, Indonesian, Czech, Finnish, Bulgarian, Arabic, and Bengali * ADD: Omit stop-words for 28 languages from short and full description word weights * ADD: Module is now translated to 11 languages: English, Persian, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, German, Russian, Basque, Arabic, and Galician * FIX: The {$language.language_code} variable was not recognized on some shops. * FIX: Replace language ID with language ISO code for listing information for each language * ADD: Documentation updated More information and buy: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/40888-seo-smo-assistant.html
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    prestashop no acepta añadir 2 grupos independientes de atributos por ejemplo Tamaño+color = ok Anchoxalto = ok Tamaño+color y anchoxalto = no debes elegir tamaño+color+ancho+alto = ok Recuerda que cada atributo hace X combinaciones. por lo que pueden llegar a decenas o cientos Esto lo hace para control de stock no se si me explicado
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    Ca fait longtemps que je n'ai pas créé un sujet mais là il est important de nous présenter à ceux qui ne nous connaissent pas^^ Quand on parle de @Eolia ou de @doekia il faut avoir ça en tête: Ah oui, les plus jeunes ne connaissent peut-être pas...https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statler_et_Waldorf Mais si dans le principe, les 2 papys râlent pas mal, sont parfois grognons ou mal lunés, s'ils sont ici c'est dans le but d'aider les membres de la communauté. Ne vous arrêtez pas aux images ou métaphores et écoutez les conseils et surtout, répondez aux questions. C'est plus facile pour vous aider. Sans n° de version, description du problème ou url il nous est compliqué de deviner l'origine ou la cause et la solution à votre souci. Allez, bonne visite et ne vous offusquez pas
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    سلام من هم اینکارو برای صفحات باتری موبایل قطعات لپ تاپ انجام دادم نوشته ها بصورت علامت سوال نمایش داده میشه ، خیلی مراقب باشید
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    Works with: Prestashop 1.7+ (tested up to Navigate to: yousite/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Product/CatalogPage/Lists/products_table.html.twig Find: <th scope="col" class="text-center" style="width: 9%"> {{ ps.sortable_column_header("Price (tax excl.)"|trans({}, 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'), 'price', orderBy, sortOrder) }} </th> Add below: <th scope="col" class="text-center" style="width: 9%"> {{ ps.sortable_column_header("Final price"|trans({}, 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'), 'price_final', orderBy, sortOrder) }} </th> Navigate to: yoursite/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Product/CatalogPage/Lists/list.html.twig Find: <td class="text-center"> <a href="{{ product.url|default('') }}#tab-step2">{{ product.price|default('N/A'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global')) }}</a> </td> Add below: <td class="text-center"> <a href="{{ product.url|default('') }}#tab-step2">{{ product.price_final|default('N/A'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global')) }}</a> </td> If you guys don't want to make the edits on your own, just copy the files i added to this post. list.html.twig products_table.html.twig If this post helped you click the "Like" button to let others know this solution worked for you.
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    D'expérience les thèmes LEO avec leur éditeur live et leur éditeur visuel AP sont vraiment peu fiables, buggués et lourd. Il y a beaucoup d'incompatibilités avec d'autres modules. Il vaut mieux les éviter. Cela ne résout pas votre problème mais à mon avis vaudrait mieux que vous changiez de thème pour quelque chose de plus fiable et professionnel.
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    Hello, I have a problem with back office: prestashop caches pretty much everything, even when cache is disabled, and when I try to edit something & save, presta shows me results of the previous "cached" state. Example: Smart cache for css changed from 'No' to 'Yes' clicked save and after refresh I see 'No'. However if I ctrl+5 I see valid 'Yes' state. This causes problems with editing products, or even managing modules. To see if something is enabled or even exist I don't have to simply open the right menu in back office. Sometimes I have to clear browser cache. It happens on every web browser. I am using SSL. Didn't have such troubles on the beginning. Not using any cache system, only smarty. I think its connected to them. Maybe someone knows how to disable cache for back office? I would appreciate any suggestion. regards
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    Debes pedir a tu hospedaje una IP Dedicada. No se si se puede, pero algun Admin puede hacer que se fije un post con la información necesaria? URL a modulo gratuito Aviso de IP Dedicada obligatoria si se usa HTTPS ( SSL ) ¿url de modulo de pago? Etc... gracias
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    I suppose your shop is an upgrade ? Sometimes on upgrades this table is missing. BEFORE you manipulate your database manually, please make a back-up of it. On your back-office, tab "advanced parameters -> DB back-up". Add ps_lazy_cache manually to you database with phpMyAdmin and SQL-query: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `PREFIX_smarty_lazy_cache`; CREATE TABLE `PREFIX_smarty_lazy_cache` ( `template_hash` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `cache_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `compile_id` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `filepath` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `last_update` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00', PRIMARY KEY (`template_hash`, `cache_id`, `compile_id`) ) ENGINE=ENGINE_TYPE DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; The PREFIX you should change to the prefix of your database tables. Native install it is ps_, but if you changed, you should change to the one you used. If your shop is a native install, and nothing changed when installed, so the query is: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `ps_smarty_lazy_cache`; CREATE TABLE `ps_smarty_lazy_cache` ( `template_hash` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `cache_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `compile_id` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `filepath` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `last_update` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00', PRIMARY KEY (`template_hash`, `cache_id`, `compile_id`) ) ENGINE=ENGINE_TYPE DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; If you don't know how to use SQL-queries, please ask your provider or somebody else.
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    Desde el contenbox: http://contentbox.org/ (modulo gratuito) u htmlbox http://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/html-box.html (modulo gratuito) creo que puedes insertar el código que comentas en el editor. (Creo que tienes que pulsar <> en el editor para meterlo desde el editor plano) Otra opcion (aunque en este caso seria solo en la pagina principal) seria usar el modulo editorial que lleva prestashop (creo que se llama editor de textos de pagina de inicio o editorial) Pero vamos con el contentbox y htmlbox, puedes insertar el codigo en las columnas, en el pie de pagina, en la misma home y en otras posiciones, dependiendo de lo que te interse
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    Buenas Tardes, he hallado la solucion al problema que tienen sobre grupo de descuentos y es el siguiente: si se fijan en la tabla ps_products_groups_discount_cache Ahi se almacenan todos los descuentos registrados, lo que ocurre es que solo se queda registrado el ultimo, y los demas desaparecen, a pesar de estar registrados en el panel del administrador. Solucion: - Buscar la carpeta classes/ - Ubicar el archivo GroupReduction.php - Editar el archivo y buscar lo siguiente: public function update($nullValues = false) { return (parent::update($nullValues) AND $this->_clearCache() AND $this->_setCache()); } dejarlo de esta manera: public function update($nullValues = false) { return (parent::update($nullValues) AND $this->_setCache()); } Y guardar el archivo nuevamente. Lo que ocurre es lo siguiente, cada vez que haces un cambio al descuento, lo que hacia era eliminar todos los descuentos anteriores y solo quedaba el ultimo registrado. Con eso haz la pruebas y veras que ya se registran los descuentos sin temor a que se pierdan, y claro siempre verificando la tabla: ps_products_groups_discount_cache Ahi si o si se debe almacenar todo descuento. Ahora cuando desean cambiar el descuento de un producto que ya ha sido registrado, recomiendo ir al panel de control de administrador y siempre eliminar el producto y registrarlo nuevamente. Espero sea de gran ayuda. A mi me sirvio me tome 2 dias en analizar pero me funciono y mi cliente esta Feliz. Saludos. Luciano Cano
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