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    Hello everyone, @mausbaus I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience on our Addons Marketplace. Concerning the delay (and the fact that we ask an ID scan), we've precised it in the Terms and Conditions for Addons Customers. "PrestaShop reserves the right to freeze the download of an Addon if it suspects that there is a risk of fraudulent payment in order to proceed with the payment verifications" It does, many fraudsters don't respond to this email. It's simply one of the process that helps us to fight against fraud. You chose not to send us this document, so it is unfortunately not possible to validate your purchase. If you encounter other similar issues in the future, I invite you to contact us via Facebook or Twitter. We are more reactive on these channels (and in this case, it might have speed up the process). Antoine
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    Eh bien si, cela a fonctionné pour moi. Pilou, tu es un prince. J'ai désactivé les modules qui n'avaient pas été écrits par Prestashop et j'ai pu à nouveau accéder à ma page de produits et à ma liste des modules installés. J'en ai désinstallé deux que, de toute manière, je n'utilisais pas, et il en restait trois dont j'avais besoin et que je me dirais que je les désinstallerais plus tard si cela continuait à coincer. Je suis ensuite retournée dans les paramètres avancés > performances pour réactiver les modules non écrits par Prestashop et tout a continué à fonctionner, ouf ! 24 heures que je me ronge les sangs et grâce à toi, Pilou, le problème a été réglé en 5 minutes. C'est clair, je te dois un cake :-)
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    If you are looking for free module to create top horizontal menu in shop with "drop down" for each menu item as i show on the screenshots below - this is the right choice. Addon is absolutely free, there is no hidden fees etc. Just download, install and use it in your e-commerce website based on PrestShop in version 1.7.x or 1.6.x. This module is an alternative for prestashop's default ps_mainmenu "main menu" (for ps 1.7) and blocktopmenu "top horizontal menu" (for ps 1.6). Download links are available at the bottom of this topic, below the screenshots. blocktopdropdownmenu16.zip - package for prestashop 1.6.x releases blocktopdropdownmenu17.zip - pacakge for prestashop 1.7.x releases blocktopdropdownmenu16.zip blocktopdropdownmenu17.zip
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    Hello, Regarding SEO optimisation, I had to add some structured data by overriding modules. To do so, I have to get the product price in several template (product.tpl, product-list.tpl, modules...). But for one module, bockbestsellers, the displayed price is $product.price, and when I get its value I get "[Price] €". Original code : <span class="price">{$product.price}</span> First try code : <span class="price" itemprop="price">{$product.price}</span> And I get this in google structured data test tool : price: 1,94 € With the following warning : The property is not a specification of valid price. I know from my structured data in product.tpl that I need to put away the €. I only need numbers. So I tried something that I saw on this forum : {assign var='priceVar' value=$product.price} <meta itemprop="price" content="{$priceVar|replace:' €':''}"/> But it's not working. Does someone can help me out on this problem ? I'm quite new handling smarty Prestashop template. Additional information : The var_dump result of $priceVar : string '8,48 €' In template product and product-list I do not have the problem because it seems $productPrice is already without currency. And if I can avoid to modify the php of the module it would be great. Thanks.
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    Bonjour, Franchement, un petit effort http://lmgtfy.com/?q=prestashop affichage liste par defaut Bonne soirée
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    Dans product.tpl, trouver ce bloc ou équivalent et le remplacer comme suit (surtout modifier le href existant en data-img et ajouter le javascript::void() et supprimer la classe fancybox) <li id="thumbnail_{$image.id_image}"{if $smarty.foreach.thumbnails.last} class="last"{/if}> <a{if $jqZoomEnabled && $have_image && !$content_only} href="javascript:void(0);" rel="{literal}{{/literal}gallery: 'gal1', smallimage: '{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'large_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}',largeimage: '{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'thickbox_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}'{literal}}{/literal}"{else} href="javascript:void(0);" data-img="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'thickbox_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="{if $image.id_image == $cover.id_image} shown{/if}"{/if} title="{$imageTitle}"> <img class="img-responsive" id="thumb_{$image.id_image}" src="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'cart_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" alt="{$imageTitle}" title="{$imageTitle}"{if isset($cartSize)} height="{$cartSize.height}" width="{$cartSize.width}"{/if} itemprop="image" /> </a> </li> et dans product.js, remplacer la fonction displayImage() par celle-ci: //update display of the large image function displayImage(domAAroundImgThumb, no_animation) { if (typeof(no_animation) == 'undefined') no_animation = false; if (domAAroundImgThumb.attr('data-img')) { var new_src = domAAroundImgThumb.attr('data-img').replace('thickbox', 'large'); var new_title = domAAroundImgThumb.attr('title'); var new_href = domAAroundImgThumb.attr('data-img'); if ($('#bigpic').attr('src') != new_src) { $('#bigpic').attr({ 'src' : new_src, 'alt' : new_title, 'title' : new_title }).load(function(){ if (typeof(jqZoomEnabled) !== 'undefined' && jqZoomEnabled) $(this).attr('rel', new_href); }); } $('#views_block li a').removeClass('shown'); $(domAAroundImgThumb).addClass('shown'); } }
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    Le module de navigation n'a pas de limitation dans le code (du moins jusqu'en 1.6) par contre sur votre première capture si on fait la somme des produits qui matchent, pour les 2 premiers on obtient bien 10 (nombre de produits total) mais pour le 3ème on en trouve que 9 donc au moins un de vos produit n'a pas cette caractéristique ou le code plante car une donnée n'est pas correcte...
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    You shouldn't have copied the cache folder at all to your live system. Try to rename var/cache to var/cache_old and see if the newly generated cache directory gets correct permissions.
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    Use the inspect function in your browser the see the CSS class and file where this is defined (probably it comes from theme.css) - you should change it in custom.css if your themes supports this (e.g. classic does).
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    Hi @CristianDB Rule of 100+ posts are for replaying to job offer, not to posting. If you want to offer a job you can freely create new topic. Also you want get banned what easy, usually if not obvious spammer user get few warnings first.
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    This is a rule for people replying to job offers. So this board does not become a bunch of spammers just coming looking for work and not contributing to the community. There are no rules on how many posts you need to actually post a job offer looking to hire someone.
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    Bonjour, Il faut modifier votre fichier css correspondant au module. Sans le lien du site je ne peux pas plus vous renseigner. Cordialement,
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    Hi You have used " contact developer" optin that leads to https://addons.prestashop.com/en/contact-us?id_product=19643 ? Could be that developer is on vacation or have some personal time. Usually on Addons developers respond fast because it can influence developer score. On the other hand we used that module on multiple shops and did not had any issues. Do check documentation and follow all steps. Check if overrides are enabled in Advanced Parameters, and also clear cache after setting module URL schema. You can also explain in more details what is not working as it should, with example of current state and what it should look like.
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    Hello! In the version 1.7.5 the module is ps_feeder. And the file to be concerned with is ps_feeder > controllers > front > rss.php. Also I had to modify the url from back office by going to Configure > Shop Parameters > Traffic & SEO . From there I modified friendly url for this module page refered by ' module-ps_feeder-rss'. Then things worked for me. Hope this helps...
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    Links you provided are working good for me
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    TEST only18plus.zip
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    I had the same problem and everytime I deleted the inixframe folder, trying to access the BO>Modules returned the error again and the folder inixframe kept reappearing in the modules directory. The only way to stop this was to delete the module that was actually trying to install the inixframe. Was a module from Presta Apps, called "contentanywhere". I deleted that, deleted the inixframe again and everything started functioning again.
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    Mediacom> Comme dit précédament, je fais toujours des archives depuis le shell, j'ai également des backups incrémentales et quotidiens. Si je laisse les sauvegardes de 1-click update, c'est juste que c'est l'option par défaut, vu que ce module est buggé à mort, je préfère autant laisser tout par défaut pour que l'outil ai le moins de chance de planter (dans du dev efficace, en général, ce qui est par défaut est le plus testé). pepedot> J'adore le ton condescendant des soi-disant expert de "l'informatique", qui se permettent de faire des remarques totalement bidon sans savoir à qui ils parlent.
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    Aqui tienes requisitos para ps 1.7: http://doc.prestashop.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=54264212#id-¿Quénecesitasparaempezar?-Requisitostécnicos o aqui: https://www.prestashop.com/en/system-requirements y aquí tienes para ps 1.6: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Lo+que+necesita+para+empezar
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    Ottimi consigli, grazie a tutti :))) Penso sempre alla sicurezza, chiaramente una 1.7 oltre che esser più performante, è logicamente più sicura. Passare dalla... mettiamo.. 1.6.3 alla 1.6.4 non ha senso. Ma quando si hanno molte versioni di differenza, imho, lo sbattimento và considerato e fatto. Per lo stesso motivo per cui bisogna passare da un XP a un Win10... anche se XP sicuramente funziona ancora ecc...
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    Witam, mam ponad 200 produktów zaimportowanych w j. polskim do sklepu. Chciałbym je teraz możliwie szybko przetłumaczyć... Próbowałem opcji importu wybierając inny język jednak mimo, że w tabeli dodałem kolumnę ID i przypisałem te same ID, które mam obecnie w sklepie (produkt o id 25 w j polskim odpowiada id 25 w nowym pliku csv w języku angielskim) presta z jakiegoś powodu tworzy mi owszem produkty w zadanym języku (angielskim) jednak pod nowym ID. Nie przypisuje tłumaczenia, tylko tworzy zupełnie nowy produkt w zadanym języku. Ktoś będzie tak miły i pomoże ?:) edit.... Może komuś się przyda. Opcja " Wymuś wszystkie numery ID " musi być zaznaczona i działa jak powinno... Z góry dziękuję. Pozdrawiam
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    Hi @mausbaus First welcome to the forum, even occasion is not good for you. It is not good practice for customers to wait for order that long. Patience have limits and it is usually sign you will not buy again from merchant that treats you like that. Like El Patron said you loose momentum and work is put on hold. And from my time on forum I did some from time to time users with similar cases and not much you can do now. As it is weekend, like you said you will get replay next week. And for catching an employee, was good try but if you posted on Friday maybe you would have more luck. You can try on monday and ask @ttoine for some help. Also PrestaShop replay on Facebook relatively fast, again, within working hours. Also I think they support get lot of request and you did not get in time on Friday. And how they run business is maybe funny to you, but think you wouldn't also like to have lot of fraud orders on your store. System they have must work good for them but it can have false positives. Unfortunately that one happens to be you. Not sure if item(s) you purchased are available outside Addons, but you could try to find them and ask PayPal for dispute. Usually developers have it listed on their own websites too. Also do try to be polite on forum, even you might be frustrated on PrestaShop there is no need to calling them arrogant, lazy bums or bored at work.
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    Here's the module installation file with parenthesis fixed. 😉 loginascustomer FIX 20190227.zip
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    Javascript is not related with this. You need to create 2 processes, one to read the information from your provider's API and another one to insert this data into your PS. EDIT: But I mean, the information that they give you is not relevant with PS. They could have a TXT, XLS, database, etc. Doesn't matter. You need a process to read this information and then a process to insert in PS, but they are independent.
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    This is not standard feature. You need a module to do so https://addons.prestashop.com/en/promotions-gifts/9129-promotions-and-discounts-3x2-sales-offers-packs.html
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    My solution: (proved in ps 1.7) in your database ( use phpMyAdmin for example) go to the table ps_product_shop and change the attribute date_add to a past, present or future date. be aware, in the table ps_product_shop only ACTIVE products are listed. The Duration of time how long a product is marked as new is 20 days as default. To change go to: Backend --> (Shop-)Preferences --> Products
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    Hola, No es necesario enviar un nuevo sitemap por lo que se refiere a las redirecciones. Las redirecciones las puedes hacer directamente en htaccess, hay mucha info por el foro y en todo internet. También puedes crear un archivo php con un array donde incluyes las urls nueva y antígua y le indicas que haga un redirec 301, tendrías que subir el archivo a la raiz e incluirlo en el index, parece complicado pero es fácil. Yo tengo la segunda opción en ps 1.6 y con un modulo editor modifico el archivo desde el admin de prestashop y me resulta cómodo a la hora de añadir o modificar urls.
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    It's a server problem. If you can enter inside BO (try to clear the browser cache first), disable ---> "customers expertise" module (or via ftp rename the "gamification" folder/module), clear the cache, check for errors and if OK, you'll have a more reactive BO. Danny
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    No, si eso es lo primero que hice... tengo traducido todo, pero la forma de pago es una variable que se asigna al hacer el pago, y no está ahí, y no la encuentro por ningún lado
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    Source: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/308913-admin-login-timeout/ The default settings are 15 minutes, so the login is automatically terminated after 15 minutes of inactivity in the PrestaShop 1.7. This time can be easily adjusted in the following folder: classes / controller / AdminController .php Look for line 2288, where the following code is to be found: if ($this->context->cookie->last_activity + 900 < time()) { Changing 900 to 3600 increases the log-in period from 15 to 60 minutes.
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    Of course it was just a test. Finally I do something like this: require_once(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'mymodule/classes/customClass.php'); require_once(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'mymodule/classes/extraClass.php'); class MyModule extends Module { public function __construct() { // Basic module stuff here... } public function install() { return parent::install() && $this->registerHook('addWebserviceResources'); } public function hookAddWebserviceResources() { return array( 'custom' => array( 'description' => 'My Custom Resource', 'class' => 'custom' ), 'extra' => array( 'description' => 'My Extra Resource', 'class' => 'extra' ) ); } } mymodule/classes/customClass.php looks like: class custom extends CMS { // extend or adjust CMS stuff here }
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    Te lo agradezco muchisimo tu ayuda, pero como puedes ver en la imagen que adjunto en el primer post, en la zona de traducciones no es posible de hacer el cambio por otro texto...
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    Bonjour, Sur prestashop 1.6, j'ai clické sur "gratuit" dans la liste des transporteurs ("Transporteur gratuit"), ce qui m'a permis d'accéder aux détails du transporteur qui pose problème et remodifier les prix.
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    You can use the following code to change the behavior without disturbing the prestashop core code: <?php /* * RETURN ORDER REFERENCE TO SEQUENTIAL NUMERIC VALUE * * 2016 PrestaShop v1.6.1.x * Override by Obewanz */ Class Order extends OrderCore { public static function generateReference() { $last_id = Db::getInstance()->getValue(' SELECT MAX(id_order) FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'orders'); return str_pad((int)$last_id + 1, 9, '000000000', STR_PAD_LEFT); } } You should create a file called order.php in the folder /override/classes/order and paste the above code. I looked into doing more complicated types of reference numbers, but in the end, I felt that a plain numeric string that goes to over 999 million was the best, most simple solution. If you must change to something else, next best idea is to replace the first three characters of the 000000000 string to NR-000000 or something similar. The field in the database is set to a 9 character maximum length so the best solution to adding an alpha would be to put it in a configuration record and append it to all requests for the number - just my opinion. (which is also beyond the scope of where I want to go at this point in time.) Anyway, the alternate to implementing this solution (for non-programmers) is to upload the attached file to the /override/classes/order folder. Note: after you have uploaded the file - don't forget to delete the class_index.php file in the /cache folder. Hope this helps! order.php
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    compari.ro nu vrea feed de categorii ci feed de produse. mai mult, vrea ca fiecare produs sa fie in mod unic asociat unei categorii si pentru asta trebuie sa folosesti "category default" cand construiesti feed-ul. mai exact, daca ai "cizmulite copii" si in categoria cizmulite fete si cizmulite baieti trebuie ca in feed sa fie doar la cizmulite fete feed-ul poate fi xml sau csv. in principiu e bine sa ai control pe ce produse pui in feed, este posibil ca ciorapei sa nu vrei sa apara acolo pt ca sunt prea ieftini si nu se justifica financiar. exista o gramada de module de export de produse pe shop-ul presta, de ce iti bati capul sa faci tu un script de export?! daca totusi vrei sa-ti pierzi timpul, uite un script de export shopmania, il poti personaliza pe el, diferentele sunt minore https://partner.shopmania.ro/cp.help?topic=284
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    After long and hard work tying over and over again with a payed module (advancedURL) I could not get it to work without the .html (in Prestashop And yes! praize for the free module mentioned above by Bradas, it worked immediatly: Prestashop module "ZiZuu Clean URLs"I guess the best things come for free.
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    Arkadaşlar sorunu kendi çabam ile çözmüş bulunmaktayım. sorunun çözümüne gelince /public_html/pdf/invoice.total-tab.tpl dosyasında ki Bu kodu <td class="white" width="30%"> {if $footer.shipping_tax_excl > 0} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$footer.shipping_tax_excl} {else} {l s='Free Shipping' pdf=true} {/if} </td> </tr> {/if} Bu kod ile değiştirerek çözdüm. Kodda sadece Free shipping yazan yer Ücretsiz kargo olarak değiştirilmiştir. <td class="white" width="30%"> {if $footer.shipping_tax_excl > 0} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$footer.shipping_tax_excl} {else} {l s='Ücretsiz Kargo' pdf=true} {/if} </td> </tr> {/if}
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    Je viens de trouver la solution à mon problème, alors je partage. resolution:600 Ajoute la valeur prédéfinie 600 à la caractéristique résolution, si 600 n'existe pas alors il est ajouté comme nouvelle valeur prédéfinie. resolution:600:0:1 Le dernier paramètre "Personnalisé" ici à 1 dit explicitement que 600 sera stocké dans le champ personnalisé de la caractéristique résolution. Dommage qu'il faille perdre autant de temps, alors qu'une documentation complète aurait répondue à la question.
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    This looks like your store is in catalog mode somehow. Can you check your database table ps_configuration to see if your PS_CATALOG_MODE value is 0
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